Away She Goes

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This started out as an animated show script so it may seem a little weird to read as it's formatted. It's about a family of cats who are rich in San Francisco. The teen daughter of the rich feline, Calvin Reynolds, runs away with her punk boyfriend, but in the end everything is okay...almost.

Submitted: March 19, 2016

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Submitted: March 19, 2016



Another day at the Reynolds Household. Vanessa was helping some of the home chefs prepare dinner, because she didn't like Calvin making all the workers work so hard. Meanwhile, Calvin and Monica were having an argument in the living room.

"He's no good for you!" yelled a frustrated Calvin. His daughter wanted you go out with a rebellious, street punk rockstar. Monica gave the worst reasons for going out with him.

"You just need to get to know him, dad!!" she whined.

“He was on the news yesterday. He set a cat on fire! I'M a cat!"


"I forbid you to see him. That's final."

Monica's eyes start welling up with tears as she runs up the stairs.

"I hope he sneaks into your room and sets YOU on fire!

"Eh, whatever."

Calvin goes over to the large stereo in the corner of the room and plays Dr. Dre's 'Keep The Headz Ringin''. He sits on the couch and tries to relax. Just then, a butler comes in and walks up to Calvin.

“Excuse me, sir."

"Yes assface?" Calvin starts laughing. The butler sighs.

"Sir, I really wish you would stop calling me that."

"And I really wish you would get to the damn point at what you're trying to tell me."

"A toilet paper company you subscribed to sent you two brands and wanted to know which you prefer." The butler holds up two toilet paper brands. "'BEST IN TOWN' or 'BEST AROUND'?"

"What's the difference?"

He holds them up again.


"Eehh... just get 'em both. I'll figure it out."

"As you wish."

The butler walks away and Calvin's song ends. He tries to put in another, but Vanessa calls for dinner.


Calvin, Vanessa, and Devin are at the table about to eat.

"Hey, where's Monica?" asks Vanessa.

"Probably upstairs in her room.” says Calvin.

"Are ya sure, dad? For all we know, she could be with that public menace boyfriend of hers."

"Go check on her, Dev." says Vanessa.

Devin gets up and walks out of the room.

'I'd rather be eating.'

"What if she did go with him, Calvin?"

"Oh please. She wouldn't dare. I already told her she was forbidden to do that."

"Calvin, a girl her age doesn't just do what she's told unless it’s by some jerk that controls her all the time."

"HA! I've seen that kid, and I'm sure he couldn't even tell a dog what to do. And if she did leave, who cares, she'll be back."

"And if she doesn't come back?"

"Vanessa! Stop worrying and let's eat."

Calvin picks up a chicken leg but Vanessa slaps his hand away.


"No! I'm not eating without the whole family here. I'm tired of people calling us the 'that family who can’t even eat dinner together’."

"Who says that?"

"Everyone. Believe me, they do. Do you know how hard it is for me to go to the grocery store without a glare being given to me?"

Devin runs back in.

"She's not in her room or anywhere!"

"Oh my god, she must've run off with that thug."

"Ah. I suppose someone's going to have to go get her..." Calvin says.

The three look at each other, then at Calvin. He gets up and slams his napkin on the table.

"God dammit!"

He storms out of the kitchen and out into the dark streets to find his daughter.

"Well," Says Devin. "Since dinner's been cancelled until my slut sister gets back, I'm gonna watch TV."

"Right behind you."



Calvin knocks on Mrs. Wellington's door. She answers.

"Mrs. Wellington, have you seen my daughter anywhere tonight?"



"Yes, I know you do. But I really don't care right now, have ya seen her or what?"

"Yeah, I seen her drive off on a motorcycle with that hoodlum, Adam."

"His name's 'Adam'? Oh that's so good to know. Did you see where they went?"


She slams the door in Calvin's face. He walks away muttering.

"Stupid bitch."



Monica and Adam are in the bar by the drinks.

"Want one?" Adam asks as he hands her a beer.

"You drink?" She takes the beer.

"Yeah, all the time. It’s what helps me escape reality and into my imagination world."

"Okay first of all, your life is great, so why would you ever need to escape reality? And second, your 'imagination world' is just you drunk."

Adam gulps down the last of his beer. "Aah... whateves..." He says drunkenly. Monica takes a sip and retches at the taste, but takes a longer sip again.

"Well... it’s not terrible."

"Monica, kiss me." he whispers.

"What?!" she whispers back.

"Just one." he leans in on her.

"Wait, wait! Not out here."

She grabs his hand and they go in the storage closet.



"Sir, my daughters gone missing and need to know where she is now!"

"Yeah, and I have a missing son, BUT YOU DON'T SEE ME BITCHING ABOUT IT!"

"What the hell?"

"GET OUT!!" pulls out a knife.

"Jesus Christ, okay!"




Calvin looks at the bar.

"Ugh. I could use a drink after a night like this."

He walks in and gets nervous at the viscous looking people in there.

"Whoa. Better make this quick."

He walks over to the counter and gets a shot of gin. A stranger notices Calvin's forlorn look.

"Hey, what's buggin' you?"

"Huh? Oh, it’s my daughter. I told her she couldn't see this boyfriend of hers and she ran off with him. Now I can't find her."

"Hmm. Is she a cat like you?"

"Uh... yeah?"

"Ho Ho! You're in luck! I saw her and a sketchy lookin' fella go in the storage room a while ago. I think she may have had a few drinks."

"Drinks? Storage room? Sketchy?! Oh god, Monica!"

Calvin jumps out of his seat and runs over to the back room entrance, but a large wolf with a beat up tank top, faded jeans, and cowboy boots stop him.

"Geez, where're you goin', the circus?" Calvin asks.

"I think the question is: where do you do think YOU'RE goin'"

"Look, my daughters back there probably sexing some piece of trash jerk face up. And I want to get home and eat my dinner, so get out of my damn way!"

Just then, in the storage closet, Monica and Adam stop making out and look out outside just in time to see Calvin get socked in his face.

"Dad!" Monica runs to her father’s aid.
"Dad, are you alright?!"

"Did the Giants win?" he asked groggily.

Monica stands up. "What's your problem?! You hit my dad!"

"Sure did. And I'll do it again if you don't get outta my face."

Monica slaps the wolf in the face hard. The crowd "oohs". He growls and raises his fist high in the air, ready to strike. Calvin looks up and sees what's going on but is too groggy to get up. The wolf swings his fist down, about to hit Monica, but then Adam swings a wooden chair at the wolf's stomach. As the chair breaks into tiny pieces, wolf falls to the floor, groaning.

"You okay, babe?" asks Adam.


Adam grabs Calvin and helps him up.


He looks at Calvin. Calvin smiles.

"Thank you."

"No problem."

Wolf comes up from behind and holds Monica at knife point.

"Dad, help!"

"Shut up! Everyone leave now! Go!"

They all do as they're told and leave.

"Hey, take it easy!" Calvin yells.

"Screw you, cat! No one messes with Cory! NO ONE!

Adam steps behind Calvin and sees a gun holstered in his back pocket. He grabs it and quickly shoots the knife from Cory's hands. Monica breaks free, Calvin tackles Cory to the floor and starts wailing on him. Cory grabs a bottle and smashes it against Calvin's face. Glass and blood on several spots of his suit. Cory gets on Cal and starts choking him.

"Don't worry, Mr. Cat, I'm coming!"

Adam runs to Cory and pulls his long ears back, Cory lets loose of Calvin and screams. Adam then starts repeatedly punching Cory while on top of him. Cory punches him in the face, knocking him off and throwing him at the glass bottles, shattering everything. Monica picks up the gun and shoots Cory in the legs.

"Aaagh! Dammit!!"

The three get together.

"Why did you help me, Adam? I said a ton of bad things about you."

"Because, your daughter’s the most precious thing in the world to me. Now this may be the beer talking but, I think of you as a father in law and... I hope that one day it could come to that. But that's up to you. She's your girl."

"You mean OUR girl." Puts a hand on Adams shoulder.

"You mean it dad?" asks Monica.

"I sure do. If you mean that much to Adam, then it’s fine by me. And he did save both our lives."

"Oh thank you, Mr. Cat. Uh, can I call you Calvin now that we're cool?"

Calvin laughs and stops abruptly. "No."

“Now come you on two. Let's go home, I'm starving."



Calvin is lying on the couch, recovering from his injuries. Devin walks in.

"Dad! Monica told me and mom what happened last night, that was so badass what you and Adam did!"

"Heh, well, Adam's the real badass. If he wasn't there, Monica and I would probably be dead. That guy Cory was a tough nut to crack- OH MY GOD, WE FORGOT THE WOLF! Oh... oh well."

Devin walks out and Monica comes in.

"Hey, sweetheart. How's our hero doing?"

"Who, Adam? Oh, we broke up."

"What?! But it’s only been a day, and I was just getting used to him!"

"Well sorry, dad, but he was a douche. So I dumped him."

"So you mean to tell me, I got my ass kicked for no reason?!"

"It wasn't for no reason!"

"Yes it was! We almost died-"

The two go back to arguing and hating each other like they used too.


"And what were you doing drinking?!" yelled Calvin.

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