I write.

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My teacher challenged us to write a poem about we write. so I did. Not my normal motif but that is why I took the class to overstep my boundaries as a writer and become better.

Submitted: August 25, 2010

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Submitted: August 25, 2010



So I was in class today
My teacher set a challenge.
Why poetry?
Why do we write?
I thought this interesting
I have never given it much thought
Not until now anyway
I continued to think about this all day
I write because I feel
I feel because I write.
I write for myself
As well as for you
I write to be heard
And I write because I do.
It makes me happy
All these words
I form them in a way
That only I can understand
But that only others can relate to
So yes it’s for me, but its also for you
You ask me to define poetry
In rebuttal I ask something of you
Define for me please the following
What is life? What is love?
Poetry is something with few boundaries
It brings joy, and sadness,
What the author feels
They want the reader to feel as well
For words to have that much power
Is truly an amazing feat
So when asked why I write
I will say “I write because I do.”

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