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Join the club
Album- Black Guitar

Submitted: May 15, 2017

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Submitted: May 15, 2017



Join The Club

I cover my eyes to the sight of you and the things you do


It’s not a knife and not a gun

It didn’t hurt as much as hearing that you’re not the one


I stand in front of a mirror

Still can’t see any clearer

I don’t know who I am

Used too much sarcasm


I was nice but you drived me insane

After all those games I finally lost my brain


Now that I’m no longer here

How can you play the puppeteer?


Too Bad (I’m Dead) No longer around

No one to put the crown

Too small

Too big

For her it surly won’t fit…


I was a good girl but you push too far

Now she’s in a bar acting bizarre

All she wanted is to become a star

Now it’s her and the Black Guitar…


Dancing on her fancy car…

It’s just her and the Black Guitar

I know you’re the same

Grab the mic’ and join the club…

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