The Man With The Shear

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: House of Ghosts
A young woman meets an old friend she never expects - or remembers.

Submitted: March 28, 2016

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Submitted: March 28, 2016



Do you believe in legends, my dear;
In stories and myths that inspire your fear?
Either way, here's a tale most sincere:
Some time ago, not far from here,
In a quiet neighborhood just off Belvedere,
There lived a fair girl by the name of Doneer.

Doneer was a senior of her high school career,
Who worked part-time as a Walmart cashier.
She was the sweetest thing among her peers
And the way she smiled made grown-men tear.
When it came to beauty, hers was pioneer;
Yet locked in her heart lay something severe.

She'd stay up all night for reasons unclear;
Staring out to the dark with a smile so queer.
"What's wrong with you, girl?" her mother would sneer
While taking a chug from her fifteenth beer.
To which Doneer would reply most sincere,
"There's a tall man standing outside with a shear."

Her mother would leave and exclaim with a jeer,
"There's nothing out there except for the mere!"
The mere was a pond they kept in the rear
Of their quiet, small house just off Belvedere,
And there every night for less than a year
She'd see, there standing, the Man with the Shear.

His face had no mouth, nose or ears,
Only two dark eyes, like obsidian spheres.
He wore a black suit of the classiest tier,
Staring back as if to say, "Please come here."
And somehow she felt he'd always been near
Like a childhood memory she couldn't cohere.

At first the sight of the Man with the Shear
Had gripped her heart with paralyzing fear,
But over a time her feelings would steer-
No longer afraid, but rather endeared-
Until one night when she saw him appear
Doneer ran out to man at the mere.

Upon their meeting, to his face she peered,
Lost in those eyes like obsidian spheres,
Wholeheartedly embracing the Man with the Shear.
Then she remembered after so many years
They met when she was eight and fell off a pier,
And so long his words she unknowingly adhered:

"My name is Sir Death, and though I am here
It is not your time, so do not yet fear.
I'll let you live to know some of life's cheer!
We'll not meet again for another ten years.
'Tis then I return, and for now disappear-
But when it's time, I'll find you, my dear."

Her eyes became wide as she relearned the fear,
But before she could run she felt his shear
Rip into her heart and soul like a spear.
Without so much as a chance for a tear
She let out a scream that no one could hear-
Vanishing without a trace or a smear.

So do you believe in legends, my dear;
In stories and myths that inspire your fear?
Either way, please let me be clear:
When you meet him once he'll always be near,
So don't look in his eyes, as did the lovely Doneer
Lest you be taken away by the Man with the Shear.

© Copyright 2018 M. A. Yacone. All rights reserved.

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