Blossom of A Curse

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This is my first and only story till now. The ideas just came to my mind and I just wrote it, putting in mind that I'm not a native English so there might be mistakes, if any. This is a
fantasy-love story that I just wanted to share and let people criticize me. Hope you enjoy.

Submitted: December 04, 2017

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Submitted: December 04, 2017



1st Chapter

Once, not so long ago, there was a very polite, delicate, and kind guy living in a small village with his dad. His name was Sean. He was 19 years of age. Sean was a very gentle person who respected people around him especially his own family in which only his dad was left. He was very keen on becoming the top student in his school to make his dad glad and proud. But one day, on Sean's way to school, he saw a bizarre mansion in a far forest near the village that didn't even exist there before. Since then and Sean's life went through a strange series of events that even he... didn't comprehend.

One day, Sean decided, for the first time, to skip school and go explore this strange mansion which appeared all of the sudden in the forest. After a while of walking, he arrived there, and out of the blue, the sun was gone, the sky got dark, and the wind was blowing more fiercely. Sean was afraid at first but he decided that he would not go back after reaching this point and he wanted to see who was in that creepy mansion. After he reached the tremendous gate of the mansion, he attempted to knock it but surprisingly the gate was already opened. He entered the horrifying mansion to find a young sweet girl lying on the floor near her death and tears coming out of her eyes. Sean ran to her in a hurry and when he flipped her over to take a closer look, he found out that she was a vampire! The young girl looked at his eyes as if she was saying her final goodbyes silently. Sean noticed that the mansion was empty... and she was the only one there, far from all others! She was a vampire! So he figured out that the only reason that would lead to her death was the excessive need for blood.

Instantly, Sean took off his shirt and put his neck near her mouth and told her: "drink as much as u can but please live!" The girl was shocked and didn't comprehend what was going on around her so she just bit Sean and drank quite the amount of his own blood. After a short while, the girl began to get her conscience back. When she opened her eyes and saw Sean in front of her, she couldn't believe that a human would do such deed! She was overwhelmed by his tenderness. In fact, deep down, she fell in love with Sean from the first moment; a human! But at the same time she knew that this was wrong and she can't confess such thing because of a specific reason she had deep inside her. Let's take a look at this vampire girl's past:

Back in the days, a vampire family was living in an invisible forest. There was only one girl in this family named Serah. They were living quite the happy and exciting life; going each night hunting humans to suck their own blood in order to live. One day, Serah's father on one of his hunts, raided a little village and took some young girls as food for his own daughter's birthday. They returned from the raid while Serah was asleep and made all the preparations for the birthday of their beloved girl. The time came when Serah woke up and the celebrations began. Then it was time to eat the feast of blood. Just in the moment Serah and her family drank the blood of the hunted girls, lightening began to strike everywhere and a mysterious witch appeared floating in the air inside the mansion. She told the family:" my daughters got slaughtered by you, fiends! My curse shall destroy you all. Behold my might and power. I demand from the depth of hell the death of all this wretched family except that daughter of theirs! She shall be cursed by death if she tried to drink any ordinary person's blood!" 

That was the last thing Serah remembered after the incident. The fact that she drank Sean's blood and didn't die seemed so odd that she thought the curse was a lie! But no... it was not like that. If it was a lie, her family would still be with her right now. And after her moment of seclusion remembering her past, she looked at Sean again surprisingly finding him giving her a curious look. She asked him "what's wrong? Why are you staring at me like that?" Sean replied "It's my first time being near a very beautiful girl like you". Serah blushed and covered her face with her hands telling Sean to leave and never come back to this cursed mansion. Sean smiled telling her "and why would I do that after finding you? I actually want to listen to you and get to know you more. I guess vampires are friendly after all, not like those in legends and myths". Serah was shocked again by Sean's reaction and decided to tell him everything that happened with her. Lots of time had passed while Sean was still in the mansion totally forgetting about what time was it surprisingly finding out that it's nearly midnight. He decided to leave at once and come back to the mysterious girl tomorrow round the same time he came today. But before leaving, he just noticed that he still didn't catch her name so he asked her and she replied happily "my name is Serah". And just at the moment he was telling her his name, she interrupted him with a quite laugh saying "your name is Sean. You don't need to tell me because I already knew by looking at you." Sean smiled with surprise and took his leave, going back home as fast as he can. Just after getting out of the forest, the weather got back to normal again and the moon was shiny in the sky along with the marvelous stars.


2nd Chapter 

On Sean's way home, he had to cover the bite marks on his neck and find an acceptable excuse for being this late. In a short while, he arrived home safely finding his dad grievously waiting for him in the hall. And he took quite the look from his dad to the extent that he got frozen in his place. Sean's dad asked " where were you all day, Sean?" Sean replied "Dad, I'm really sorry for being late but I finished my school then my friends invited me to study with them afterwards. So I went with them and forgot about the time." His dad believed his words because Sean had quite the good manners, so lying wouldn't make any sense. So he told him: "Sean, as long as you are doing something good that benefits you, its' ok if you go with your friends every day after school to study together". Sean was actually very happy to hear that because this was his ticket to visiting the mysterious girl every day with no problems in mind. After finishing his conversation with his dad, Sean went to bed thinking of this day and of course thinking of Serah. He actually took quite the liking to her. While thinking, he had lots of questions in mind after hearing her past such as why Serah didn't die as the witch said after sucking a person's blood? Was the castle really in that place in the forest and he didn’t see it? And also what was up with the weather round the castle? Was it the doing of the witch also? These thoughts had been infesting his mind for all night long that he couldn’t sleep and was waiting patiently till morning to go visit her again.

Finally the awaited moment came and the sun rose in the horizon. Sean got up immediately getting ready to visit her once more. He went down stairs in a hurry looking happy that he didn't even say good morning to his dad nor he ate his breakfast which got his dad a little bit suspicious. He took all the way running to the creepy mansion full of excitement. Sadly when he reached it and entered, he found Serah in a bad shape looking so pale and tired so he figured out that she needed more blood just like the day before… Sean gave her his neck once more letting her take some of his blood in order to stay alive. After a little while she got better and was grateful to Sean once more for what he is doing for her. Then she wondered and asked Sean: "Sean isn’t it dangerous for you to lose that much blood?" He replied "No it's totally okay. Don't worry about it. After all I'm not like any normal person you know or you would have died yesterday if you drank my own blood." Serah was confused but happy. She didn't know what was so special about Sean. So she thought that maybe Sean isn’t like any other human and he was destined to save her from this curse through drinking his own unlimited blood. 

A while later, Sean asked Serah: "Serah, I've been wondering yesterday about how your castle came here in the first place? Do you know by any chance how did you end up in here?" She replied: "the witch did this! After she got rid of all my family by two days, she used her magic to transport the castle into this forest near this village to make me die suffering being near people and not being able to drink any blood!" Sean said: "I'm really sorry to hear that, Serah. Curse this witch! Not only had she done that to you! She also cursed your castle with this horrible demonic weather!" Serah said:" It's okay Sean. What happened can't be undone. What's important now that I'm alive thanks to you saving me and staying by my side." 

Not after so long, Sean asked Serah to come with him to explore this creepy forest together and she happily agreed. They went out from the mansion, running, jumping, enjoying their time even though the place is so horrific and scary, they didn't care as long as they were together. Couples of minutes later, Sean remembered that Serah knew his name without him telling her so he asked her about how she knew his name and she replied: "Don't you know, Sean? Vampires can read minds and hearts!" then he replied:" Oh really? Well I didn't know that. It's not like I met a vampire before!" And after a long day of playing and messing around in the gruesome forest, Sean took his permission from Serah to leave because it was getting late and he didn't want his father to worry about him. He promised her that he would come to her again tomorrow with lots of things to do together. 

Sean retuned home finding everything normal. He sat with his father for a while then went to bed thinking again of the great day he had today. After little while, he fell asleep and a big smile was drawn on his face, waiting for a greater day tomorrow. Six hours later, Sean woke up early packing lots of stuff with him in a big bag. He took with him tennis rackets to play tennis with Serah, he took his smartphone to teach her how to use it and play on it, he took his mp3 player to make her listen to music, and he took some funny old clothes with him. He put the bag outside the house early to prevent his dad from seeing it. Then after an hour his dad woke up and he kissed him telling him that he is going to school now and he took his leave riding his own bike this time. 

Sean got to the mansion finding Serah waiting for him in the balcony then disappearing, running down stairs to receive him. She welcomed him looking too excited to see what he brought with him today. Sean held her hands and took her outside telling her "I'm going to make today a day worth remembering. I Promise that you will enjoy this day so much!" Serah was so pleased to hear that. Then she found Sean getting out two strange wooden pieces out of the bag along with a little ball. He told her that these are tennis rackets and they are used to play a game called tennis. She looked confused and didn’t get anything. Sean explained the game to her and when they wanted to try, Serah failed hard at throwing back any of the balls so she got a little angry, picking up the ball from the ground and hitting it with the racket. Sean looked very amazed as the ball got thrown with a rocket speed disappearing from the horizon! He laughed and told her "good girl! Now you won the game!" He realized that he is dealing with the agility of a vampire here so he probably had no chance in the first place. If she knew how to play the game she might have killed him with a single ball-throw. 

After Serah's great tennis victory, Sean got out his smartphone showing it to her. She got the hang of it in a fair amount of time and she liked the idea that whenever she moves her fingers on it, things move with them so she asked Sean if she could keep it and he surely agreed without any discussions. Even though he knew that his dad will make his life hell, knowing that he lost his phone. And then he got out his 3rd surprise which was the mp3 player. Serah felt absurd listening to this noisy sounds and voices but Sean told her not to worry! All you have to do is listen and dance with the music. She didn't get it or know how to do it so Sean had to show her how it's done! He stood up and began dancing with the music. He actually looked so silly making Serah laugh like insane from the bottom of her heart. He felt so happy that he could make her laugh this much and to make her laugh even more he got out the crazy clothes he brought with him and kept going behind the wall to change then going back to dance with more silly clothes on him. He made her die from laughter that she begged him to stop it at once.

The time got late and Sean had to get going but she interrupted him asking "Sean! What is that strange thing with two wheels?" Sean told her" oh!? This one? That's my bike do you want to take a ride with me for a little while before I go home?" Serah told him that she would surely like to. So he rode his bike and so did she behind him. He kept going around the dark scary forest on his bike and she looked so happy. Then suddenly while they were going back to the mansion, she called Sean's name so he answered with a "yes". She told him: "Sean, I think I'm so fallen in love with you!" Sean was so surprised that he was about to fall from the bike. He stayed silent till they arrived at the mansion again and then before saying goodbye to her, her kneeled before her, holding her hands and kissing them, telling her " And I love you too my princess." She blushed a lot and ran into her outstanding mansion telling him "see you tomorrow, my Prince." 

Sean returned home late after midnight, so full of happiness and joy. When Sean unlocked the door, he found his father waiting him so full of anger without speaking a word. Sean was so afraid that he went straight to bed without speaking a word also. Despite his current situation at home, he felt a great deal of joy, and slept as if he was sleeping in heavens. Sean, on this day, decided that his life belongs to Serah and he will do whatever he can to make her the happiest and make her forget about all the pain and sorrow she went through. He slept happily as usual waiting for tomorrow to come. 10 more days have passed and Sean visited Serah every single day of them, Spending lots of time with her, playing with her, telling her his past and everything about his life. Their bonds grew so strong that they couldn’t live without each other anymore.


3rd Chapter 

Day by day Sean began to get weaker and weaker as Serah was living on his own blood. And it was so noticeable as his skin became yellow and pale. He reacts to his surroundings slower than ever and he could barely do any kind of activities. The joy and happiness he had with Serah made him forget about the blood he lost and how critical his condition was. His father noticed that something was definitely wrong with his son, Sean. So he decided to follow him the next day to see what was going on with his son; what his son was hiding from him. On the next day, Sean woke up and got ready to go to his princess so he began walking and his father was walking right behind him. Sean's father was stunned when he found his son changing his direction from school to the creepy forest near the village! He kept following him till they both arrived at the mysterious mansion. His father was freaked out that he thought his son was possessed by a demon when he saw the change in the weather and the creepy mansion but he didn’t fall back! He kept spying on his son to find out that there is a living girl in this mansion! Furthermore they also love each other and all of that without his knowledge. His father was going insane from the current situation so he took all the way back to their home running in sorrow not knowing how to react.

10 minutes later, after Serah took more blood from Sean, she noticed that he wasn't well and something was wrong with him so she asked him: "Sean, my prince, are you okay?" he replied:" Of course I'm okay! How couldn't I be okay when I'm around my pretty princess?" she seemed happy but worried at the same time. After a period of time, Serah mentioned that she sensed that someone was right behind the gate of the mansion but now he is gone and she said that this person's heart beats was horrifying. Sean said in a worried and surprised voice:" Wow… I didn't know that you can do that also! My princess is a superhero it seems. But who was it at your gate…? No one knows this place except me, Serah!?" Serah seemed confused and she said that she didn't know who he was. Sean got more worried and wanted to leave and go home to check if everything is ok, so he told Serah that he got so tired today and he had to go home to rest and come back tomorrow. And then he took his leave.

In about one hour, Sean got home safely and right after he entered his home, he fell down on the floor from exhaustion trying to look up to find his father standing just in front of him looking angry and furious. And only then, Sean knew that his father was the one spying on them at the mansion and that he knew everything. Then the following conversation took place:

Sean: I'm very sorry dad… please forgive me.

Father: Sean, where were you today?

Sean: I was at the mansion you saw me at, today

Father (gone insane): so you tell me that right now? Being this cold? Like are you for real, son? Or shouldn't I call you that anymore! Now that I see these bite marks on your neck I know that the wretched girl your love is a vampire! Damn you and damn her to hell! You are not my son anymore! She turned you into a demon! She made you her slave, taking your own blood whenever she wants to. Making you leave your education and life to be a mere slave for her. This monster! I'm going to kill her! I will go spoil her blood all over her creepy floor in the mansion. Then I will see what I'm gonna do with you when I get back. 

Sean: Dad! Wait… everything you said was wrong! Please wait! Don't go and listen to me! Please…

(His father went out of the home, on his way to kill Serah. Sean was on the ground and he couldn't move or do anything with his body due to the huge amount of blood he lost in these past days. Sean kept crying so much not knowing what to do in his current state.)

5 minutes later, lightning stroke everywhere in the village and the wind was blowing in a demonic way. Then the mighty evil witch appears in Sean's home, descending from the sky above and then this conversation took place:

Sean (saying in sorrow): You are the wretched witch who took everything from Serah! Why did you do that to her? It's not like she did anything to you! Her family were the ones responsible for your loss not her! Why… why did you cause her this much harm and misery! You didn't make her only lose her family! But you made her lose the ability to live!

Witch: I'm really sorry Sean. You have to listen to what I have to say. I will explain to you everything because there is no much time left.

Sean: If I listen to you… can you please save Serah? And remove her curse?

Witch: No I can't stop the curse… that's actually the reason why I did all of this… because I cannot stop my curse!

Sean: What do you mean you cannot stop the curse!?

Witch: when the vampire family attacked my village I was outside the village searching for food for my daughters. When I came back… I found out that all the villagers were dead and my daughters are missing and I saw the vampires flying with my daughters to their cursed mansion. I was so worried and afraid so I rode my magic sweeper and went to their mansion to find all my daughters slaughtered on their tables being served as a feast for the vampire king's daughter. So I used my powers to take my revenge; I used a forbidden spell on their young girl which kills all her beloved family members instantly and makes her die if she ate anything from someone she doesn't love. According to my spell, she is cursed not to drink any blood from any normal person! And you were not normal… she loved you from the instant she saw you, so you were the only one who had the power to save her.

Sean (replying in sorrow): And why!!!? Why did you curse her with this curse? Just not fair…

Witch: that's why I told you I'm so sorry I didn't mean to harm the little girl… all I thought about was taking my revenge. It made me blind. I realized that after 2 days from casting the curse on her… so I decided to transport her castle in the forest near your village and make it a cursed forest, hoping for someone brave enough in this village to have the courage and go discover the tragedy I did in this mansion to help the poor girl because I couldn't undo my spell so that was the last hope for her.. And then you came and saved her life as I hoped but it was at the expense of your own life power.

Sean: could you please do me a favor?

Witch: I would do anything to undo my mistake… just ask me whatever you want, Sean.

Sean: I want you to curse me with the same curse as her, right now at this moment.

Witch (replying in surprise): … why? Why you want to be cursed? You will lose your family and won't be able to eat again except from someone you truly love… in addition to that this spell only works on vampires… I doubt that it will work on you, Sean! It may kill you!! 

Sean: I do not care! Just do it to me even if I die and my father dies… she will live! I don't want her to die by the hands of my own father who thinks that she is a monster and I'm a demon and not his son anymore!

(At this moment Sean's father was already at Serah's mansion standing in front of her while she was sleeping, holding his knife and ready to kill her without any mercy but suddenly the sky turns red, Sean's father dies and turns to ashes in an instant. Sean screams and loses conscience. Then the witch disappears.)


4th Chapter 

Next morning, the sun rises and the sky is clear and peaceful. Sean lying on the floor opening his eyes slowly feeling weakness spreading all over his body but he can manage to walk at the moment. His house is totally destroyed and everything around him is silent. First thing he thinks of is Serah. So he hurries up and goes to her mansion in the forest to see what happened and if this was a dream or reality!

When he arrives there, he finds her sleeping on her bed and there is a big amount of ash next to her bed on the ground. He realized that this was the result of the curse on his dad. He eyes got filled with tears then he falls on the ground losing conscience. After about 1 hour , Serah wakes up to find her beloved on her floor next to some ash. She kept waking him up and her eyes were raining tears from how much she was worried about him. When Serah turned Sean over… she was shocked to find out that he is now a vampire! And his body is so cold as ice. She immediately gave him her arm and put it near his mouth crying, telling him "please drink from my blood, Sean! Please don't leave me alone. You are the only thing left for me in this life. I don't know what happened yesterday or how you turned to a vampire but please live for me." Sean didn't reply so she hugged him and kept crying and screaming over his body repeating "Please Sean, wake up." 

5 minutes later, her beloved Prince moves, holding her arm, biting it and drinking from her blood saying "I missed you, my beautiful demonic princess" she smiled laughing, not believing what she is hearing, saying " I missed you too, my brave handsome vampire." then they kissed each other. Afterwards, Sean told Serah everything that happened the day before and told her the real story behind the witch and explaining in sorrow his father's reactions and how did it all end up. And then, this final conversation took place:

Serah: But my prince who will give me blood now? You turned to a vampire like me! 

Sean: Haha, I think we will just keep drinking from each other's blood whenever one of us gets hungry! We are immortal now aren't we?

(Like that, Sean and Serah got married and lived happily ever-after till the very end of their limitless life. At the end, even though Sean was so happy with his new immortal life and wife, there was a very deep scar in his heart due to the loss of his father and this scar will stay with him for the endless amount of time he lives in this life.)



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