Timmy and His Bear

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: House of Ghosts
An orphan boy lives a miserable, bullied existence. His prays for reprieve go unanswered - until a mysterious package arrives in the mail.

Submitted: March 29, 2016

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Submitted: March 29, 2016



Oh!  Hello, my friends!  I didn't see you there!
I assure you weren't the ones to cause me such a scare,
But while I have you here, please do take a chair
As I share a tale of which I'm sure you're unprepared.

It begins with a boy, whose life had been unfair:
Abandoned to an orphanage without a parent's care.
The other kids would scoff because one eye was impaired
No family, no friends – he truly knew despair.

Until, one day, there came an answer to his prayers:
A package in the mail with a one-eyed teddy bear.
No return address, but his name was written clear,
“To Timmy, With Love.” written with such care.

The children mocked the boy – truest to their flare.
“It's ugly, dumb and broken,” as they pointed at the bear.
“It fits you perfectly,” said the biggest bully there,
“You're both one-eyed freaks!” Their laughter filled the air.

He cried himself to sleep, holding close his teddy bear.
His new friend loved him true, of this he was aware.
He sobbed in its ear all the pain he never shared,
Kissed it's missing eye and said, “I wish they'd disappear.”

Later in the night the children woke up to a scare:
Someone found a pool of blood underneath the stairs.
Who it could belong to, no one was aware:
Until they counted everyone – and someone wasn't there.

The biggest of the bullies, from the earlier affair,
Was searched for and called, but was not anywhere
An older girl pointed to the boy with his bear,
“It was the little freak!” she yelled, angrily declared.

“It wasn't me!” he cried, most certain of their err,
But still they tied him to the house's oldest rocking chair.
They beat on him relentlessly until his flesh was rare;
But when they took his friend he screamed, “Don't touch my teddy bear!”

All was brought to pause as silence choked the air:
Something odd lingered like a dark, empty stare.
All present were bewildered 'til before them appeared
A silhouette with teeth and a one-eyed, hungry glare.

It grabbed hold of two and wolfed them down as a pair,
Then panic took its course as they scrambled everywhere.
It didn't take the shadow long to catch them in its snare:
They fled and screamed in vain – without a chance or prayer.

The shadow devoured all – not one of them was spared,
Aside from little Timmy, still tied to the chair.
“Why'd you eat the people who made me feel despair?”
It hugged him with a grin and said, “I'm your teddy bear...”

© Copyright 2020 M. A. Yacone. All rights reserved.

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