shivering weak is mine cadre...

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shivering weak; is mine Cadre

Submitted: April 06, 2013

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Submitted: April 06, 2013




Suicidal seven

Septenary- embryonic stages of

A given week

Where strength is lacking

A look toward Samson as

Columns cave in.

Hair all short

Keep your head up

Too few non judgmental

Clothes are in the cleaner,

as weakening armour falls.

So proud in acceptance

As Sunday leads to Mondays ills

keep it moving got bills and hunger pangs

I’m a sucker for Decade Menthol and crème de menthes.

And since Monday holds my aspirations

I’ll pray to stay awake amidst boredom and high tide drama.

Envy- Not Me.. Tuesdays here and Wednesdays got me Humpin’

towards Luck and Gluttony.

Thursdays rains this week quench the weak beaked bird as worms rise to soil.

Well done, is how I like my steak as sundown on Friday finds me

charitable to self and sun; Arise and keep my knees strong with a song, oh how long are the days when I’m so weak.May wise words reign in seven days of strife

like opening of the door chivalalrous strides guide me as hiding contemplations and self inquiry

lead to sui cadere siete en el biblioteque

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