Remember Me

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A short story taking place in the attic of Jack and Anna's dead mother, where the find long lost memories and a wonderful surprise.

Submitted: September 25, 2017

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Submitted: September 25, 2017



He blew the dust off the books and cleared the ladder of the junk piled around the entrance.

Jack was about 40 with a head of blond hair and a bright smile. Today, though, he was not smiling. He was going through the attic of his mother’s home, clearing the junk and saving the memories.


“Hurry up in there, or get out of the way!” His sister Anna called from below. She was around 30 and their mother- fighting cancer for a while now - had passed away a few months prior. All around him were pictures of his family, his sister, his mother, father and himself along with his grandparents. He lost his train of thought, only to be brought back by his sister pushing him out of the way, and making her way to the boxes marked “More Photos”.


She reached inside and immediately pulled her hand back with disgust. “Spider!” She yelled. “Oh grow up and hand me that…” Jack was stopped by a tear in his sister’s eye. “Anna, don’t cry. Look at these pictures, she lived a happy life, you know.” She didn’t reply and he continued to reach into the box, minding the spider, and grabbing a picture of him and his mother, before Anna was born, at his first soccer practice.


His mother loved soccer.


He was about to put it back when he felt something in the back of the picture frame. Round… wait no it was more like an oval. He momentarily forgot about the sentimental value of the picture and thought of treasure, hidden in famous paintings. He was overcome with childish curiosity and ripped the back open. To Jack and Anna’s surprise, an oval shaped coin fell out.


“Jack what in the world do you think you're doing?!” Anna screamed. “Hold on, lemme grab this.” Jack said. As he picked up the coin, he could feel something written on the back, or more like carved. He turned the coin the face him and Anna, and took a look. He was overcome with joy. On the coin, read the inscription:


“Remember me”


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