Obesity Percing Rounds

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Alot of room for interpretation. If it sucks, don't hesitate to say so.

Submitted: November 08, 2011

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Submitted: November 08, 2011



Prologue  Planetary Encyclopedia Planet 46-81-12-94  Updated: 122Dx ago Status: Outdated

The cycle of the cycles were broken upon this planet, by the uprise of those whom bent it to fit around their waist, and in their mouth. Over six thousand years ago agricultural industrialization started among the dominant race, sparking an explosion in population. Exponential growth was eventually unstoppable. All of the planet was directly affected by the dominant within a short time, and soon was thoroughly raped of all renewable resources. By the time recycling was eventually utilized only two percent of dominant life remained. Once population had leveled off technological advancement was so rapid, it was generally beyond abilities at a given time to expolate were the world's technology would stand in a one revolution of the star they circled. They, as a whole had severe reactions to the introduction of neighboring alien life, but a small percentage was immunized to several surrounding planets through revolutionary syphoning methods. Space trade was very beneficial, their planet possessed highly advanced forms of thermoadiciphiles at it's equator, no doubt the lucky product of an astroid bearing alien life. The planet became increasing wealthy, and has recently conquered all large bodies revolving around their star.  The government, like the populous, seems to be run on capitalistic ideals.

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 Contact with the galactic republic was recorded to be 483912Rf.  IGLL: S4a€h6

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