The Accident

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This is about, well, an accident and the aftermath of the accident...please let me know what you think

Also, when I was writing the story, I imagined Agent Smith from the Matrix as the stranger, thus the name.

Submitted: May 21, 2013

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Submitted: May 21, 2013



I awoke, my head's throbbing with pain. To me, the light I see is extremely bright and it feels as though it is burning my eyes. My eyes close in attempt to stop the pain. I feel as though I am bound. I open my eyes once more to look down at my arms. I see that they are being crushed. My right arm is crushed between the metal of the door and the seat, and my left arm is crushed between the seat and the center console. I try to remember what had happened, but my memory fails me. I look to my left and see a girl. The girl looks very familiar to me, but I have no memory of her. She is sitting in the seat being very still and her face is bloodied. 'She's dead!' I had begun to think but could not tell for sure. I notice that the light that's shining directly at me is coming from the headlight of an old Ford truck that is sitting on top of the hood of the car in which I'm seated. Something all of a sudden clicked within my mind, 'I'm in a wreck,' is the though that came to my head. I begin to panic and attempt to scream for help,but no sound comes out. It is like I forgot how to scream. I suddenly feel a sharp pain throughout my skull and everything turns black.

Again, I awake. I'm lying in a bed. After a moment or two I realize that I'm in a hospital. A nurse sees that I'm awake and approaches me. "Hey there," she says in an annoyingly friendly voice, "We didn't think you'd ever wake up; how are you feeling, does your head hurt?" I shake my head no, for the pain in my head had subsided. "That's good!" the nurse exclaims, "Is there anything you need?" I think, then I ask, "How long have I been out?" "For about two days," the nurse replied. 'I've been out for two days?' I thought to myself. "What happened to the girl that was with me in the car?" I ask the nurse. "She died on impact, I'm afraid," she began to show a hint of sadness, "Was that your girlfriend or just a friend of yours?" I tried to remember, but I have no memory of her whatsoever. "I don't know," I said. "A little case of amnesia, hmm?" the nurse said, "Well, I hope you start to remember things soon." The nurse left the room.

The hours passed like minutes. I slept for most of the day. When I finally awoke, I saw a man wearing a black suit and sunglasses. "Ah, I see you have finally awaken, Mr. Williams," he said with an eerie, almost robotic voice. "Who the hell are you and how do you know who I am?" I asked a little agitated. "My name is Smith, Mr. Smith," the stranger said, "I'm here to take care of your pain and that's all you need to know, Mr. Williams." He picked up a scalpel and began to examine it as he moved closer to the bed." That was a horrible accident, wasn't it Mr. Williams," Smith had said. "How do you know about the accident?" I exclaimed. He got close enough to the bed where I could smell his nauseating cologne. "Do you think that they are really accidents?" He said as though it were a statement and not a question. As I was about to say something, he took his free hand and put it over my mouth, muting me. I tried to scream and tear away from his grip, but it was no use. He then held the blade of the scalpel to my throat and said, "Good night Mr. Williams." He then pressed and drug the scalpel, slitting my throat. A moment later, everything turned dark and I lose all feeling. I am dead.

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