Let It Go!

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This is a Short Short Story featuring unrequited love and it's been shown from a different angle. I think you will like it reading. Thanks in advance. Enjoy!

Submitted: March 28, 2016

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Submitted: March 28, 2016



Chandrima was unwilling to get into the general compartment. This is not because the train would be crowded and she would have to face difficulties with little Bubun, but also because in this hot day and crowded bogey of the train, the two month old boy might cry tremendously and then Chandrima would be in a fix.

But luck did not favor. As Chandrima reached the platform, the train whistled. Eventually, she could not reach ladies compartment. She caught the train almost running. That was risky for her as she has a two month old baby with her.

The train was almost crowded and there was nowhere to be seated. But by seeing her, a man stood up, leaving his own seat said, ‘Please be seated’. Chandrima gave him thanks. But he said, ‘Not needed, I will get off after two stations’. That was the window seat. So the man must be very munificent’ – thought Chandrima. In the hot day like this, no one could think of leaving a window seat.

Chandrima looked at that man. He was in his early twenties, slim figure, and brown skin. His dark eyes were small but very bright, and moreover very attractive. He had a cutting mark on the right side of his forehead. Chandrima got stalled. It seemed she had seen him somewhere. Perhaps she had a deep relationship with him, but could not recall.

Now, be it for hot weather or for congested place, Bubun started crying. That’s unstoppable. Chandrima tried to soothe him swaying on her lap, but of no avail. Hugged deeply in her breast, but in vain. Stood him up on her lap beside window, so that he could get the wind directly. All the efforts were failed. Bubun was still crying. People in surroundings looked on her, advised instantly. Some said, ‘he’s crying in bad weather’, some, ‘he may have some cramp’.

But Chandrima knew the actual cause of his crying. Bubun was hungry. He was fed only once in the early morning. After that, he ate nothing. But how can she feed her now? It was better to board a ladies compartment. Chandrima felt very uneasy in front of so many male people. But Bubun was also intolerable.

At last, she removed her clothes from her breast, lifted bra… Bubun got silent while sucking. She covered his face with clothing. In the meantime, she noticed the man in front of him turned back and blocked the view of the people who were in front of her. Chandrima took no time to understand that the man did it intentionally to guard her, as she felt uneasiness here. She felt grateful to him. But what she can say now?

The station came where the man was to get down. He took his luggage from the bunk, Chandrima said, ‘If you don’t mind, may I ask you if I saw you somewhere.’

The man smiled at her purposefully, said, ‘I am brother of Tanmoy Choudhury’.

-‘ You? Here?’

- ‘Yes. To see my brother in the Medical College Hospital. He has a cancer, brain cancer.’ The man said glumly.

Chandrima stared blank. The man got down. She cannot think now. Tanmay….Tanmay… Oh! No, No ! Not that name again. She wants to forget it now. She has no past. All in that past is no longer needed. Stop it. She said herself. She is now wife of Gourab Choudhury and that’s all. She hugged her Bubun deeply in her breast again – the sleeping baby. Suddenly, she found her eyes got filled with tears.

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