Unrealistic Success

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Humor  |  House: Booksie Classic
I did not have the feeling to continue any of my stories, I did not know how, but I wanted to do something productive, so I thought about something that I've thought about quite a few times in different ways, an unrealistic success. Now a few of these things mentioned within the short story should not be too unrealistic, some are fairly realistic.

Enjoy reading part of a mans dream and thoughts. Not sure if it's any good though.

When a man asks "Can I habe da pusi plz?" He's usually shot down, I feel bad about that so. I decided to fight reality! =D

Submitted: August 12, 2019

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Submitted: August 12, 2019



16 year old Milton ponders during recess If I go up and talk to the most attractive girl at school, I'll make her my gf, have the best and most rewarding sex which will give me a fountain of endless motivation

Milton walks up to the girl "Oi Sarah"

"Hello" Sarah politely responds

"I'm gonna become a millionaire and I want you by my side, cause you're the only one I've had eyes for." Milton states with great confidence

"Sure, I'd be delighted" Sarah responds with gleaming, hopefilled bright eyes. "So, how can I help you become a millionaire?"

Milton looks at the ceiling, tilting his head slightly towards the right 

"Well, hmm.." He pauses for a couple seconds

"Let's have sex at least three times per week and give me a blowjob once per week and I'll have endless motivation, use your body and love as a carrot for my success" 

Sarah giggles "Is that all you need? No problem, I'll be the greatest girlfriend ever" 

A huge smile appears on Miltons face Woohoo! I made it!


And so Milton ponders over the possible ways to become a millionaire, he has an above average intellect, as well as writing skills. He plays a bit of piano, guitar and sings, but doesn't see a future in that.  

I'll work on creating a small gardening company whilst working on my novels and music

Within a week, he has gotten three customers that pay him to cut their lawn, 50$ each every month of summer, and it's April, that's a total of 600$.


His girlfriend supports him in every way she can during the passing weeks, whenever he gets lazy or does something that doesn't move him towards his goals, she threatens to cut off his supply of sex and intimacy, so he's nearly always motivated. 


It's now June, his first fantasy novelFalcon is nearly finished, and rumors of his gardening skills have spread along the wind, he now has 20 customers per month, which is aproximately 40 hours of work per month generating him 1000$ monthly. 


Milton feels happy about his current success, he feels motivated and alive, having love, sex and money at a young age


On the 2nd of July he submits his novel to an agency after his five closest friends have proofread it for 20$ each and given their opinions, allowing him to fix some errors and improve the quality of his work.


As time passes, his job opportunities increase tenfold.


The agency calls back on the 14th of July with the news "We published Falcon yesterday, 1273 copies have already been sold, we look forward to your next work!" 

Fuck yes, I'm tha man! I am THE man, I'm fucking awesome, but what now? I can't both write and take care of the 200 gardening locations at the same time, oh right, I'll just call up my friends and share the work with them, I know they want some of that cash!


Milton proceeds to call up his five closest friends and they all accept, they get paid 40$ per customer they assist monthly, Milton gets 10$ and he split the work evenly, 40 customers for each friend, which also allows them the free time to game and do the usual shit they do.

they're only 16 afterall. 

By August, Milton has bought something special, his first investment with his new balance of 27400$ 

He calls Sarah on the phone and tells her to hurry to his fathers garage.

Sarah doesn't know what's going on but is aware of her boyfriends success, that he wants to show something off, but ponders over the fact that her boyfriend isn't allowed to drive a car yet but decides to go there in a supportive and loving manner regardless of how she feels about his decision.


When Sarah finally arrives outside the garage, she calls his name "Milton, I'm here!" preparing a smile for him to make him feel loved.


The garage door opens up automatically and she's greeted by a strongly colored, vividly decorated garage with a pink cloth band hanging from the ceiling, she sees Milton kneeling with a box in hand as she reads the words on the band "Marry me" 

Milton is dressed in a tuxedo with well combed hair, wearing a powerful and loving smile.

Sarah is overcome by happiness and screams "Yes ofcourse!" Euphorically.


And so they set up a date in a state where it's legal for 16 year olds to marry and mate

(Dem sick rhymes)


The jobs for gardening will end the 15th of September for half the usual price as it's half a month. it's an honest and fair gardening company. 


What's the next plan? I can do this in the summers and expand a bit more, but what about the winters? Snow shoveling? Melting? Hmm, no, that's a bit farfetched... 

I guess I can invest in real-estate, no wait, I can't do that until I'm 18, shit. 

Well, for now I'll just work on my novels, including a continuation for Falcon as it sold 21k copies, which made me 24k$, I'm pretty set for when I'm 18. I've no worries until then. Life is great


Never underestimate the power of true love, of sex and of extreme dedication, determination and selflessness in love!



I have a bad feeling though, cause success comes with lots of problems, it's not all sunshine and roses, I'm gonna have to fight off mountains of attractive women, cause what kind of bf or husband would I be if I succumbed to desire when I have such an amazing gf/wife that has done everything for me.

The plan for now is to become a millionaire by the time I'm 20, to have everything set and to barely have to work for the rest of my life.

© Copyright 2020 M.D Knightley. All rights reserved.

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