The Figure That's Watching Him

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic
A little boy moves in with his mom after his parents split up. Everynight he sees a figure looking at him... and everynight it gets closer...

Submitted: March 22, 2015

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Submitted: March 22, 2015



I never liked the dark. Everyone knows when it is dark out that’s when the monsters come out. Mommy always told me there is no such thing as monsters, and just hearing her say that makes me feel better. But we moved into this new apartment after Mommy and Daddy left each other and it’s been very scary. Back when we lived in our old house when I got scared I would either call for my mommy, run into Mommy and Daddy’s room, or if I’m feeling brave I’d just listen to my Mommy snore, and that’d make me feel safe because I know she’s close by. Mommy sometimes yells at Daddy, blaming him for making me scared of the dark, because he let me watch The Boogeyman with him on late night cable a while ago. And maybe that is the reason why I’m scared of the dark, I don’t know.

But, this new apartment scares me a lot. Mommy let me have a bunk bed in my room because I always found it cool to sleep high up in the top bunk. They use to not let me have a bunk bed because they use to tell me that is was a waste because I’d be only using one bed instead of two, but ever sense they left each other Mommy has been letting me have more things. I miss Daddy, but I am going to see him next week, because I will be switching houses every week.

I can’t wait to move in with Daddy because this house is scaring me so much. Mommy says it is bad dreams, caused because I am upset with their breakup, but I know they are real. It all started the first night. I was sleeping in my bed and I heard a thump. It sounded as if something fell off a shelf, but I got scared right away, because I didn’t have a shelf in my room because we haven’t finished moving everything yet, but I needed my bunk bed first in my room because I was just so excited for it. I look up to see what the thump was. Then, I saw this tall figure, just standing by my door. It looked like it was just looking at me. Not moving at all. I couldn’t see what it looked like because it was dark, but I could see the outline from the light of my window. It was so thin and tall, its head almost reached my ceiling. Although I could hear my mom snoring, I couldn’t just listen to that to calm me down, it was too scary. I screamed as loud as I could and then before I knew it my mom flew open my door and the light went on. The figure was gone. I told her about how there was just a figure standing there staring at me, but she said it was just a bad dream. Then she really saved the night because she said she will sleep in my bottom bunk to make sure everything’s okay. I soon felt safe and fell asleep.

Now, that night was very scary for me. But it wasn’t even a onetime thing. The next night the same exact thing happened. The thump came and I woke up. I didn’t want to look over to see if the figure was still there, but I was so scared of not knowing too. So, I looked over. It was closer to my bed this time. I could see its long, thin fingers hang off its hand. Its fingernails were long too. I screamed again and my mom ran into my room again. Once she opened the door and turned on the light the figure was gone again. My mommy slept in my room again, but I was still scared, but eventually I fell asleep because I knew my mommy would protect me from anything. I felt so safe with her.

I’m really scared to go to bed tonight, because what if the figure gets even closer to me? I told my mommy to sleep in my other bunk with me tonight, but all she told me was that she’s right next to my room and I can call her if I need her. Then, she turns off my light and closes my door and I think to myself that I am a big boy, I’m almost 7, so I can handle this. And if I do get scared, I’ll listen to mommy’s snore, that’ll calm me.

Then I hear a loud thump waking me up from a deep sleep. I look over to see the figure just a few feet away from my bed. It’s so close I can hear it breathing deeply. Then, I see an outline of what looks like drool slowly dripping from its mouth. It was so close I can see its face. It has a boney face with dark blue skin, with what looks like a coating of slim over it. It had big black bulky eyes looking right at me. Mommy’s snore can’t calm me from this. I scream at the top of my lungs, I have never felt so scared in my life. My mommy comes running and slams the door open and turns on the light. Once again, the figures gone. I start to tell her that the figure was just a few feet away from me, staring at me and drooling. I even look at my carpet and it’s wet. I tell her that has to be the figure, but my mommy was acting odd. My mommy seemed to not think anything of the wet carpet, all she suggests is sleeping in my other bunk to make sure I’m okay, which makes me feel slightly better, but I’m scared because the drool mark didn’t leave showing that it wasn’t a dream. My mommy then tells me that I probably spilt a drink, but I don’t remember spilling anything.  I’m about to tell her to sleep in the other bunk with me when all of a sudden I hear something. Something in the background: it’s my mom. She’s snoring.

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