frustration over time wasted... yet you cant help but to think about that someone who continues to tear you down

I'm over all the bullshit
I'm tired of wasting time
I'm done with the back and forth,
the games, and the lies
Fine... I give up, I can't tame a lion
But hey it was worth a shot, you can't blame me for trying.
The thing is, I'm a victim of my own imagination
I get caught up in fantasy land and its becomes my fascination
I start to wonder what it'd take to get you turned on
And think of all the things I do to try and make you moan.
I day dream about you and I just getting wild and hot
....but in reality you probably wouldn't even know how to hit my spot.

See I finally figured myself out,
It took a while but i know the truth
Im in love with the thought of making love to you, but in all honesty i know I could never follow through
A part of me liked the muscles, the roughness and the challenge,
But my heart is not a toy, and in my mind there was no balance.

I have to stop thinking about you...
It's my only plan of attack
But what gets me is the confusion! I'm still lost in the facts.
You feel nothing for me.... You've made your point loud and clear
But why risk hurting her just to nibble on my ear?
You celebrate a milestone, you feel accomplished and great.
Then you throw yourself at me, using the silliest things as bait....

(I guess my question is... are men really that dumb!?
How in the hell can your emotions really be that numb?)

...If I mean nothing to you, then go find another.
One who will give you what you want and just satisfy you in the covers.
I am the way I am, I can't help that I'm human
I feel things, real emotions, I know you think it's just stupid.

But I'll always be friend, I don't think I was meant to be anything more
I'll just box up these stupid feelings and label it with ignore
Happy now?
I thought I knew you but truly I stand corrected,
You said it best, some things (or people) just aren't what you expected

Submitted: December 12, 2013

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stranger in the corner

when you look at someone, and thing they are great, you finally meet them and discover that the fantasy is infinitly better because they really are no different than you or me. all the same likes, loves, and insecurities. the bubble is burst, and the let down is so intense that you wonder if you should really keep trying.

Sat, December 14th, 2013 1:15pm


my thoughts exactly!

Mon, December 16th, 2013 7:39am

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