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Only the very start, kinda stuck on how to properly lay the rest of it out, 'might' be novel lenght eventually, tell me what you think. Suggestions for a title would be greatly appreciated.

Submitted: December 15, 2011

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Submitted: December 15, 2011



The ancient history of the Galza system is a long and twisted tale, describing an epitome of a governing body having been too comfortable - for far too long. The Galza system is presently little more than charred rock revolving a dazzling diamond. But it's life was of the longest and most prosperous in it's galaxy's recorded existance. The mother planet, like so many other cradles of life throughout the universe was hastily outgrown. But the typical scurry for planets among their solar system unexpectedly spread rampant warfare along with the ideals of isolationism. Millennia of eventually aimless combat was soon lead by emotion over reason. The relatively peaceful populations whom stayed isolated on the far reaching bodies came to realize this. And with time, and their ever increasing technological thresholds breaking, the Galzanians unanimously decided to be ruled by their own creation.

Log Entry: 17 The now perfected water clock ticks a traditional tock at the first neural connection, life by the Laws of Reality has begun for the son of Largness and Denomal. And when the last neurological impulse is received, the clock will stop, to be recorded in the Grand Archives. The near blob swayed in suspension of the dense nutritional gas filling his translucent chamber. Acceleratory growth agents cursed through his newly formed arteries, along with a multitude of other projective and catalytic serums. All of which threatened to dilute the natural functions of the now 8th stage fetus. All circumstantially wasteful and time consuming vestiges had been artificially removed from the original DNA, through purification, months prior to fertilization. This approach is far more efficient as well as slightly safer than the primitive pre-birth surgery methods. With the absence of both pesky vestiges and surgical recovery, the growth rate is nearly ten times that of natural womb bound birth. The fetus would be released in three seven week periods to date. 

Log Entry: 26 The incubator's moisture and temperature regulators constantly work towards simulating a realistic womb environment, shown to increase immune functions in toddlers. Nuishment is no longer in gaseous form, but a synthesized equivalent of the most healthy breast milk in the Universe, fed via tubes. Mediation input has been reduced to immue boosters and growth accelerators. No unforeseen abnormalities have been found. Immune independence cycle has been in effect two Standard days. Incubation is forty-three percent complete.  Almost four Standardized years have passed since the death of Mr. And Mrs. Rohanburgs' first child. Both made the connection, but neither mentioned it. Despite the death of their first born those were vastly more peaceful times..

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