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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

Ripley 8, the half human ALIEN clone, is dreaming from deep within a forgotten California Desert Resort. It is more than a dream it is an ESP call to mate.

Screen outline
by Mike W. McCoy
ACT 1: Call of the Queen Song
Darkness surrounds on all sides, it moves, it breathes, it pulls the Dreamer along. There are others, each hearing the same siren call to mate,the Queen Song. Shapes take form, ugly, frightening, deadly living things crowd and squirm. Suddenly the Dreamer turns face to face with the ALIEN nightmare.
ACE the junkie awakes with a scream!
Confused and dazed, Ace stumbles from the dank ally, and wanders the street, looking for a fix, for salvation, looking to stop the pain. The big building looks familiar, looks safe. The back door is open.
“I worked here?” Ace hesitates, then scurries inside like a rat.
Special Agent BORIS is dreaming, ½ full of memory, ½ full of Hell. The Queen Song is ESP strong, and it pulls him inside, calls him forward. Others also move inside the dark that’s not dark, sensing more than seeing. But for Boris, the Queen Song is soon overlapped by memory.
Boris finds himself alone. The others are gone, and it’s quiet now inside the ALIEN HIVE, just like that doomed top secret mission. A row of ALIEN pods line the wall near the exit. The FACE HUGGERS inside twitch with anticipation, as the eggs start to open like flowers of death.
Boris ducks his head, charging forward, as the pods open more. The FACE HUGGERS jump! The shotgun blasts, and blasts! The last nasty shredded FACE HUGGER slams across Boris’s face. The acid burns!
Agent Boris awakes with a scream!
He’s back row, window seat, of the jumbo jet airplane 40 minutes out from the City by the Sea. It’s the mega city that has grown along the southern Pacific coast, after the AURIGA space ship crash of ALIEN 4. The Crash that released the toxic radioactive dust that quickly destroyed North America between the Rockies and Virginia.
Agent Boris’s face is reflected off the window glass. The right side is completely gone, replaced by acid burned scar tissue running down neck, chest, and right hand.
Looking down at his laptop computer, Boris scans the files of the ‘Call synth’ memory. The complete record of the synthetic robot’s encounter with RIPLEY 8, and crew of the BETTY. By law, use or possession of the memory engram is punishable by death in the brave new post crash world.
Ripley 8 is the most wanted criminal on Earth. Not only is she considered responsible for the crash, she is possibly the vanguard to an alien invasion.
Boris has sworn his life to find out.
The Dream is much more than a dream, it’s the Queen Song. The darkness is full of life, ALIEN life. It crawls along the walls, encircles and embraces RIPLEY the cloned ½ human Queen. She calls the other Dreamers to her, and feels them thru a strong ESP link.
People like Ace the junkie, and Agent Boris the cop, they come to her.
The camera angle pulls back slowly, from this pit of hell, until it becomes clear it’s only the mind’s eye of Ripley 8.
Ripley 8 is framed up close and personal. Her face is red and sweaty, under medusa like coils of dark hair. The breath is hard and fast, panting like a dog. Ripley 8 growls and lunges forward sinking her teeth into the throat of the naked lover below her!
With a grunt of strength, the Queen rips, ignoring the arterial spay of blood. The dying lover tries to talk, but only a hiss escapes his questioning face.
Ripley 8 steps clear of the spreading pool of blood. Dark eyes scan the room, the Queen’s Chamber, deep within a forgotten California Desert Resort. 4 handmaids sit like servants against the far wall, seemingly in a trance, under the influence of the Queen’s ESP.
The handmaids quickly recover, and scurry about wiping away the blood from their naked Queen. Ripley 8 uses her ESP to “feel” the room, and finds a new person entering the chamber. Its a boy looking about 18 or 20, strong, tall, and cunning of face.
Mother.” he says quietly.
Son.” Ripley responds.
The vidfone rings.
“Agent Boris change of plans.” the smoke hidden face of his boss starts. “Upon landing you will partner with AGENT YOSHI. She has a clue, an intercepted communication between the CHINESE YELLOW TRIAD and a known Mafia middle man named BOLANOS.”
“Sir I don’t like partners.” (cf) Boris growls back.
The boss ignores the remark. “It appears that a deal has been brokered between a computer hacker identified as MOHAMED MAXX, and this Bolanos gumba for a clean copy of the ‘Call synth’ memory engram. Some kind of show. She has your Work Order.”
“Sir, understood.” Boris lies. “I look forward to meeting this Agent Yoshi.”
The young man moves to his mother’s embrace. Although he appears older, JACQUE is only 2 years old. The alien DNA has vastly accelerated his growth, and blessed him with the same ESP as mom, only weaker.
Together, Ripley and son walk to another room, and gaze down in wonder at the beautiful twin girls. The TWINS appear 4 or 5 months old, but are only 3 weeks since birth.
Ripley caresses HER children, and explains the plan again.
“Jacque my son, you are ready.” not a question.
“The Yellow Triad are coming. 1 of your sisters…” picking up the 1st Twin. “…will be married, and taken back across the sea. These Triad think this union will make them rich and powerful. Fools, it is I who will extend My reach. My power….our survival.” eyes all afire.
“They will pay. They will all answer to ME!”
“Yes mother.” Jacque nods taking a ½ step back in fear.
Agent Yoshi images early 40’s Asian government hard ass tough as nails bitch, all cop. She’s almost attractive, but battled scarred, which is visible along the face and hands. Agent Yoshi waits at the airport with a hundred things running thru her mind.
“OK Yohsi…” the voice-over starts. “…you’ve managed to get partnered with Agent Boris to follow an intercepted communiqué between the Yellow Triad, and a semi-retired Mafia middle man called Bolanos. The intercept talked about the illegal ‘Call synth’ memory engram. Sounds great.” Yoshi cynically remarks around cigarette smoke.
“Only it’s all a lie. There was no intercepted communiqué. You faked that. You had to. You knew the moment when you 1st watched the vidfone recording of Bolanos talking to the Yellow Triad henchman, your older ½ brother, MAHN.”
At the airport, Agents Boris and Yoshi size each other up, like cowboys in the old west. Yoshi is still surprised by the damaged face of Boris. But she’s a big girl, and refuses to be intimidated
“I’m a 14 year veteran Agent of Japanese and Chinese parents, I was raised Pacific Islander. I speak 5 languages, and read 3 more.” Yoshi starts acting brave, trying to ignore the gleam of madness from Boris, looking back at her.
“I don’t like partners.” Boris explains, seeing how Yoshi is repulsed by his ugly and mutilated body. “You’re just another Work Order to me. I don’t care about your personal agenda. Just do...”
“I’ll do my job.” Yoshi interrupts. “I have an ident on the computer hacker with the suspected clean copy of the ‘Call synth’ memory. And a location of a Club Uzi, that‘s owned by this Bolanos character.”
“Looks to easy.” Boris grunts. “Could be a setup. You think?”
“No, I don‘t think so.” Yoshi smirks back.
“What aren’t you telling me?”
“Nothing.” Yoshi lies not wanting to tell Boris that she knows the Yellow Triad henchman conspiring with Bolanos is her older ½ brother.
ACT 2: Understanding.
“Jacque my son, these men will escort you to the Yellow Triad.” Ripley commands while examining the cult follows assembled. Each man is ESP sensitive, and utterly devoted to Queen Ripley’s Cult of Personality.
ROOK is the strong silent slab of muscle who wet dreams of mating with the Queen, even though he knows it would result in his death, praying mantis style.
KNIGHT and his 3 kung fu fighters/bodyguards/cult fanatics will obey Jacque’s word as though it was Queen Ripley’s own.
“You will go to the city and meet with the Yellow Triad, see then up close, and understand them. Be careful, you have never left the Resort before, but these brothers will keep you safe. Listen to Rook, but never forget you are MY son.” The threat is simmering just below the surface.
Yoshi drives to the suspected apartment of the hacker Mohamed Maxx. Boris takes the lead on the assault. The place is empty, but crudely bobby trapped, much to the surprise of Agent Yoshi, the exact moment that Boris saves her life!
Once beyond the trap, they learn M. Maxx is a no-talent young punk, trying to make a quick sale of the illegal ‘Call synth’ memory. A small cache of illegal tech occupies Boris’s time, allowing Yoshi a moment alone to answer her ringing vidfone.
The caller is her ½ brother, Mahn.
“I want protection. My testimony for Mars.” Mahn says.
“Where are you?” Yoshi begs. “What’s the connection?”
“Things are going insane.” Mahn warns Yoshi “I can’t say more. Club Uzi tonight.”
The car crests the ridge line, and below the City by the Sea spreads out from the water to the mountains. The mega-metropolis is Judge Dread sized. A chaos of movement hovers about like flies over a corpse, and rising from the center is a stronger set of buildings, a brighter life, a mesmerizing mass of humanity.
Jacque can’t pull his face away from the limo’s window.
The car drives past a vast slum, and rows of built up industry pumping smoke and fire into the dark smog filtered light, before finally moving quickly along swift sculptured avenues, near the cities central core.
Boris and Yoshi park the car across the street, facing a building with no visible address, except a small yellow neon sign. -Club Uzi-
“The joint looks like a fortress.” Yoshi smirks.
“Or a bank vault.” Boris grunts getting comfortable.
The 2 agents watch the building activities most of the day. Yoshi sits, eyeing the street, while Boris naps and twitches under the Call of the Queen Song.
“Dreaming?” Yoshi thinks reaching out to touch him. “About what I wonder.”
Yoshi can’t but help feeling attracted to Boris, despite his grotesque face, because of the Queen Song ESP overflow. This makes Yoshi edgy but it will not stop her.
Finally, entering the dark of early night, an artificial glow seems to replace the natural order of day and night. The red etched blackness of shadow is accented by the light and heat produced by the belching factories, the slums, and the high rise spires of light striving for downtown dominance.
“It’s the color of a Hive.” Boris whispers watching the atmosphere settle over the spectral colored landscape.
“What?” Yoshi wonders, but gets no answer.
Arriving at the Hotel, Rook introduces Mahn, of the Yellow Triad, as an old friend. Jacque remains calm always watching the others, using his hidden ESP in passive alertness.
Mahn stays quiet, letting Rook ramble on about some bullshit, while he wonders about his Master’s plan. Under-boss MICHAEL CHAN XAIS is the #3 leader of the Yellow Triad, but he is also a young inexperienced arrogant asshole.
Rook, whom Mahn dismisses as a single minded jarhead, finally shuts up, and Mahn studies Knight and his silent robed monk regents from Hollywood casting. He notices the glass eyed looks of devoted madness, and feels a slight tremor in the Force.
Jacque is unimpressive to Mahn, and looks somewhat stoned, but it’s just the ESP floating around the elevator.
A small fast moving crowd of invited guests start entering Club Uzi. Well dressed people quickly exit cars to dash inside under the watchful eyes of alert club security guards.
“I’ve got to get inside.” Boris announces
Yoshi looks sideways at Boris with questioning eyes. Yoshi knows she can’t stop him, nor does she want to. Yoshi has other plans. Her ½ brother wants her help.
Mahn has offered himself up for arrest in hopes of a witness protection. Yoshi wants to take down the entire Chinese Yellow Triad with his testimony.
“I here Mars is good this time of year.”
“What’s that?” Boris asks.
“A private joke, between me and my brother.” Yoshi answers, thinking fast.
The face, the badge, the attitude, it radiates off Boris like a burning flame.
“I’m going inside.” Boris grunts, exiting the car.
Yoshi nods, then watches him walk past security. “Did they even see him?”
“NINJA TEAM 6 report.” Yoshi commands, flipping open her vidfone.
“Yes my lady.” a masked man reports from the encrypted secret line.
“Status ?”
“6 is standing by in alert mode 2, ETA your location is 9 minutes by air. A dedicated satellite feed is tracking real time, full spectrum and thermal.”
“Excellent,” relief in Yoshi’s voice. “Situation is fluid and advancing. I will advise. Follow standard protocol for extraction.”
“Yes, understood.”
Inside the Penthouse suite Xais plays the music DJ for a small mix of girls and Yellow Triad henchmen. Jacque and the cocky Under-boss have a drink, getting a feel for each other.
“After all we are to be brothers. We should go celebrate.” Xais starts. “But I don’t see what’s so special about you or your sister. Why was I sent to this damn city like a dog? What‘s so important about this girl I‘m to marry?” anger hissed under the words.
Rook and Mahn tense up, dreading things going bad. Jacque, staying wicked smiled calm, takes a knife from the table and slits his palm open deep and quick! Jacque holds out his blood dripping hand over the table and moves closer and closer to the Triad Under-boss.
With each step, the smoke and hiss of ACID BLOOD burning thru the table stuns the assembled into motionlessness!
Jacque stops nose to nose with Xais.
“Understand…” acid blood burning the floor. “…she is my sister.”
The Yellow Triad are impressed, and somewhat intimidated by Jacque. They don’t understand the ALIEN enhanced ESP mind waves radiating, not just from Jacque, but from an ESP emotional LINK back to the California Desert Resort, back to Queen Ripley.
The Queen’s own emotions enhance her offspring’s, and even the Twins in the Nursery cry and thrash about.
“I want 2 celebrate this wonderful future,” Under-boss Xais quickly recovers, using his false bravado. “I know a place. Very exclusive VIPs. We will have a blast. We must drink and eat. I’m thinking seafood.”
The lacquered words of the Yellow Triad calm both sides, and ease the tension.
Mahn steps away from the watchful eyes of Rook, and starts to make a secret vidfone call. Mahn is torn between loyalty of Yellow Triad tradition, and this…this ALIEN invasion?
“My god what are we doing? This must be stopped now, before it’s to late.”
Mahn opens the vidfone, and calls the 1 person who might help stop this madness, his ½ sister Agent Yoshi.
“Before it kills us all.”
Jacque has fun with dinner. Seafood is new to him, and his alien appetite for poison sushi, shells and all, wins the Yellow Triad over. Mahn is cautious, always protecting, eating polite, where as Under-boss Xais is drunk.
ACT 3: Club Uzi.
Soon afterward the Yellow Triad, Jacque and his boys, drive a convoy of limos to Club Uzi. Xais is less drunk now, and suspicious of Mahn.
“I’m only calling Bolanos.” Mahn lies. “Making sure the surprise is ready. You said you wanted the surprise.”
“Yes the surprise.” Xais laughs. “You’re going to love this Jacque. It will blow your mind.”
Inside Club Uzi the atmosphere has a thick sweaty feeling of something heavy about to happen. Boris works into a good spot.
“ I know you’re a cop,” Bolanos grunts introducing himself. “This is how this works, you can stay for now, because getting you out is only a look away.” indicating his club security.
“This place is mine.”
“Don’t worry,” Boris assures Bolanos. “I won’t get blood all over your floor.”
“I’m keeping my eye on you.”
Yeah, you do that.” Boris’s smile not having any joy in it.
The limos roll to a stop outside Club Uzi, and are welcomed by Bolanos. Both groups mill about for a moment. Jacque gets a tingle along the ESP, its strong enough for Queen Ripley to feel. Mahn scans the street, but can’t spot Agent Yoshi, or anybody else for that matter.
Once inside Club Uzi the music pumps, the girls dance, the drinks flow, and the Triad goons, even Rook, start to relax. But Knight and his men, they still play the bodyguard roll, even though Bolanos assures their safety with a 20+ deep security force.
A pair of limos slide down the street quick and quiet, surprising Yoshi who must have fallen asleep. She doesn’t know it was the ESP of Jacque, that effected her.
Yoshi watches wide eyed as her ½ brother, Mahn, exits the lead limo and escorts the Yellow Triad Under-boss inside. Jacque and his entourage follow, entering Club Uzi.
Yoshi is convinced something ugly is about to happen.
A large entourage enters Club Uzi, and judging by the increased level of excitement, they must be the guests of honor. Boris vidfones Yoshi startling her.
“Who are these jokers?”
“They are Yellow Triad. I recognized some of them, but not the ones dressed in robes, or that jarhead bodyguard.”
“Anyone important?”
“Yes, Xais. He’s a big boss, and I think…one of them is my brother.
Boris doesn’t hear her. He’s wondering how the Yellow Triad are linked to a computer hacker selling illegal tech to a Mafia banker, all inside an armory of a disco club. But more importantly. “How is this going to lead me to Ripley 8?”
“Stay put and call for back-up.” Boris tells Yoshi.
Yoshi agrees, but she doesn’t call the Agency, or local cops. Instead Yoshi calls back Ninja Team 6, witch now seems to be a personal secret death squad under her command, via her family bloodline. Is Yoshi Japanese Yakuza?
An hour later, outside Club Uzi, the HOPELESS are gathering in greater numbers, several hundred strong, unknowingly attracted by the ESP of Jacque. Yoshi must now get inside Club Uzi, and find her ½ brother.
“VIP invite only. No cops,” Security stops Yohsi at the door,
“Look. Those eyes. Its like some kind of trance!” Yoshi points out mob outside.
Un-convinced, security looks. “What the fuck is going on??”
Yoshi cracks a brief smile. “Yellow Triad, Mafia goons, paranoid security, guns, whores, cops and robbers. Sounds like a party.”
“You’re one spooky bitch,” taking a defensive position.
“Thank you.” stepping inside.
Boris watches the VIPs as Club Uzi starts to swing, noting the reaction people have around Jacque, who is always surrounded by Knight’s robed monks. Trying to get closer, Boris stumbles over Ace the Junkie, and connects instantly on a Queen Song ESP level.
They have booth been in the same Dream!
Boris watches Agent Yoshi enter, and slide across the floor like a snake. Yoshi sits and gives him a ½ truth. “I only knew about Mohamed Maxx, because 1 of the Yellow Triad is my ½ brother. He wants to defect for Witness Protection. Vanish on Mars.”
“I always figured you had a hidden angle,” Boris grunts. “But there is something going on here. That hacker’s here, my new friend Ace, saw him setting up for a show upstairs in the VIP room. I think it’s the ‘Call synth’.”
Jacque feels an ESP tug and follows it to Ace the Junkie, and Agent Boris huddled in the dark. Both hide in deep shadow, but somehow they are also the darkness. They are ESP magnets for Jacque. Stepping closer Jacque’s eyes burn deep into the acid scared face of Boris.
100’s of miles away, in the California Desert Resort, Queen Ripley feels the connection to Boris. She feels a mating call emanating from both Agent Boris and Ace the Junkie.
“I must have them!” she moans, thus Jacque must have them.
“You should come with me.” Jacque commands moving towards the upstairs VIP room.
Without hesitation Ace mumbles along, lost in his own world.
“Why do I think I know you?” Agent Boris hesitates, unable to stop being drawn as if a rope was pulling him closer and deeper into those blood shot eyes of Jacque. Eyes that link ESP strong back to the California desert, back to mother, back to the Queen.
“Mother knows you…” Jacque responds. “...that is enough.”
Club Uzi seems to be going full swing of dancing, drinking, gambling, but with an almost visible fog like layer of anticipation. Agent Yoshi angles towards the Triad Under-boss working the DJ booth, coming face to face with her ½ brother, Mahn.
“I have an extraction team standing by. ETA 10 minutes.”
“We can’t go now. Something else is happening, and it must be stopped.”
“What are you talking about?” Yoshi asks loudly, getting attention from the other Triad goons. “Who is that?” indicating Jacque.
“He is a prince,” almost whispered. “You must stop him.”
Confused, Yoshi steps back into the shadows, and contacts Ninja Team 6.
“The situation is collapsing. Move out now.”
The Upstairs VIP room is an elegant over-big garden affair under a large skylight. Bolanos welcomes all, as they get comfortable for the show. The room soon fills with Jacque, Rook, the Triad goons, club security, and a half mix more of henchmen and girls.
“This is Mohamed,” trying to impress the Yellow Triad, not Jacque.
“The show tonight is all his baby,” Bolanos continues, placing the blame early, incase of failure, like some old Mafia habit.
As Mohamed Maxx is introduced, Boris drills a hard look, clearly excited as the clean ‘Call synth’ memory engram holds a professional interest
Jacque sees and feels the spike of interest from Boris, as the hacker starts the machines. Jacque is uninterested, almost ignoring the show, his focus is drawn to Boris, influenced by the ESP link back to Queen Ripley.
In a few heart beasts Jacque’s glance turns into a trance.
ACT 4: Ninja team 6.
As the VIPs go upstairs for the show, Yoshi takes a chance to escape the killing zone. She starts moving out, looking for Mahn, but suddenly outside Club Uzi, the security are having issues with crowd control.
100’s of Hopeless people press in from up and down the street. The security are trying to defend themselves, but it’s like a title wave of ESP zombies. The numbers overpower the few guards, and burst inside Club Uzi.
The sound of the helicopter buzzing over head snaps Yoshi back into the Now.
“Ninja Team 6! Abort. Abort.” Yoshi tries, knowing its to late.
Everyone is excited and hooked into the show of the ‘Call synth’ memory. The drunk Under-boss Xais and his stoned goons can’t stop watching. Knight and his boys have zoned out into a Cult trance of their own.
Boris looks Jacque eye to eye and sees more. Boris can feel the ESP from the other side, from Queen Ripley. And she feels angry!
Ninja Team 6 attacks! Masked men repel thru the broken skylight, amid a stream of deadly arrow attacks. The Yellow Triad goons, and Club Uzi security cut lose with 9mm lead storms all across the room.
The situation soon collapses into chaos of hand to hand combat of swords and kung fu! People scream, people die. Boris looks up at Jacque, who moves in a zombie like trance as the battle rages around him.
Boris lurches and chases after Maxx, who is trying to escape down the stairs, but Boris freezes at the top steps. Below a mob of Hopeless surge forward. Boris and Maxx watch a scattering of club security guards use sub-machine guns to kill dozens, only to get ripped apart in a spray of blood by the fast moving swarm of ESP zombies!
Mohamed Maxx tries to escape, but Boris jumps up, shoves Ace aside, and runs to intercept. Boris leaps and does a flying tackle stopping Maxx a split moment after the Skylight implodes!
“It’s an attack.” Rook yells as Ninja Team 6 repels into the VIP room amid a stream of deadly arrows. The Triad goons cut lose with 9mm lead storms all across the room. Blood and gore splatter the floors, Bolanos goes mad, and soon its hand to hand combat with swords and Kung Fu!
From the California Desert Resort, Queen Ripley’s anger feeds from Jacque, via the long distance ESP link. And thru Jacque, the anger feeds the mob thrashing about downstairs. Ripley is loosing her human side more and more as the ALIEN DNA bubbles to the surface.
Rook tackles Jacque, saving his life from a arc of bullets that trash out the VIP room windows. Yoshi is wounded and falls thru a window! The VIP room becomes a blood-bath of death,
From the bottom of the steps, Maxx turns, and tries to go back up. Boris keeps the mob off him with a big .45 pistol, but it’s futile. The mob rolls upward, forcing Boris to flee towards the VIP room, back to the blood bath of bullets and knives.
Pushing and shoving, Boris lurches upwards until collapsing at Jacque’s feet. The mob flows up and into the VIP room. Soon the battle stops. Dead and near dead bodies every where, including Rook and Bolaons.
Several Triad goons and ½ dozen others still survive, including Under-boss Xais, Mahn, and Ace.
“We go to see mother now.” Jacque commands.
ACT 5: Hotel California.
Boris and the others are taken captive. During the limo ride out towards the California Desert Resort, Boris and Ace both feel the pull of the Queen Song. The Yellow Triad goons are nervous, especially as they arrive at the cult compound.
100’s of dirty, and mostly naked stoned out looking CULT FOLLOWERS watch the limos roll inside, trailing a wall of road dust, witch makes the cars look sinister and evil.
Yoshi limps alongside the helicopter, and turns to face the survivors of Ninja Team 6. She is wounded from the melee at Club Uzi, bandaged and bruised, but now looks like a pissed off super sexy warrior.
“We have more to do. I have people to kill.” slow and evil delivery.
Using the helicopter, they follow the limos. Yoshi tries to make vidfone contact with Boris, who is now a captive. It takes several tries before she can connect.
“Stay alive, I am coming.”
Boris is separated, and taken to a holding room. Now alone, Boris listens to the vidfone message from Yoshi. “Stay alive, we are coming. I‘m going to kill Jacque.”
Bois wants to tell Yoshi to stop, the escape, to forget about him, but he can’t.
Soon Boris is dragged into the Queen’s Chamber, and made to kneel at Ripley 8’s feet. Boris is in shock, and influenced by the ESP vibes of the situation.
Queen Ripley is mad, and toys with Boris and the Chinese Yellow Triad.
“Prepare him,” Queen Ripley proclaims indicating Ace the junkie. “And then when he is done,” her hand caressing Boris’s acid scarred face. “You are next.”
Boris broods as a condemned man back in the holding room. He is angry at himself for being trapped, angry at Yoshi, angry at the Yellow Triad, and extra angry at Queen Ripley.
The Queen Song Dream starts again, pulling Boris along. Somehow he knows the Queen is having sex with Ace. At least, he hopes that is what he feels.
The sound of a helicopter circling inside the Resort compound drags his attention to the balcony. The large unmarked helicopter lands, letting off a parade of Chinese Yellow Triad henchmen escorting a large metal box.
Almost immediately, Boris is dragged off 2 the Queen’s Chamber. Jacque’s eyes bore deep into Boris seeing the defiant human inside. This is no cult pawn, Jacque thinks. This is a predator, like him.
“You will father my new brothers and sisters. For this I thank you.”
“I don’t want your thanks.”
“What do you want?” Jacque asks as they both watch the Yellow Triad goons present a marriage gift to Ripley 8.
The large metal box unfolds, displaying an ALIEN pod!
“To kill that!” indicating the pulsating FACE HUGGER throbbing beneath the nearly translucent milky white alien egg.
“Hate those cursed things.” Boris adds just before Jacque backhands him hard, sending the bound prisoner/ human sacrifice/ hearer of the Queen song, flying across the chamber!
The Yellow Triad Under-boss Xais puts on his best face along side the others.
“We found it deep under an abandoned space mine. Our men searched and searched, but there was only the 1 egg that survived.”
“You lie!” Boris grunts a split moment before Queen Ripley attacks!
Her strength sends Boris across the room, exploding with pain.
“Don’t worry I won’t kill you,” Queen Ripley assures Boris. “Not yet,” pulling Boris like he was only a small child, and shoving his acid scarred face along side the ALIEN egg.
“I have need of you.” The FACE HUGGER inside thrashes about, squirms ready to escape! “I need you to be stronger than the last.”
From this low groveling position, Boris can see the dead body of Ace the Junkie, now discarded across the floor, like so much trash.
Yoshi’s vidfone gets thru to Boris, now back in the holding room. Yoshi is stunned to learn of the ALIEN egg. “This is fantastic!” thoughts dance in her mind. “With the egg I can…”
“No, stop.” Boris tries.
“To late, we have breached the Resort perimeter.”
The helicopter outside draws the badly beaten and bruised Boris to the balcony. Down below the Yellow Triad are leaving. Under-boss Xais carries his infant TWIN WIFE, pausing, they look up at Boris and wave.
Mahn and the armed guard detail will stay behind with the ALIEN pod.
“They are fooling themselves,” Boris mutters.
“How so?” Jacque asks, startling Boris. “You can hear my mother.” not a question.
“Yes,” Boris admits. “But only when I dream.”
“I always hear my mother. Every high, every low, She makes me feel them all. Up here.” Jacque continues patting his head. “How wonderful it must be to not hear at all.”
“Untie my hands, and I’ll pull your head off.” Boris boasts.
“Accepted.” Jacque hisses, hands becoming free.
Boris turns and attacks! The method is raw abandon, secretly hoping he will die with this vain attempt. Boris holds nothing back, but each time Jacque deflects the clumsy attack.
“Rook trained me. I can kill you at any time.” smacking Boris 2 the floor. “But mother will call for you soon. And you will go.”
ACT 7: The Queen’s Chamber.
Boris is left alone, door open, everyone knowing his fate. Mahn of the Yellow Triad comes inside, and moves close to Boris. Like 2 old gunfighters, warriors, killers, they seem to bond without words.
I hear Mars is good this time of year.” Boris starts using the private joke Yoshi told him.
“Yes, so I’m told,” Mahn relaxes. “I would have liked to go there.”
“It might still happen.”
“No, it will not.”
“You’re right. It won’t. Its fixed now isn’t it?”
“Not always,” displaying a small Chinese sword. “A man can always choose his own death.” Mahn moves away leaving the sword with Boris.
“Your sister Yoshi, is here.” Boris forces out quietly. “She coming for that egg.”
“I will be there waiting.”
Yeah, you do that.” Boris finishes.
The chanting is a distant 100 voices strong. The Queen Song creeps along the edges of wakefulness confusing Boris with each unsteady step deeper into the California Desert Resort. Boris can’t resist, he tries, and tries, but eventually accepts the Queen’s call to mate.
Looking down into the sword blade, Boris sees his own Face Hugger acid burned face reflection, and suddenly has a moment of clarity.
Concealing the weapon, Boris moves off to find the Queen.
Yoshi, now disguised as a Cult Follower, confronts Agent Boris, who seems to be stumbling along in some kind of a trance. Boris can’t stop being drawn to the Queen Song.
“Agent Boris. Boris? It’s me Yoshi,” dragging Boris into the shadows.
“Where is the egg?”
Boris looks at Agent Yoshi. He wants to tell her everything. Tell her about Jacque, the Twins, but can’t. “Your brother is waiting for you.” is all Boris can manage.
“What are you doing?”
“I must go to her. She calls.” Boris mutters, moving off.
Yoshi sneaks back to the left-over Ninja Team 6.
“We attack now. You men start a distraction, and keep the loonies clear of the LZ.”
Throwing away the costume. “I’ll get the egg.”
The Queen’s Chamber is a scene grim and spooky. The outdoor alter is flanked by dozens of Cult Followers, all in the zombie throws of ESP waves. On the center stage, Queen Ripley 8 is worshiped like a god. Boris must pass the inner circle get to her.
“I have come,” Boris starts. “I am yours.”
“Yes,” Queen Ripley says pulling him in closer to her web. “You were always mine.”
The Sex is rough and hard, with a heavy aggressive tint. The Queen is enhanced by the Cult Followers now flaying about with an ESP wave induced trance.
Jacque can feel his mother. The Twin in the nursery cries out, feeling her mother, and the other Twin 4000 miles away joins them.
Ripley is loosing her human DNA, becoming more and more ALIEN by the moment.
The attack draws the attention off the Triad goons guarding the Egg!
Yoshi and 2 ninja’s battle the die hard Yellow Triad. Mahn changes sides, betraying the Triad guards, but before Mahn and Yoshi can celebrate, Jacque arrives!
Now a wave of Cult Followers, under Jacques influence, try to prevent Mahn and Yoshi from escaping with the ALIEN egg. During the scuffle, the FACE HUGGER escapes!
The monster scurries fast, and Yoshi can’t stop it before it attaches to Mahn! Her brother is lost to the ALIEN invasion, so Yoshi avenges her brother, and kills Jacque!
Then only a heartbeat later Yoshi kills the FACE HUGGER, and her brother with it.
“Mars sucks anyway.” turning to face the enraged mob.
The Queen Song is stronger than ever before. Ripley 8 is on top, working aggressively, when suddenly she screams out in pain and anguish!
Jacque has just died, and via the ESP link, the mother feels the death and lashes out!
The sudden excitement sparks a flame deep inside Boris. Within this split moment of clarity, Boris make his last sane move.
The short sword slices true and quick, completely decapitating Ripley!
A spray of acid blood destroys Boris, as the Queen’s body collapses away.
The severed head of Ripley 8 rolls to a stop. The surprised angry visage ends up facing the SMILE now splitting the acid scarred flesh of Agent Boris.
Yoshi is cut and bleeding out, only moments from death. She can’t escape the mob of enraged Cult Followers, so with her last dying breath, Yoshi calls for a cruise missile strike. “Activating beacon…burn it all. Burn it all.”
The angle is close and tight, framing the Yellow Triad Under-boss and his small wife, the surviving Twin of Ripley 8. The frame pulls back and back, until the dozen plus ALIEN egg pods come into focus.
End movie ALIEN 5
The start of a new franchise direction.

Submitted: April 24, 2011

© Copyright 2021 M w McCoy. All rights reserved.

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