The Royal Guard

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A description about a rebellious member of the Royal Guard and it's consequences.

Submitted: January 14, 2015

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Submitted: January 14, 2015



The Royal Guard’s assignment, and main duty, is to protect the royal house, the lives of the Czar, and the members of the royal family. The Guard doesn’t feel like the assignment is very meaningful or important. The reason for his opinion is that the Czar almost never resides within the walls of the royal house, he usually sneaks away to one of his many mistresses. How sick, the Guard thought, that swine is married to the most beautiful woman in the country, yet he still feels the need to be unfaithful. The Guard’s thoughts of the Empress are not of exaggeration caused by his own attractions, she is truly one of the most stunning and fertile woman in all of the Czar’s empire.

The Royal Guard had dreamed of gathering like-minded soldiers and leading them as a General against the Czar and the army of the empire in a glorious revolution that will, if successful, give every citizen, soldier, and Royal Guard their freedom. This is merely a wet dream for the Guard since even conversation about a revolution is considered treason and is punished almost immediately by firing squad.

A rumor, possibly started by a royal wench or servant that the Empress had discovered the Czar’s mistresses and was considering leaving the Czar and fleeing the Empire. This filled the Royal Guard with some joy. He was going to see the Czar, in a way, finally defeated. Another thought then arose within him, if the Empress left, then he would no longer be able to gaze upon her beauty, nor that of her daughter, since the Empress would most certainly take the children with her. This saddened the Guard since, for a time, the Czar’s daughter had given herself to the Guard, but the affair was short-lived in fear of the Czar discovering it.

One day, the Empress called the Guard into her chambers. Once he arrived, he saw she was only wearing a thin sheet in which her beautiful figure was plainly visible and her breasts protruded out, this sight was very arousing to the Guard. The Empress wrapped her arms around the Guards neck, letting the sheets drop to reveal her completely bare figure, and kissed him.  The kiss was not that of a friendly greeting, rather that of a sexual advance. She told him all about the Czar’s affairs and the Guard told her his dreams of a revolution, promising safety to her and her children if it was carried out.

The next day, the Czar called on the Guard. When the Guard approached the Czar, he noticed that the bastard of a ruler was holding an embellished pistol by his side, the brass shined in a beautiful way. Seeing this, and taking note that the Czar had his back to the Guard, he drew his pistol. “I cannot believe that a Royal Guard, personally chosen by myself, had taken advantage of first my daughter and second my lovely wife,” said the Czar. The anger was clearly noticed in his voice. The Czar cocked the piston as he said it. As he turned and aimed at the Guard, the Guard raised his pistol and cocked it the same. “For that, I am going to send this ball through your heart and send you straight to hell!” Almost simultaneously, both the Guard and the Czar fired at one another. The Czar dropped when the Guard’s bullet pierced his heart.

The Guard had also dropped, the Czar did not his heart, however the wound was still fatal. The Empress and the daughter both came to his aid. The Guard said, with his last breath, “I love you both. Now let the revolution begin!”

There was a great revolution following the death of the Czar and the Guard. The next casualties, however, became the Empress, the daughter, and the rest of the royal family.

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