So Simple

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A wealthy man's wife is depressed. When she implies to him why, he becomes at conflict with himself as he tries to find the cure. However, the cure may be much simpler than he thinks.

Submitted: April 02, 2016

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Submitted: April 02, 2016



Kevin Stewart, the richest man in the world, spent great amounts of money to buy the luxuries that would please his wife Elvira, for he thought she was unhappy for some reason. She never showed happiness, joy, ecstasy, or any other positive emotion some months after they were married. He eventually concluded she was depressed, after looking up signs and symptoms. He tried to make her feel better by buying her valuable and expensive things, but to no avail. Kevin started to grow sick with worry. Elvira never even cracked a smile. He told her he loved her countless times, he paid attention to her, he gave her space when he assumed she needed it, he didn’t see what the problem was, until one day she finally spoke to him….

“These things of value and expensive cost…they do me no good.” She then walked away, leaving the utterly confused Kevin alone. He had no idea what she meant by those words.

Later that evening, Kevin took a walk down the aberrantly desolate road of the city to clear his thoughts and gather up new ones. He repeated the words spoken by his wife in his head over and over again like a record player that would not stop skipping. He was ill with confusion, infected with the unsureness that spread through him faster than any germ or disease imaginable. The darkness of the night surrounded him massively, swallowing him in the depths of black. He continued to walk down his path of desperation and misery until he saw something bright and shiny in the not very far distance.  So bright and shiny, it was probably the only source of light throughout the darkness. He reluctantly walked up to it, not knowing what it was. A flower it was. He arched a brow and picked it from the dirt ever so gently. How could only a flower be so bright without the sun’s assistance? And it was so perfect. No bruised petals nor any sign of damage whatsoever, not even the slightest of imperfection befell this plant! Suddenly, the words from his Elvira rang in his head once again. He dashed home.

Once there, he presented the flower to his wife, exhausted from the running home and from the thinking of tonight. As Elvira takes the flower from him and examines it, Kevin waits for a response, kneeling in front of her, motionless, soundless, and mouth agape. Elvira looks down at him, showing no emotion whatsoever. She then turns around and walks away with the flower still in her gentle grasp. Kevin’s face shows mixed to sorrowful emotions. Elvira makes it so her back is turned and facing Kevin, so that he shall not see her smile….

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