Surrender my truth

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written 05/24/05 its about young people wanting to just leave the world behind

Submitted: June 15, 2010

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Submitted: June 15, 2010



Surrender to your destiny

that your going to have to fulfill

Surrender to the enemy

that swoops down for the kill

Surrednder to the dread

that darkness will always spread

Surrender to your time

that the clock loudly chimes


just surrender

Surrender to death

when he comes to take your breath

Surrender to the light

that you cannot fight

Surrender to the hand

that reaches out

to take your life

and lead you onto better horizons

Surrender ;

just surrender

Surrender to your thoughts

that crossed your mind

to bring on death before your time

Surrender to your anger

that always will linger

that reaches out to punch the face of death

Surrender to the pace of life

that brings with it all the strife

Cutting out happiness

leaving only sadness '

to break you down;

To surrender you to the end

Surrender to death

for he already took your breath

and buried you deep in dirty soil

Surrender for you have nothing left


just surrender

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