You're a true friend

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This song lyric, was created by me for one of my short story - The Re-union... Hope you guys enjoy...

Submitted: October 09, 2012

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Submitted: October 09, 2012




All my years of living

I’ve met all kinds of friends

The good and the bad

The ones that wipes my tears

The ones that join my laughter


But never…

I’ve met anyone like you…

I know some friends with me

Just for the sake of fun

Never be true

I know some friends

who would smack my face

Just for the fun of it


But never

I’ve met friends like you

You see me as me

You believe in me


Every twist and turn

I see in your eyes

I feel being respected

Being look up to

Just for me to be me


There are times I lie

Cross the boundaries

Hurt you badly

There are times

I’m tired of you

I hated you

Cause we are so different


But yet

You forgive me

For all the mistakes I did

You cry for me

When things are bad

You give me the strength

to be the best


but yet

I always forget

You are true friends

I love you deeply

Never wanna lose you


© Copyright 2018 Noradi Luvsadi. All rights reserved.

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