The Room and the Man

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Curiosity killed the cat...

Submitted: October 05, 2013

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Submitted: October 05, 2013



The man finally gathered enough courage to enter the room. The man had been in every room of the old, luxurious house of his father many times in the 25 years he has lived. Except for one room. 

When the man was a boy, his father told him to never go into the room and that, if he entered, terrible things such as blindness, deafness, stupidity, comatization, insanity, or even death itself would overcome him.

The man's mother had died while giving birth to him, leaving his father as the caretaker. They loved and understood each other completely and kept no secrets from the other; except the room. The father is now dead. A full year after the father's death, when the man thought it to be safe, the man decided to see, for himself, what his beloved father was keeping from him.

The man stood, trembling with nervousness and stress in front of the large, dark oak wood door.

"Are you sure you want to do this?" the man's fiance, Jenny, asked from a distance. The couple had known each other their whole lives. There relationship, however, has only been intimate for just two years. She wanted to be there for him.

"I want to know what he was hiding for all those years," the man said, "Maybe it'll tell me what had really happened to my mother."

"Didn't she die during child birth?" Jenny began to feel uneasy about her fiance's state of mind.

"That's what he always said, but it seemed like something was always wrong about it all." the man began, "He my question about it nervously, his explanations eventually turned into shouts. Sometimes he got so upset with me he stormed off into this room and wouldn't come out for hours." His voice began to quiver in fear of the truth behind his assumptions.

The man fit the key into the hole. He turned it until a click was heard. He took a steady breath and put his hand on the knob. The knob turned with ease and the door creaked open. A bright flash of light blinded the couple. A spear-like object then pierced and tore completely into the man's chest and cut through Jenny. The couple laid on the floor in a pool of blood. Jenny's life has been exhausted from her.

The man, still alive, looked into the room. A woman was standing in the doorway. She was tall and slender. Her skin was a very pale and almost a greenish white as though it is decaying. She wore a ripped and dirtied, dark blue dress, like the one the man was told his mother was buried in. Her hair was entangled atop her head and her eyes were pure black and seemed to stare into nothingness.

The woman looked at the man then let out an ear-shattering shriek. The look was either one of fear or joy. The man saw that is was a face of fear as the door slammed shut and locked itself. Before the door completely shut, the man saw, lying on the bed, an old skeleton in a blue dress and hanging above it was a picture of his mother.

The man's last thoughts were those of anger towards his once-loved father and pity towards his poor mother. The black curtain of death quickly concealed him into complete darkness.

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