Past or Future? Take your pick

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

Life, what is more important, your past or your future? Would you hold onto something you've worked for years to accomplish or would you pick a fresh and warm start? When you are torn, which path
will you choose to still stay sane and still be you?

Submitted: June 04, 2018

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Submitted: June 04, 2018



What will you hold onto?
Who will you let go?
If you have to make a choice
so your life can keep the flow

The one you gave it all to
Or the one who offers it all
The one you with it all went through
Or the one that your name does call

A fresh start free from chains?
Or holding onto lasting pains?
The one to you who's free of stains?
Or the one who fried your brains?

There's beauty to the past
there are many things to learn
but all these things pass by so fast
So you need to yearn
For a future that would last
even if it'd make you burn

The past may be pretty
the future may be shitty

But is it worth it to hold onto the chains that choke you?
Or will all of the hope and all the struggles be in vain?
You are at the railway, who will you walk to?
Make a choice or you'll be crushed by the coming train

But how are you supposed to know what choice to make?
How are you to know what the future holds?
You realize all that is at stake
and you lose it all as it unfolds

Once you have seen the beauty of a special ones soul
You can't help but yearn for more
Which is something both the past and future stole
Leaving you completely sore

The past is a the mistress who drags you down 
And you cannot always out of that draw strenght
The future is the girl that on your head puts a crown
If you're willing to fight and grow, she offers length.

You're stuck in the painful situation of having to choose
when you wish you could combine
But life isn't as fair as to offer a truce
You have to burn if you want to shine.

You want to know more 
but you're only shown a piece
What's truly in your core?
A warmth that could just freeze?


Soon you're forced to make the choice
cause the train is on its way.

© Copyright 2020 M.D Knightley. All rights reserved.

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