The Betrayal

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic
The story of a man that gets betrayed by those closest to him.

Submitted: January 29, 2016

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Submitted: January 29, 2016



I cannot stand to look at him anymore. Especially after what that bastard did to me.

My name, even though it’s not at all important, is Carl. My last name isn’t even a thought anymore because the only woman I’ve ever loved will not take it.

That bastard!

I will now take the time to apologize for my sudden outbursts, for I cannot control them, nor do I wish to control them. I have been led to heavy drinking, depression, and many, many thoughts of suicide. I am probably a bad person for thinking of them, even though I will probably never act upon them.

I have no friends. The reason is because I either do not remember their names or faces, or because I have thrown them out of my life for numerous reasons. One of them, in particular, is named, well, it’s not entirely important, but we’ll just call him Patrick. Patrick is the bastard I was referring to earlier.

A few months ago, I met this beautiful and wonderful girl, we’ll call her Brittany. When we saw each other in that coffee house, we instantly connected. At this time, Patrick was my best and most trusted friend. I trusted him more than I did my own mother, God rest her soul.

Brittany was a very charming girl. She knew that her looks and personality would whip any man, more than a married man is. She also knew how to use it to her advantage. I saw though her masquerade, but I was still mesmerized by her. Patrick, on the other hand, did not see it, he was overcome by it instead, but he could not act upon his new urges, since he was involved with his own “Mrs. Right” at the time. Brittany knew he fixated on her, oh she knew. She didn’t care, even if he was my best friend, whom I would have entrusted with my life at any given time. I was foolish.

Patrick’s woman’s name was Kay. She was a silly little thing, but that’s what he liked most about her at the time. They seemed happy, oh so happy. I was so blind!

My relationship with Brittany started amazingly, I couldn’t believe it. I was blind. It was a fantasy of mine brought to reality. She was perfect, there was nothing we disagreed on, we shared common interests and hobbies, we connected better than anyone else I know of, she was “the one.”

Our first day as a couple was one of the best. We decided to make reservations at a very elegant and romantic restaurant. Once we were seated, however, we were unable to stop talking. We never ran out of things to discuss. Almost everything that came to our minds at that time was said and a conversation quickly followed. There was never a dull or boring moment. We were connecting more than I had ever with any other person I have ever met. We sat and talked for more than two hours before we ordered because we kept shooing the waiter away when he came by so we could stay on topic.

One we finished eating, we explored the city. We saw everything all in one short night. It was amazing, simply amazing. We explored all of the historical buildings, monuments, and parks the city had to offer.

Sadly, at the end of the night, we had to part. I led her to her door. At the top of the steps, our eyes locked, a strong connection was felt, our heads moved closer and we kissed. The kiss…it was perfect. When her soft, red lips met mine, the connection between us grew even stronger and the feelings grew even greater. I wanted to never pull away. I have kissed many women, but none of those kisses even slightly compared to this one. We finally pulled away. She then went up to her apartment and I went back to mine. I could not stop thinking about her, or that night. I knew that we were meant to be. How stupid I was.

We had gone out a couple more nights after the first. Those nights were also spectacular, or at least I had thought so. I was still ignorant as hell.

After all those nights, Patrick called me, “He Carl!” he said, “What’s the deal? I’ve been trying to get ahold of you for the past week.”

“Oh sorry about that Patrick, I’ve been busy almost every night this week.”

Patrick chuckled, “What have you been doing? Have you been with a girl?” This was clearly meant as a joke.

“As a matter of fact,” I replied, “Yes, I have been with a girl this past week, her name is Brittany.”

There was a short pause at the other end of the line, probably because Patrick was caught off guard and was gathering his thoughts, “What?” Patrick finally says giddy, “Is this the Brittany that works at the smoothie place?”

The smoothie place is a hot spot for anyone ages thirteen to thirty to hang out, mainly because they have the best smoothies and the best looking waitresses in town.

The question caught me a little off guard. I hadn’t really thought much about where Brittany works. I gathered my thoughts and remembered that was where she worked. “Yeah, she is,” I replied.

“Nice catch man!” Patrick exclaimed, “She’s hot!”

The conversation ended with Patrick asking me if Brittany and I would like to go on a double date with him and Kay sometime. I said that would be great.

If only I had known…


The next day, I ran Patrick’s idea of a double date by Brittany. She accepted the invitation. At the time, I was excited to be able to spend the evening with my girlfriend, whom I thought was perfect; my best friend, whom I believed I could trust; and his girlfriend, whom I’ve never met. Brittany and I spent the majority of the day apart because of work and to prepare for the evening.

When the time finally came that night, Brittany and I met up with Patrick and Kay at the city park. It was a brisk, relaxing night, perfect for the events we had planned. After short introductions, the night began.

We walked the streets and just talked for what seemed like hours. The city, so bright and lively that night, was simply beautiful, the most beautiful I have ever seen it.

I was glad. I was glad because I saw that Patrick had been getting along tremendously well. I should have been more cautious, but I was too naïve, too blind to see. Fool!

The night continued to be pleasant and worry free. The only thing I had seen that was abnormal was that when Kay and Brittany conversed, Kay, who was very happy, energetic, and friendly at the beginning of the night, seemed as though simply seeing Brittany made her physically ill, and when she spoke, she hadn’t sounded enthusiastic at all. Something was wrong. No one had noticed Kay’s behavior though, and if anyone did, they didn’t have the mind to ask if anything was wrong.

We decided to end the night by eating at a very nice and formal restaurant. The meal was wonderful in itself, everything was cooked to perfection and the taste was fantastic. While we were eating, Patrick excused himself to go to the restroom and seemed as though he glanced at Brittany before he headed off. It almost seemed like he shot her a quick smile and a wink, but I thought nothing of it and wrote it off as my imagination playing a trick on me, God how stupid. A minute or so passed and Brittany also excused herself to the restroom. As she got up, Brittany gave a look to Kay. I didn’t see the look since I was indulged in the food and her back was to me. I just saw the look in Kay’s eyes. It was the kind of look that someone has after they realized something horrible was going to happen or was happening and they had no way of undoing it. Kay is not really known for expressing feelings of concern or showing that she is hurting. I wish the opposite though. I saw something was wrong, so I asked her if anything was bugging her and she replied, “No, what would make you think something was wrong? I’m fine, really, I’m fine…” We didn’t speak again until Patrick and Brittany returned from the restroom. Patrick came first and Brittany trailed behind him by a few minutes.

At the end of the night, we all said our goodbyes and one, if not all of us, said “We should do this again.” That sentence should have never been uttered.


A few days have passed and I hadn’t seen or heard from Patrick since the date. The most contact I’ve had with Brittany was short conversations over the phone at certain days during the week when we weren’t busy. Finally, one day, I had seen Patrick and Kay on a date. They didn’t see me so I didn’t say anything so they could continue their date uninterrupted. I have seen them like this before, they had looked so happy, so perfect then. This time, their date was different. It seemed to me as though they were angry with each other, arguing to no end. I hurried away from the sight. I believed that Patrick and Kay’s relationship was deteriorating. If only I knew.

Without notice, only a day after that incident, Patrick appeared at my door looking emotionally hurt and depressed. “Kay and I broke up,” he said right after I opened the door. I tried asking him what happened, and he either avoided the question or gave me small, vague reasons for the demise of his relationship. I wish I had known then.

I kept up with the questions a little while longer. Once I asked Patrick if I should talk to Kay for him, he immediately got up form where he was sitting on my couch, looked me directly in the eyes and said, “Stay away from Kay, don’t talk to her, don’t look at her, don’t even think about her! She is a crazy, heartless bitch!” He spoke with such fiery anger and great emotion. Hearing those words from Patrick shocked me. For as long as I had known him, he never spoke that foul to or about anyone, ever. Even though he was lying and something else was driving his anger, I believed him. I had to believe him because I had no idea what Kay was like; I have never had a good one-on-one conversation with her about anything.

“When did you two start having problems?” I asked.

“I don’t know, everything started turning after our double date with you and Brittany I guess.” This caught my attention, for I remembered how Kay was acting that night.

I tried asking him about that night and what happened, but he completely avoided my questions again. He was nervous, very nervous, I could tell. It seemed like he was hiding something from me.

The visit ended when he answered a call. “Sorry Carl,” he said once he hung up, “I have to go, see you around.”

“Bye,” I said, then let him walk out the door. I decided not to think much about the visit. How stupid!

My day did not commence as it normally did. Brittany and I haven’t had many outings lately because of schedule clashes. However, I knew that she did not have to work this day. I decided to call her for lunch, she refused. This struck me as very odd because before, she had never blatantly refused an invitation from me for any reason whatsoever. This worried me. I started to wonder if I had done something to upset her, or maybe she had started to lose feelings for me. That was impossible because we haven’t seen each other since the double date. Something was going on. I wish I had known.

After a dreadful, guilt-filled lunch, I called Brittany once more to ask why she had denied my offer, “Something came up with my mother and I had to go see what was wrong,” she said. I know she was lying because she had said that her mother lives in Maine. She would still be there or on her way back if she went up there but I had called her on her home phone. She was at her apartment.

I told her I knew she was lying. There was a pause. Finally, she said, “Fine, the truth is I was looking for a birthday present for you.” My birthday was only two weeks away, so I believed her.

I began to wonder around the city hoping I would find something to do that would occupy the rest of my day. After about an hour or so, I ran into Kay. “Hey, what happened between you and Patrick?” I asked.

“Carl, I’m sorry that I have to be the one that tells you this and I wouldn’t blame you if you don’t believe me or even hate me for saying this, but Brittany is not the perfect girl you think she is.” Kay paused either to ready herself to say what she was intending to say or to let what she had said sink in. “Do you know what happened when Patrick and Brittany went to the restroom in the restaurant? Do you know what they did?” She was beginning to cry.

“No I don’t know, tell me,” I had no idea where she was going with this and I wanted to know, I needed to know.

“They had been giving each other signals the whole night, then they finally had the chance,” she said with tears rolling down her cheeks.

“What did they do?” What kay was saying somewhat angered me, because I could tell that Kay hated Brittany and I could finally see what she was going to say. I didn’t want to hear it.

“They both snuck into the same restroom, went into one of the stalls and…” she trailed off a little bit and started crying a little more. Finally, the words came out of her mouth. “…they fucked.”

Stunned, I asked, “How do you know that’s what they did?”

“Patrick told me everything when we broke up, they’ve been having this affair for quite a while now, I’m so sorry Carl.”

I partially believed her because of her display of emotion, but I didn’t want to fully believe her. “That’s a serious accusation, saying that she’s cheating on me with my best friend,” I said with resentment.

“Why would I lie to you Carl?” she started yelling, “I don’t know you all that well and I wouldn’t intentionally ruin someone’s chance with happiness for stupid, little reasons. You just have to believe me.” She walked away, leaving me with many mixed and confusing thoughts.


What Kay told me sat with me for a couple of days. I decided that I wanted to know the truth. No matter what it brought.

I situated myself across the street from Patrick’s apartment complex so I could see the door but no one could see me watching. After an hour or so of waiting, my thoughts began to wonder. I was distracted. I was thinking about Kay and if she was right, how would I deal with it, or if she was wrong, what would I say to her about all that was happening.

My thoughts didn’t go too far before I snapped back to reality. A cab pulled up and caught my attention. Exiting the cab was Brittany. I watched in fear as Brittany walked up to the door, opened it, and entered the building, shutting the door behind her. I then looked up at the window of Patrick’s apartment. I then saw Brittany, through the window, as Patrick approached her. The thing I saw horrified me. They started kissing and Patrick lead her out of sight.

Without thinking, I ran across the street and up to the door. I swung it open and made my way to Patrick’s floor. The door to his apartment was slightly ajar. I entered the apartment. I found the bedroom, opened the door and behind it, I saw Patrick and Brittany undressing each other.

“You son of a bitch!” I yelled directly at Patrick.

Surprised and afraid to see me there Patrick pleaded, “Carl, it’s not what it looks like.” He started to cower as if I was going to strike him. I am not a violent person though, so I stayed back.

Brittany sat there in shock that I had discovered their little affair. I looked at them both and said, “Go to hell, the both of you!” I stormed out.


I went straight to the bar. I spent the rest of the day there drinking and trying to rewrite the past in my head. My spirit was now completely broken. I stayed there thinking of what I was going to do with myself from that point on. I was certain that I would end all the pain and betrayal I was feeling by killing myself the minute I got home. During my stay at the bar, I had organized my thoughts the best my drunken condition would allow me. I had it all worked out in my head how I was going to kill myself. All that was left was to get the courage to do it.

After last round was called, the bartender threw me out. Drunk, I made it back to my apartment. I found some old rope that I had once used to tie my boat to the dock when I lived near a lake in Minnesota. Next, I grabbed an old, unused folding chair and set it under a bar that ran across the entire ceiling. I tied one end of the rope into the best noose that my condition allowed and tied the other end to the bar. Staring to feel somewhat dizzy from standing on the chair, I quickly tried to put the noose over my head, but I was too slow. The chair broke from under me and I fell, hitting my head on my desk. I was out, cold.


In the morning, I awoke with an enormous hangover and possible concussion. Me head violently pounded and bright light and loud sounds bothered me tremendously. The sunlight shining into the living room through the open drapes didn’t help at all. I also had a severe case of nausea. All I wanted to do was sleep for the rest of eternity.

Once my headache lessened and I realized that I was still lying on the floor, I got up.

My memory of the night before was very faint until I saw the noose and broken chair. I remembered everything that happened the previous day; this made me extremely depressed. I thought deep on the matter and decided that suicide was not the cure for my depression.

I looked at the time, it was 1:15PM. I had slept most of the day. I called Kay and explained everything that had happened. “Come down to the café today around three and we can talk more then, ok?” I agreed. To me, talking to Kay was a hell of a lot better idea than hundreds of dollars seeing a psychiatrist. I just hoped she could help.

Once the clock read 2:45, I decided to leave for the café. As I was getting ready, my thoughts drifted. I started to think of a slight possibility of finding true happiness. I was also thinking of Kay and who she is, what she’s like, and how much of a friend she has been to me. Naturally, I knew very little about her because we never talked. I snapped back to reality once I was fully ready. Once my thought left me, I started out for the café.

I arrived at the café right at 3:00. Kay was sitting in a booth by the window, eagerly waiting for me. She clearly had feelings for me. She must have seen me as I approached the café because she was standing by the door as I walked in.

Once she greeted me with a hug, we sat down at the booth. The conversation began with me explaining to Kay what had happened with Patrick and Brittany. I explained to her what I witnessed, and she was being very sincere and caring towards me. Once I finished explaining what had happened, we both went into a rant. We complained about the both of them for a good twenty minutes before starting in on a new subject.

She asked me how I was doing and what I was thinking about. Her question was directed towards me and my feelings. Even though the question itself doesn’t suggest that she had any interest in me whatsoever, but it was how she said it that hinted that she had feelings for me. I got up and sat right next to her on the opposite side. She allowed it. I explained to her how I was feeling, almost hinting to her that I had feelings for her and I was hoping that she would pick up on them. She did. She was very good at reading signals. She placed her hand on my leg as I was talking. Then I stopped. Everything was quiet and still, my thoughts were bouncing rapidly through my head. My body urged me to kiss her. My mind, on the other hand, was telling me to just get up and leave, that this is just a minute feeling and that it will pass. I couldn’t decide what action was the right thing to do. She wanted me to kiss her, but we both just exited from a relationship because of devastating reasons. I stopped thinking and kissed her.

After the café, I went to the bar, started drinking, and thought about the mistake I just made. We were only attracted to each other because we both had our hearts broken by the people we loved and are in the same mental situation. We were betrayed.

I got drunk again. I left on my own that night and went back to my apartment. Is this what my life has become? I thought, Am I just going to be this drunkard that spends every evening in a bar and every night on the vomit-soaked floor?

I turned the television on once I got into my den and sat down. The news was on. The heading read:

Couple killed in fatal car accident.

It showed the pictures of the victims. In my drunken haze they looked like Patrick and Brittany, but I didn’t know for sure. I never learned if the couple was really Patrick and Brittany, nor had I ever really cared.

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