The Deus

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

A secret changes Emilia's life forever. Creatures of legend are real and she’s one of them, a rarity who’s hunted even in the Deus world.
Two days after her fifteenth birthday Emilia collapses from a barrage of images assaulting her mind. After her first premonition her mother finally lets her in on the family secret, she’s not human. Emilia is ripped from normal high school and forced to learn with beings she never believed existed.

As the only half-human many believe she is unworthy and take advantage of her almost none existent powers. To make matters worse she now lives under the same roof as two terrifying, short-tempered griffins, who are the most powerful students in school. Pranks escalates into more sinister attacks forcing her true powers to emerge but as she tries desperately to escape a pack of werewolves track her scent through the darkness. Hunting her until she stares death in the face. Afraid and alone as creatures descends from the sky, she bleeds out on the forest floor. Soon she will learn that nothing is what it seemed.

Table of Contents


Two days after her fifteenth birthday Emilia collapses from a barrage of images assaulting her mind. Worrying that she is going mad or developing a brain tumour. She begs her mom to take her migraines seriously but her clairvoyant mother assures all her questions will be answered soon. And after her first premonition she is finally let in on a family secret that will destroy her way of life forever.

Emilia is ripped from a normal high school life and enters her very own living hell. Almost two years later she hates her school and to make matters worse gets thrown into the same house as two of the most powerful students in school. Bullying escalates into dangerous games. She's all alone in her new life and tries desperately to escape only to run straight into a trap. She needs to learn how to survive before it's too late.

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