Barry's "Words"

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I wrote this while I was homeless and dealing with life.

Submitted: August 20, 2011

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Submitted: August 20, 2011




When you live by your wits

To survive hard life in the streets

Only to keep your head above water

In this ocean so deep.


You must keep your cool

when things turn bad,

Be productive when you can

Be kind and polite, show you are trying to do right.


Your body has needs,

you have to eat,

so you learn how to hustle, to fufil those needs.

Now don't get me wrong,

never lie, steal, or cheat,

more problems would be stupid,

that's the last thing you need.


Offer a helping hand,

be an assest when a tire or an engine has

gone bad.

Try your best to find a solution for

one in need, all you can do is try


Most will ignore you,

some will tell a bold lie,

"no thanks" is a fine answer,

smile, say "thank you for your time".


Many will be happy for your help,

ask with true concern about your


they'll share their wealth,

smile and wish you well,

"wish it could be more"

but that's all they can spare.


(Will God please give them a

blessing  for caring so well)


They seem to understand

life isen't always kind

They know compassion helps

their own soul, and this is fine.


Being kind to a stranger,

seems to do a heart well,

but some will try and take kindness

for weakness, their heart has

grown cold,

Goodness lost in the grind

I hope they will find Love for



Your heart will tell you one thing,

but follow your gut feelings

your first impression of a person

will not be misleading


When a soul asks

If you could use some help at this


and you have nothing to share,

not even a dime.

If they're sincere in their heart,

nice words are just fine,

sometimes recognition, just talking,

passing some time,

will do more for your soul

than a pot full of gold.


Words can yield more power

than any weapon of destruction,

because when hurt in your heart,

damage to the flesh is forgotten.


This message is sent

from a soul torn by words,

a heart that feels rotten

because of cruel words

It's a sad, hard life for some,

this is for sure

There is an upside for people,

caught in this bind

They've given up the pressures of

rent, utilities,mortgages and having

to be on time.

They came to realize

that these pressures were not kind


Physical and mental health was at


not having knowledge of how

or where to find help,

made the good life a miss.

Pushed over the line,

getting away, was better than doing



No matter what the story,

each would have their own,

of how and why this life

put them on the road.

I feel the truth is, you think we gave


we really diden't you see,

self preservation was the need.


Now guilt is eating away,

each and every day

For disappointing the ones that you love,

the hard concrete is what you think



Self punishment, degrading oneself,

although you won't or can't admit it

That's what's in the back of your



The point of this poem is,

Words have power

to help a troubled soul in need,

or bring a troubled soul to its knees


Being thown away

by people that felt were done wrong,

maybe they were disappointed,

but  they swore love to you

when your life was strong


Gotten overwhelmed

and then you slipped into dread,

That was when you were


left alone, considered dead

Trusted people that gave up

on a Friend that got mixed up

They should be feeling the guilt,

but they care not

you were only a means for their own


Now they're gone because of their


You're all used up, they know not

what peace and happiness means.

Posessions are nice to have,

but they won't help a guilty

conscience get well.

The Blessing you get when helping do


Earns you a warm feeling inside,

Simple kindness for a neighbor or

stranger, purchases a clear mind,

and gives your heart and soul


that money just can't buy.

I Thank You. 


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