The Curse

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Story of a teenager named Teddy and his encounter with a strange family.

Submitted: January 26, 2016

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Submitted: January 26, 2016



The Curse

by M.Pástor

My first impression of our new house was positive. I quite liked it. I was expecting some kind of old, rotten hut, but to my surprise, it looked good. It seemed like it was recently painted, with new windows and strikingly red roof.

To be honest, I don't really mind living in village. First, it came stupid to me: why would we want to move from city? I was angry with my parents for this decision. I was used to life in city, and moving to village seemed like nonsense. Is anything even happening? How are the people in there? But when we arrived at the village, I got a feeling it can't be bad. I saw a bright sky after a very long time. In our city, it almost always rained, and if not, sun was hiding behind curtain of grey clouds and smoke. But now it was shining. And I suddenly liked the calmer lifestyle, which I will be having from now on. And the village was located only 13 miles from the city we've lived in, so it wasn't a big deal, I would still visit the same school, thus I didn't have to say goodbye to my good old friends.

Life here was as I expected- much more calm then that in city. I met some new friends. There was this group of guys and girls that I used to see walking around the village and having good times. One of them, Peter, was my classmate and a good friend, so he introduced me to the group members and I soon befriended them.

Things were okay for almost a year. People in village were happy and in here it was mostly sunny. Then it started to slowly change with arrival of a new family. They were called Malums. It was quite a big family- a mother with two daughters at age of ten and twelve, son at age of sixteen, and her two siblings- her brother, big looking man, and her sister- both at age around forty. It was weird that both of the mother's siblings had kind of a fat figure, although she looked really skinny. I didn't like them from beginning. The mother seemed abusive with her children. often I saw how she yelled at them, sometimes for stupid reasons. Also, her brother looked straight up like a maniac, with a strange smirk on his face.

I had a lot of prejudices, but I tried to act normal and behave nicely to these people. Maybe they just seemed like bad people to me, where in fact they were good and humble people.

The "good and humble people" feeling, however, quickly vanished. I was walking home from school, when I saw that mother's sister. I was hesitating if I should even greet her, but I decided to do so. When I was few meters away from her, I said "Good afternoon!" with a big smile. But her response was nothing but a turned head. Yes, she just turned her head to the other side, like I'm not even worthy of her look, and she didn't say a word. I was quite shocked. This just told me she is kind of a cocky person, and it made my feelings against her family even worse. But I told to myself: maybe it's just her, maybe other family members are okay. Boy, was I wrong.

Soon, those three children started to visit the same school I did. The boy joined my class. Our teacher asked him to introduce himself. I learned that his name is Steven. Steven was quiet all the time. I tried to talk to him, he responded with quick answers. I assumed he had to have a tough life. From their family, Steven came to me like most normal person. But always seemed sad and he never wanted to talk with anybody. Some of my classmates started to make fun of him and bully him.

Those two girls on the other hand (Nicole and Catherine, their names), were hell. They were naughty, loud, and very rude to their classmates, later even to teachers. I remember at least three cases where parents of their classmates came to school with complaints on them.

One time, the teacher called their mother. I wasn't expecting a calm and good encounter, since I've seen that she is kind of an "explosive" person. I thought that she would yell and maybe even beat Nicole and Catherine before eyes of the teacher. But instead, she yelled at the teacher and the victim kids. She was angry, and she was screaming something along the lines of: "How dare you say something like that about my daughters, they are well raised, you are putting this shit up" and etc. Then, she called classmates of her daughters "whiny bitches" and furiously left. I was kind of surprised, but I was getting more and more clear image of their family and their behavior.

Friend of mine, Paul, told me he knows more about Jane, the mother of girls and Steven. He told me that every of her child has a different father, that's why they differ so much in looks. He told me that no man wants her because of her furious and abusive temperament. Also, wherever she goes, she embarrasses herself and people around her. He told me to stay away from her, and her whole family, because they are bunch of weird people.

Things were getting worse and worse. People in the village were angry with the family. People, who I've seen always smiling were no longer that happy. Also, the weather got worse- from occasional clouds here and there to full on cloudy. And the leaves on trees started to fall down, one by one.

I started to feel some kind of hatred against these people. I couldn't explain it. It felt like they were responsible for sudden changes of weather, although that's probably nonsense. One of my biggest issues were those girls- Nicole and Catherine. They got a new pair of bikes. Some say, that they were stolen, because there's no way their mother would buy them. But that doesn't matter, what matters is, that they were riding them in front of our house on our lawn. It bothered me more and more, to the point, where i shouted at them: "Get out of here! Who allowed you to ride at this property?" But they just laughed at me and continued to ride. I told this to my parents, but they said it's not an issue. But it really bothered me. Like, really, who do they think they are?

Things were still getting worse. People from village started to complain about this family for various reasons. Even the weather was getting worse. After a year, I've seen first drops of rain.

One evening my mother came from work, and she was talking to someone. I went to look who it is, and to my surprise, it was Robert, that crazy-looking brother of Jane. I said "Good evening!" with wonder. He replied "Hello, young one!" I was still creeped out. When my mom moved off, I went to her and asked: "Why did you invite HIM here? Don't you know about these people?" She responded: "Know what? They are absolutely normal. All of these talks are prejudices, Bob is funny and good guy with tough life. Stop doing it too and behave normally." Bob, huh? So you call him Bob. That made me even angrier. I went to my room and closed the door. I've heard only some things, like that Robert is retired policeman, like my dad, and that he was in prison, but it was rigged and he shouldn't have been there. From that point, I knew he was lying. That's what all criminals say.

At around 10 PM I went to bed, but I couldn't fall asleep, because my mom, dad and Robert were talking very loudly and having a great fun, Robert was telling some stupid jokes, which my parents found funny and laughed at them. This conversation continued to 3 AM. I was upset and angry. I wanted to go there and slap Robert across the face and tell him to go home. I was starting to go crazy. I needed to sleep, because the next day was very hard at school, but they just kept talking and talking. After a long time, they finally ended and Robert left. I felt like I can't stand this family anymore.

The next day was very rainy. Wind blew stronger then I've ever experienced it. A last leaf on a tree in front of our house was hanging, soon to fall down. After I came back from school, I've seen that Steven and his sisters are driving on a motorcycle through the streets. Obviously, they stole it. I went upstairs and started my computer. My cat was begging me to let her out. I was surprised, why would she want to go out in this weather, but I let her out. I was browsing on Internet. Then I heard a motorcycle sounds from far. I went to the window to look what's happening. I swore that if they were going to drive through our lawn, I would do ugly things. But what happened was much, much worse. I assumed they were going fast, because the sound was approaching really quickly. Then, I saw my cat. He ran in front of our door onto road. I felt like this is not going to end well. And it didn't. As the sound approached, I saw a motorcycle flying pass by my house in extreme velocity... there was no way that it would stop before it would hit my kitty...

I ran outside as quickly as possible, just to see the horror. My kitty was lying lifeless on the road with demolished head. I cried and yelled from the bottom of my lungs. I felt so weak and full of hate. Nicole, who was driving the motorcycle, came to me with tears in her eyes and said: "I am so sorry, Teddy, I didn't mean to do this." I looked at her, and I saw the fear in her eyes. I ran back indoors devastated from what just happened.

My dad once showed me the place where he hides his gun. It was medium sized shotgun with eight slots for bullets. He has it for safety purposes, and he told me, that if there will be situation where I'll need it, I can go and take it. I would never think that I would use it against myself. But I can't handle this terror anymore.



Teddy turns off the pen and closes the diary. He takes the gun and points it at himself. Feeling of sadness and feeling of hatred fight inside of him. As he's about to pull the trigger, he stops. The war of feelings inside of him seems to stop. He has a better idea now.

It's raining like it's never rained in the village before. Trees along the way have lost all their leaves. A ysixteen years old boy walks down the street, holding a bag of different things. He stops at the door of one small house. He thinks of knocking, but then he changes his mind and kicks the door instead. Nicole, who is surprised by this, sees Teddy walking towards her. Before she can scream, a gunshot straight through her head stops it. She falls unconscious. A door on the left opens. Steven walks out of them. A quick hit to his face puts him down on floor. Scared and confused Jane runs towards falling Steven, only to encounter Teddy, pointing a shotgun at her. Her quick reflexes help her to grab the gun from the other end and aim it elsewhere. First shot misses her. The two then fight for the gun. After a minute of kicking, screaming and biting, Jane gets control over the gun and starts firing. Teddy does the same thing too- aims the gun elsewhere. Jane successfully misses five shots. The sixth one hits, but not Teddy- it hits Steven, who meanwhile awakened. He is shot through stomach. Blood splatters behind him, as he falls dead onto floor. Jane, from pure shock, lets go of the shotgun and screams in sorrow. Teddy uses this opportunity and pushes Jane to the kitchen board. Jane uses this opportunity and grabs a knife from nearest sink. She stabs Teddy into stomach once, and then he slaps her and takes the knife from her hands. He stabs the crying woman numerous times, until she can't take it anymore and finally dies.

Anna and Catherine are having good times upstairs. They are listening to the music TV show at full volume and dancing together. They hear a scream, so Anna sends Catherine to check the situation. Catherine agrees and runs downstairs. As she walks down, stair-by-stair, she sees a pool of blood in the kitchen. Scared to go any further, she turns back to go seek Anna's help. But it's too late. A bloody hand grabs the girl by neck. She lets out a scream. But Anna is having a good time upstairs. She is then pulled backwards and hits the ground, which makes her lose her breath. Teddy picks a thing from his bag- Catherine recognizes that it's a rope. Terrified of what he's doing, she tries to scream for help. But no one seems to hear it. When is the rope tightened enough, he drags her up the stairs and hangs her from a pole.

Teddy's mom works in hospital. One time, a man with a son came into their home. Son had extreme pain and was crying. His mom then took a injection with transparent liquid and injected it into his arm. After a while, boy's crying stopped and he was calm. His mom then proceeded and took care of his problem.

Teddy hoped that this injection would stop Anna's crying and panicking too, as he stabbed it into her arm. And it sure did. After a while, her hopeless cries stopped, and her talking seemed like she was drunk. Teddy then took off all of her clothes. He opened window and tried to throw her out of it. It took a while, because she was really heavy, but he succeeded. As she fell from the window right on to street, she still had enough energy to stand up and walk. She was disoriented, and she tried to find help by going down the street in hope of finding someone. But people that met her looked away, in disgust. They don't want to do anything with this drunken wretch.

Teddy noticed that there is a different room in this house. He opened the door to it, and saw Bob with earplugs, sleeping. Martin smiled, took one of his earplugs out, slapped him and screamed: "Sorry for interrupting your sleep! At least it wont be for five hours!". Then he stabs the knife into Bob's shocked face and leaves.

Teddy himself didn't know he is capable of doing these wicked things.

As he walks out of the house, he notices that his stomach is bleeding heavily. He must've lost a lot of blood. But who cares anymore. The village is cleansed. Cleansed from the curse.

Teddy starts to feel weaker. The rain still didn't stop. He wonders if he forgot someone. A loud bark reminds him that he indeed did. Teddy turns to the defenseless dog and ends his life in one quick cut.

Teddy is starting to feel really weak. He slowly walks towards his house. It's still raining. At the entrance, he falls on his knees. He closes his eyes, preparing for his death. He had to do it. He had to cure the village. One day, someone will thank him for it.

Rain is becoming more silent as life leaves Teddy's body.

Teddy grabs his last strength to open his eyes to see the rain stopped. Then he dies.

A glimpse of a blue color appears on the sky filled with clouds.

© Copyright 2018 M. Pástor. All rights reserved.

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