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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Thrillers  |  House: Booksie Classic
Lizzie Landon is an average girl, who lives a pretty normal life.That is until she meets an enigmatic man with stalker like tendencies... Find out what happens on 12/12/12 and how Lizzie will deal with her life being flipped upside down.

Submitted: May 10, 2015

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Submitted: May 10, 2015




Lizzie Landon sat in her living room wrapped up in her favorite wool blanket, cup of tea in hand with her laptop propped up the arm of the couch, right in the middle of her nightly routine of scrolling through Facebook and half watching whatever was on TV. She glanced over at the window and watched for a few moments as the snow began to fall, a slight smile forming as the snow quickly built up and glistened under the moonlight. Lizzie became so absorbed in watching the snow flurries swirl around outside that she barely noticed her message notification. *Ding! Ding!* She turned her attention back to the computer screen and opened the chat box. 

"Hey beautiful. 

How are you tonight?"

"Great, another random creep" she thought.

Exhausted from her day at work, Lizzie had no desire to entertain the idea of even responding but something compelled her to do so anyway. 

"Hi? Sorry, but who are you anyway?"

"Oh, sorry. Im Chelsea's cousin Adrien.

I saw you commented on a lot of her posts, thought you were cute"

"Well thanks I guess?"

"Anytime... so how long have you and Chelsea been friends?"

"Oh weve been friends for a few years...
funny that weve never met before"

"Well Im usually pretty busy with work and stuff, dont see the family too much"

Lizzie began to think chatting with Adrien might not be so bad after all. 

'Hes my best friends cousin, probably harmless...I guess I should at least be nice to the guy'

"Yeah I feel you there, I work quite a bit too"

"What do you do?"

"I own a Bridal Shop, that takes up a lot of time. Its either really busy this time of year or really business is dead"


"I guess, and what do you do?" 

"Oh, this and that. Nothing interesting"

"Ok? Well it was nice chatting but I should get to bed, long day tomorrow."

"Okay... well is it ok if I message you again sometime?"

Lizzie closed her laptop before seeing the last message, grabbed her tea and headed upstairs to bed. 

The next morning Lizzie awoke to the sound of her phone going off.

*Ding Ding Ding!*

She rolled over and sighed. A wave of annoyance swept over her as she saw the time. 

'Seriously? Who in the hell... its six in the freaking morning' she grumbled. 

Once her eyes adjusted to the bright screen Lizzie saw that Adrien had sent her almost ten messages. 

"You never answered my question last night
did I do something wrong
why wont you answer me
do you hate me?
why wont you talk to me again

'Jesus what a creep' Lizzie thought as she exed out of the message box and hopped out of bed.

'Im already up, might as well head to the shop early today' she thought. 

Lizzie got dressed , finished her morning routine and headed out the door. Minutes later she pulled up to her shop and spotted a piece of paper taped to the front door. 

"Ugh, probably another bill..." she muttered to herself. 

As she walked up to the door she realized it wasnt a bill but a note. 

The note was short and typed.  

"It's not very nice to ignore people Lizzie."

Lizzie peeled the note off the door, crumpled it and tossed it into the trash. She swung open the door and stepped inside. She set up shop and soon forgot about the note. Passing it off as a coicidence or a prank. 

She breezed through her appointments, and was about to close up the shop when she heard the bell that hung over the door chime, followed by the heavy door slamming shut. 


"Hi, welco-"

"Hello Lizzie."

"Hello, I was just about to close up but is there anything I can help you with?"

"You could return my messages to start."

"Excuse me? What are you talking about, Ive answered all my messages" she replied as she glanced at her answering machine.

"No No Lizzie... I dont think you understand. Its not very nice to ignore people"

It took Lizzie almost a full minute to realize who she was talking to. As her mouth dropped open

Adrien took a step closer and winked, a sly smile crept across his face. 

"Adrien? I - Im sorry, I didnt get your messages."

"Oh now Lizzie, dont lie to me. I know you got my messages. I know you got my note too."

"How did you know that?"

"We dont need to go into details now, its not important. What is important is that youre ignoring me. Even after I was so nice to you."

"We only talked for like ten minutes, ONE time... look, it doesnt matter,youre making me uncomfortable, please leave."

"I really dont think you want me to leave,sweetheart."

The tone of his voice made Lizzies skin crawl. She felt her anxiety building as her eyes darted around the shop, looking for a way out. When she realized there was no easy way to get past him, she finally mustered up the courage to respond. 

"Sweetheart? No, you need to leave right now. I dont know you okay, and you can bet Ill be telling Chelsea about this."

Adriens brash look fell and he backed away from Lizzie. He tuned his back and headed for the door, just before stepping out of the shop he called to Lizzie : 

"Fine, you win... this time."


Lizzie stood in the middle of her shop with her hand to her chest, her heart racing. She took a deep breath, grabbed her things and locked up the store. Her eyes shifted around the parking lot, she clutched her purse and jogged to her car. She hopped in and keeled out of the paring lot, tire marks burning into the ground. She booked it home and ran inside slamming the door behind her. 

Still shaken from the earlier events, Lizzie decided it was best to get right into her nightly routine of tea and TV. She changed and bundled herself up in her favorite blanket and switched on the TV. After channel surfing for what seemed like forever, Lizzie found herself drifting off to sleep. 

Lizzie shot up from her couch as her phone rang. When she came to, she saw that the call was from an unknown number. She swiped her finger across the screen and ended the call. Just as she was about to set her phone down, it rang again. The same number flashed on the screen.

She stared at it, pondering the thought of answering. Minutes had gone by and the phone still rang, and rang rang. She gave in and accepted the call.

"Hello?" She snapped.

"Lizzie, Lizzie, Lizzie... what am I gonna do with you?" 

"Adrien, what do you want?"

"Thats simple Lizzie, I want you."

"Well you cant have me so why dont you just leave me alone"

Lizzie hung up the phone and dialed Chelsea. 


"Hey Chelsea, uh... this is kinda awkward but your cousin Adrien messaged me on facebook last night, which is fine I mean... well... hes acting  really creepy and I just want him to leave me alone I mean we only talked for-"

"Woah Lizzie slow down. What did you say his name was?"


"Liz, I dont have a cousin named Adrien... is this a joke or what? Quit playing..."

"No, no way this guy said he was your cousin and hes been practically stalking me since last night!"

"Damn, hang in there. Im on my way over."


Lizzie soon heard a knock at the door. Lizzie approached the window next to the front door and peaked through the curtains. She sighed in relief as she saw Chelsea standing on the steps outside. Lizzie unlocked the door and pulled Chelsea into the living room. 

"Im so glad youre here Chels, Ive been on edge since last night."

"Hey thats what friends are for,right? Tell me what happened hun."

"Well he messaged me the night before last, and I mean, that was fine he seemed relatively normal. Said he was your cousin and saw me commenting on your Facebook posts all the time.

So Im like okay, he must be harmless then. We had a short conversation and I wake up yesterday to almost ten messages from him asking why I wasnt answering and that I was being rude for ignoring him."

"Wow, thats REALLY sketchy, but I mean cant you just block him or something?"

"I wish I could block him from coming to my freakin store!"

"Wait, he came to your store?! How did he know where you worked? Did you tell him?"

"No! All I told him was that I owned a Bridal Shop and worked a lot, how he figured out where I worked AND my phone number, I dont know but hes getting super creepy super fast."

Chelsea leaned over and put her arms around Lizzie for a hug. Lizzie rested her head on

Chelseas shoulder and sighed.

"You think Im overreacting Chels?" 

"I dont know Liz, I mean try blocking him? Maybe hell get the message. And if he keeps bothering you then call the police."

"Yeah, okay."

Lizzie pulled up Adriens profile and hit 'BLOCK'. She then opened her text messages and blocked his number  in hopes that if he couldnt contact her online or by phone hed eventually get the message she wasnt interested. 

"There, blocked. I really hope I dont hear from that slimeball again."

Chelsea gave a sympathetic smile and pat Lizzie on her back.

"Everything will be fine, I wouldnt worry about it anymore. Hes probably some loser with nothing better to do but bother people."

"Yeah, I hope youre right. Thanks."


Chelsea glanced at her phone and shot up.

"Oh crap, Im sorry Lizzie! Im gonna be late for my appointment."

Chelsea bent down and gave Lizzie a quick peck on the cheek as she headed for the door.

"Ill check on you later, ok? Youll be fine!"


Chapter 3
Lizzie rose from the sofa and headed to the kitchen to try and calm herself with her usual cup of peppermint tea. As Lizzie filled her tea press with hot water she glanced up at the window in front of the sink. Lizzie dropped the press, shattering it. She let out a shriek and stumbled backwards. Staring back at her was Adrien, a look of intent and focus written across his face. 

© Copyright 2020 M.J. Chatterton. All rights reserved.

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