Forever Never Comes - Chapter 4

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Submitted: October 14, 2011

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Submitted: October 14, 2011





"There is a man in your kingdom in whom is the Spirit of the Holy God." Daniel

We are in a dark field near the forest. There is a large glowing triangle of energy. It changes colors and within seems to be changing in light and shape. Enters Diana, Rebecca and Oliver.

Diana said, "I was told that this energy formation was discovered a few days ago."

Oliver uttered, "There seems to be rare exotic particles coming from the formation."

Rebecca asked, "Is it a natural occurring formation?"

Diana voiced, "Not from what I was told."

Oliver asked, "What haven’t the police or military found this yet?"

Rebecca said, "It is being kept under wraps thus far. The company wants to decide if there is some financial value in the object formation before notifying the authorities."

Diana put forth, "Plus. Once you let the government know about the thing. They’ll take it away under the guise of national security. No one will ever see it again."

Oliver asked, "So what do you think it does?"

Rebecca said, "I’m thinking a portal."

Oliver spoke, "Okay. But to where? Portals have to go to someplace or come from somewhere."

Diana stated, "There are mathematical theories that there are multiple universes. The are some times called poly-realities. That for every outcome there are branches off other alternate outcomes."

Oliver asked, "So. You are saying that this is a portal to one of those outcomes?"

Rebecca uttered, "That is not so farfetched. There was evidence of such portals existing in the great pyramids. Momentary occurrences of portals opening and closing within the structures."

Diana responded, "That would explain why the ancient Egyptians believed that after death they would be taken to another place. They knew about these portals maybe even engaged with beings from the other side. It would explain where they got their ideas about the after life. It also explains why they built such massive structures, in order to contain the portals, or to control them."

We witness strange flowing lights and energy fields coming from the formation. Then we see a strange creature exit the formation.

Oliver asked, "Are you recording this?"

Rebecca told, "Yes. I’m getting everything."

Creature voiced, "Why have you come here?"

Diana said, "We come here looking for knowledge."

Creature asked, "Why seek knowledge here? Can’t you see that the universe is knowledge?"

Oliver said, "But we seek the ancient wisdom."

Creature spoke, "All things are ancient. There is nothing new under the sun."

Rebecca uttered, "What do you mean by that? Surely the future presents new things."

Creature stated, "The past is the future and the future is the past."

Oliver said, "Great! What we have here is sphinx filled with riddles!"

Diana countered, "Maybe not. There is current work being done that supports the theory that time flows in upon itself. That because of the way we are made, our perception of time, causes us to view it in a linear form, but in fact, time is not linear."

Rebecca said, "That flies in the face of common sense. We all know that time moves in one direction."

Diana spoke, "That maybe true. But you have to broaden your concept of time. Think of time as a river of water."

Creature said, "Time flows like water moving down stream."

Diana spoke, "But you can change the direction of a stream. Cause it to flow in a different direction."

Rebecca voiced, "I see what you are getting at. Time is still moving one way, like the stream, but by changing the direction of the flow, you can cause time to fold back upon itself."

Creature expounded, "Thus in effect, though you have now moved back in time, time itself has not been altered. The nature of time remains the same."

Oliver said, "So a person can go back in time, but time can never really go back. It is a paradox, you can cause the river to flow back to a point where it has already been. But the river still flows in one way."

A kindly old woman carrying a lot of sensing equipment comes over.

Wanda said, "I didn’t think anyone would be here."

Oliver asked, "You are the local person who told us about this phenomenon?"

Wanda said, "I am, my name is Wanda. But I didn’t get the impression over the phone that any of you were really that interest."

Diana stated, "You’ll have to forgive us. But it wasn’t that we were not interested in the phenomenon, it was just that we are also working on a project that at the moment has us stumped."

Wanda uttered, "Oh, I understand. A lot of strange things have been happening around here. Some say it is the sign of the times."

Rebecca said, "I think I have read some of your published works. Very impressive."

Wanda voiced, "Oh. Thank you, child. It is so hard to get published legitimately, so I have to resort to self publishing."

Oliver said, "Mainstream publishers don’t really want to know the truth. They are just interested in what will sell copies. We do the same thing."

Diana went on, "We find that it keeps out message true to form and we don’t have to compromise in order to please a bunch of strangers."

Rebecca stated, "Plus after awhile we’ve found that have developed a cult following of sorts. People who read our work and appreciate what we have done."

Wanda said, "Oh my, this apparition seems to have gathered quity a large amount of metaphysical energy."

Creature uttered, "You try to understand what you can not understand."

Wanda spoke, "That maybe true but this isn’t going to stop me from trying. I think this creature comes from a dark place in the universe."

Diana asked, "A demon?"

Wanda stated, "It would be the first time that a fallen angel passed itself off as something

that it wasn’t. The devil disguises himself as an angel of light."

Rebecca said, "Point taken. We should team up together and try and solve this mystery."

We see Father O’Sullivan and Sister Rankan. They are seated in a plush office. Enters Senator Williams and takes a seat behind her desk.

Williams uttered, "I’m glad that you could see me on such short notice."

Father O’Sullivan said, "It is nothing. Gives me and Sister, Rankan a chance to drop in on some of the others in the congregation. Those who have kind of slipped away you might say."

Williams asked, "You have heard about my daughter?"

Rankan uttered, "Which one, you have three. . ."

Williams spoke, "Two that are my own and one adopted. At least I had an adopted daughter. . ."

Father O’Sullivan asked, "Oh no, something tragic has happened to Lennette?"

Williams answered, "Yes. She was found dead in some awful motel. The police think that it was a drug overdose, but I’m not buying it."

Rankan stated, "Of course not. I understand. Such a tragedy."

Williams said, "She had given up drugs. Been clean for over seven years. It doesn’t make sense that she would be found dead like that."

Father O’Sullivan uttered, "How can we be of service. . ."

Rankan questioned, "Would you like help with the arrangements?"

Williams answered, "That would be nice. I need all the help and guidance that I can get."

Father O’Sullivan asked, "But this is not why you called us here is it?"

Williams stated, "Very perceptive, Father. You never were one for pulling the wool over the eyes. Not even back when I was in Catholic School and used to cut up something awful."

Rankan uttered, "Ah, those were the times, the were. . ."

Father O’Sullivan spoke, "This troubles you deeply."

Williams gathered, "You are damned right it does! If you will forgive my French. My daughter was well past that phase of her life she had moved on. Found true love and was looking towards the future. Does that sound like someone who would up and kill themselves? It doesn’t feel right!"

Rankan stated, "She was adopted. Children like that do have a higher percentage of having troubles."

O’Sullivan spoke, "I don’t take to those figures. It all depends on the situation."

Williams voiced, "Thank you, Father. I know I could count on your understanding. Even thought she might have been at high risk. She had managed to turn her life around. She was looking forward to living. There is no reason why she would just up and go back to drugs and all that misery."

Rankan asked, "Maybe she never stopped?"

Williams stated, "No she was clean. I know it for a fact. She had to take a drug test for a new job she had just gotten. She tested clean."

O’Sullivan said, "It does seem more and more that she had a great deal to live for and going back to drug would simply complicate if not ruin all that she had going for her now."

Williams uttered, "That is exactly what I am getting at. I hate to say it but I suspect foul play."

Rankan said, "Okay, everybody seems to be on the same page but me. Did you consider

that maybe she and her fiancee might have started to have problems?"

Williams uttered, "Nick? I can’t honestly tell you anything, but from what I could gather, everyone was happen in the relationship. I mean, it was because of Nick that she cleaned up and started going down the straight and narrow path."

O’Sullivan asked, "She found religion?"

Williams answered, "God found her!"

Rankan said, "Yes, of course. The only truly successful way to quit drug and booze is to replace the habit with something else. . ."

O’Sullivan spoke, "Most people find the healing power of Jesus Christ to do the trick quite nicely."

William said, "My poor darling, she would do something like this."

Rankan voiced, "What about the other siblings. How did they feel about Lennette and her new found happiness?"

Williams spoke, "Some times, in order to clean up and get back on track, you have to forgo certain people. Her two sisters didn’t really care for her and they never stopped letting her know it."

Rankan said, "Sounds toxic. Have you had a chance to speak with your other children since that tragedy has happened? Some times one can gain insight."

O’Sullivan went on, "Yes. Well, this is a bit much to process. I do know someone who works for the police department. I don’t know if he can help but he might be able to point me in the right direction."

Williams said, "I know people too. The problem is that this is an election year. And in addition to my own personal loss, I’m starting to slip in the polls. My daughter’s death isn’t going to help me in that regard. And frankly, this is so personal, I can’t even begin to see how I can move and carry own."

O’Sullivan uttered, "Of course, we both understand and respect your privacy. You want discreetness and going at is head-on, well, people do get funny ideas."

Williams said, "The problem is that I just introduced a strong bill that fights drug abuse by making it a medical problem rather than criminal."

Rankan voiced, "It sounds like the right way to go."

Williams expounded, "Ah. But I have my detractors. Those in the senate who want to make a name for themselves by being tough on drugs. But everything that I’ve had to look at because of my own personal experience with how it behaves because of my daughter’s addiction, it points to psychological and medical intervention, not prison!"

O’Sullivan stated, "You are a wise woman and good senator, the country is lucky to have you. I’ll talk to that someone that I know, see if there is anymore to this and get back to you in a few weeks. It could be sooner but let’s just leave it at that for the time being."

Williams voiced, "This is for the church. Been awhile since I’ve been but I’ll try to correct that in the future. And I’ll take you up on that offer to help with arrangements, Sister


Williams uttered, "When Bob was alive I had someone I could lean on. But since his death due to cancer, I just seem so lost most of the time. Oh, I don’t let it show, but deep inside it is there."

Rankan said, "Yes. So tragic. His going saddened us all."

Williams said, "So now it is just me and the girls, and one of them if dead.

She starts to cry. O’Sullivan goes and comforts her. Telling her how Jesus Christ is with her daughter now.

Rankan asked, "This Nick, your daughter’s fiancee, is he around?"

Williams answered, "I haven’t seen him abut I’m sure he should be easy enough to find."

O’Sullivan said, "God be with you, Loretta. We all will be praying for you."

We see a complex laboratory with all sorts of gizmos. Henry is busy working on his latest invention. There are co-workers helping him. On a sophisticated mechanical table is a partly robot body. It is missing a head. Lopolo comes over.

Lopolo said, "Ah. Dr. Paul, they told me that I’d find you here."

Henry uttered, "Lopolo? What are you doing back in here. This is suppose to be a restricted area."

Lopolo said, "Never you mind that. I told the administration that I was a personal friend and an investor. You should have seen their eyes light up when I told them how much money I was willing to invest in your projects."

Henry uttered, "Remind me to talk to the people in administration. What can I do for you?"

Lopolo said, "Well. I wanted to see first hand some of your more successful experiments. What is this?"

Henry voiced, "This is a full body prostheses. I’ve been working on it for quite some time now. "

Lopolo asked, "Hmm. What do you do with it?"

Henry answered, "Well, just as the term suggest, it is a mechanical and electrical replacement for the human body."

Lopolo asked, "Why would someone want to do that?"

Henry stated. "Think of it this way. You are sick. . ."

Lopolo questioned, "Okay. So this thing cures me?"

Henry said, "Yes and no. In a sense you are so sick that nothing known can cure you. In essence you are going to die. But instead of just giving up and making out your will. You opt for a radical treatment. Granted that all of this is still experimental. But, you manage somehow to get on the list. . ."

Lopolo uttered, "Well, I have lost of money so I could buy my way on the list."

Henry stated, "It is not how it is done but for the sake of argument, let’s just say that you get on the list somehow, somehow ethical."

Lopolo asked, "My great charm and wit perhaps?"

Lopolo uttered, "Ah, Veronica, I was wondering when you were going to make it to the lab."

Veronica said, "Hi, dad. Oh I see Mr. Casini found you."

Henry asked, "You were the one who showed that rascal where I was?"

Veronica voiced, "Father, he is a family friend and major investor."

Henry said, "So I’ve heard."

Veronica stated, "So, what do you think of my father’s latest invention? Could save countless lives if we can ever get the bug worked out of it."

Lopolo asked, "So you are working with your father now? I thought you were all geared

up to go into some awful their world country and try and save them from themselves?"

Veronica said, "I was and them my mother got a hold of me. Made me feel all guilty, something about the family struggling to send me to medical school and deserting my father’s legacy."

Lopolo voiced, "Yes, your mother. Really good at manipulating people. Must be why she got that PhD. In psychology."

Veronica said, "Yes. I can’t see how she uses it to actually help people. She’s so busy figuring out ways to make the family wealthier. I mean, my God, how much money does a person need in order to be happy?"

Lopolo stated, "I don’t really know actually. . ."

Henry announced, "Please you two, I’m trying to work here."

Veronica said, "Sorry, dad, I guess I got caught up in the moment."

Lopolo asked, "Yes, now, explain to me how this contraption can save me from myself?"

Henry said, "Well. What would happen is that we would remove you head and implant it onto this robotic body."

Lopolo asked, "Wouldn’t I die? I mean how do I breath and eat?"

Henry stated, "The artificial body is designed to support life. And in this case, a human head."

Lopolo questioned, "How would I see and head, would all these things be skewed?"

Veronica stated, "No! That is why we would replace the entire head. Sight and hearing would be normal. The artificial body has a sophisticated bio-mechanical interface. It would be medically integrated ."

Lopolo asked, "My head would be removed while I’m still alive?"

Henry uttered, "Yes. That way you would be free from the failings of an organic body. You would have a brand new lease on life."

Lopolo questioned, "How would I move my arms and hands?"

Veronica stated, "Like dad said, the artificial body if fully adaptive to the organic component. It reads signals given off from the brain and translates them into commands that the mechanical body can understand."

Lopolo wanted to know, "What is the learning curve for something like that?"

Henry told, "Like I said, we have some bugs in the system that have to be worked out. But I’m confident that we will be having human trials shortly."

Lopolo said, "Define, shortly. . ."

Henry uttered, "Sometime this year."

Lopolo asked, "How did you get his approved so quickly?"

Veronica responded, "Quickly? My father has been working on the artificial body for two decades. Nothing about this project has come quickly or without the loss of life."

Lopolo asked, "I see. Do you have anyone that is in the pipeline for this to be tested on?"

Henry stated, "There is a list."

Lopolo said, "Oh, like you said. You have to be ethical about all of this. I have a question."

Henry uttered, "Go ahead, what is it?"

Lopolo said, "What is to keep the rich form undergoing the procedure and thwarting the poor and the sick and the needy. You know, like they currently do with organ transplants. Getting

organs from the poor in third world countries where the poor are paid mere pennies on the dollar, which the doctors and the go-between get paid outrageous amounts of money for the procedures. I mean, you are the one that was talking about ethics? Where are no real ethics when it come to something like this. The rich always have an advantage when it come to good medical care."

Veronica said, "You are right, Lopolo. That is a concern of both my father and me. We don’t want to see this used by the rich while exploiting the poor."

Lopolo uttered, "I can see a time when the rich will be living forever, with these artificial bodies while the poor struggle to just stay alive and well. How do you keep something like that or ever worst from happening to your inventions? I mean not to put you down or anything, Henry, but good intentions are just not enough!"

Henry said, "Your point is well taken, Lopolo. And coming from you, well to be honest, I’m quite surprised. I’d be thinking that you’d be on the rich people’s side.


These is more money on helping the poor. You see, there are more of them. Get some kind of government program going and the profits could be in the trillions!"

Veronica uttered, "Oh there is goes. . ."

Lopolo asked, "What?"

Veronica said, "The other shoe dropping. I knew that all was too good to be true. You had an angle and I just didn’t see it at first."

Lopolo went on, "Nor will the average government politician. I can sell this as a way to curb disease and plague. They’ll eat it up!"

Henry stated, "Well, I guess you have it all worked out. The only problem is that there are only two prototypes and you are looking at one of them."

Lopolo spoke, "Oh, I see. Well with the right funding you could have these artificial bodies mass-produced like automobiles."

Veronica asked, "When did trying to help save lives get to be a mass production?"

Lopolo stated, "Oh, come on, Veronica. Medicine is nothing more or less than big business. You have your drug companies that suppress cures and hold back progress if they can’t figure out how of dominate the process. You have medicine practiced well with the most wealthy and hardly done well at all with the poor. Come on, Veronica, you know when you started down that path that it was about money, the most shameful of all, making a profit off the sick and dying. But they taught you how to beat back you conscience and ignore your shame, all in the name of false illusions of helping people. But we all wink and nod our heads, it is a fact that back in the day, it was a black man that invented the technique for blood transfusions, but when he got in an accident, he was refused treatment, and died on the steps of the hospital doors! But we overlook all those injustices for the simple illusion of medical sleight of hand."

Veronica said, "Mr. Casini, you truly do surprise me. I should have had you as an advocate when I had that talk with my mother. I think the guilt trip would have been shifted."

Lopolo voiced, "Ah, your mother, one can never match wits with her when she is in true form. Why, I’ve seen that woman extract millions from tight fisted bankers and insurance executives."

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