Asylum for the Brave

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic

Can you see through that fox you ignore? For how long will be putting ourselves at fault for something we didn't do...

Submitted: May 29, 2018

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Submitted: May 29, 2018



The pain doesn't stop...You still pour guilt on me...

I don't know who I am. You never let me find out.

Place your crimes on me if it will make the judgment to seem fair.

Why can't you be happy for once??? You have everything you need in life and still, find a way to show your pain from years ago. Pain that didn't affect you at all!

But you hold on to that image. Everyone at fault.

Every time...Something has to be wrong with something. Yelling and blaming.

Now I know my life worth something! I know I have something special in me, other than obeying you!

When will I find the courage to face you? to tell you about my loneliness and how much you didn't give a damn if it didn't have to do with money.

You took every penny I had and left my wallet empty. Finally, When I'm away from you I can enjoy buying a bottle of water in the summer heat...

It has been 20 years and still you didn't try to look at yourself and realize how much pain and sorrow you bring to me.

Mom, after the years of the mental and psychological abuse, I can see how much of a toxic person you are, I'm done feeling guilty about not washing some dishes...

Every time I see you from afar I want to run far away. When you call for the 3rd time in one hour just to ask what I'm doing, when you know I'm studying, I feel like I fell in the mud. I can't focus and depression found its way to me again. My soul can't handle that darkness of your voice, I need to get away from you, further away...

There's a black hole in me, a hole no one can close. A lack of mothers love can crush your soul and mind...Loneliness is my mother now.

Who is that woman think she is when she talks so bad to me?

In my time of need, I didn't need her 10$...I needed her love and support.

Never once she said she's proud of me, of the good person I am, of how I never gave her any trouble as a child...

But the neighbors tell her she did a good job with me.

If you ask me she didn't do anything other than insulting and pushing me away.

And soon she will be calling and yelling that I forgot her because I got my life in order and I live well.

Where instead of supporting she only finds negativity...

You know what's her favorite "song"?

"Be grateful that I gave you money"

And then she will wonder why I went so far away.

Finally, I could focus on music and writing, creating and finally being able to wake up and not worry about what she's gonna say when she calls.

It's the worse have a mother that doesn't love you back, so you hide.

I need to be brave and be in a safe place...

I got nothing to lose anymore.


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