Love Given, Love Received

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Love is great, love is grand but it is something totally different when it's real...especially from the perspective of a woman who has found the one that makes it ALL right!

Submitted: November 20, 2011

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Submitted: November 20, 2011



I can see this man in my daydreams. I can feel his love and it’s like no other. I realize that he should be added to my list of reasons to live.  The joy I feel is exuded outward and shows up on the surface and I glow. I can’t stop thinking about the infinite possibilities and probabilities of how I can and will love him back. I’m willing to give two lifetimes and a third if necessary, to give him every bit of my heart. He is in everything that I see, touch, taste and do. I want to be in his presence every millisecond of the day and the sheer agony of being without him is beyond unbearable. What do you do when the very last piece of you resides in another and you cannot be who you are without them?

My world is “less” without him. Less colorful, tasteless, soundless…empty. He inspires and enlightens. He sooths and satisfies. He awakens the best person I could ever be and brings her forth.  He is that summer breeze through the trees. He is the beauty of the sky and ocean coming together as one, blurring the lines that distinguish one from the other. He is the light and warmth from the sun, pumping life into my heart and nurturing my love to the point of harvest. I want him to till the fields of my heart like an experienced farmer who is overjoyed by the fruits of his labor. I want to be that special crop that he never expected and plans to cultivate every year from this point forward.

I want him to be my Adam. If, God created woman from Adam’s rib, I am the culmination of his flesh and bones. I am the piece of him that will keep his heart safe from harm. Closed off from obstruction and intrusion, allowing his love to flow freely back into me as we are one.

I can see this man in my daydreams.

Too bad that is all they are…daydreams….

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