The V word

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I dont understand relationships that only scratch the surface, true love & true intimacy isnt afraid to be completely vulnerable... exposing all the truths we try to hide.

Submitted: December 12, 2013

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Submitted: December 12, 2013



The vulnerability that you fear, the secret to your success

It doesn’t mean just being submissive, its love at its best

It’s giving someone the power to destroy you, But trusting them not to

Giving them they key to your heart and finally letting them through

Being gut level honest and open with someone, unveiling your inner thoughts

Having faith in knowing what they’ll never reveal, secrets that between you two stay concealed.

Its secret to intimacy… openness, just put your fears aside

No one is going to reject you, please swallow your pride

We all crave authenticity, we know that no one’s perfect

But if you shut people out you will never win… now really, is it worth it?

It’s the greatest source of strength, it shows us all that we’re human

Opening up to feel, that’s truly love that’s all consuming

You’re safest in the heart of the one who holds you close

The one who loves through good, bad and ugly and makes damn sure you know

I far from a philosopher, and I don’t mean to sit and critique

But In my opinion vulnerable is the gateway love, not once has it ever meant weak

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