Sunshine Girl

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Sometimes you just want to be that beautiful sunshine, the girl who walks by on the street and causes people to stop and stare. Give her that glance as she draws people in like a magnet. But sometimes you are a sunshine that catches things on fire instead, and you're left with piles of ashes you have no idea what to do with. Sometimes what you think you want isn't what you want at all.

Submitted: January 26, 2016

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Submitted: January 26, 2016



Tabula Rasa,

You remind me to wipe the slate and get the car ready

To clean the mess off my fucking plate

Which—by the way, how long exactly

Has it been sitting there in the sink?


I honestly don’t know love,

Too long for me to care

I suppose.


All that matters

Is that you still love me

Even with these flaws.


All that matters is that you love me

Even when you’re preoccupied

Head way up in the clouds

Dreaming of a sunshine girl.


I wish I could be your sunshine,

Instead I am a winter moon

On a dark road covered in black ice

Reflecting back the gathering storm clouds.


I am frigid,

I am a blizzard.


And even if your sunshine girl existed

She’d exist only to feast

On your life force like a vampire

Then stare miles into the distance

As your blood drips down her chin

Waiting for you to die

Before moving on.


Sometimes sunshine

Can be the thing that kills you.


Still you wait…

In clouds thin like smoke

From the forest fires I ignited

The moment I decided

To burn it all down.


Sometimes even the winter moon

Can burn with the fire of sunshine.


So here I am burning

On the day I decided

To burn everything in my path

Right the fuck down

Like a California wildfire. 



I wonder.


Maybe love is only real

When you can burn it alive,

When the pain slowly rots

Your heart away.


Because still you sit for her

Ignoring as I sit here watching

And burning,

Flames rising like an inferno

Watching while you're waiting

Not seeing how I am yearning

For you to toss me just one glance.


The only thing capable

Of dousing these flames. 


© Copyright 2019 M.H. Parabola. All rights reserved.

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