a day to be remembered

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im posting this because i want feedback on my story, i would really apreciate it this is my first story and im 13 years old

Submitted: April 17, 2016

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Submitted: April 17, 2016



A day to be remembered


 -a voice: ¡Alastair, Wake up its show time! (The unknown man suddenly picks Alastair up from his bed 

and throws him to the floor,)

-Alastair: There is no need to be rude! (the unknown man proceeds to carry Alastair to a place)

-A voice: You have 5 minutes to choose your armor so stand up and get ready scumbag

-Alastair:(Alastair thinks to himself) what have I done to get here god, right now I prefer to be dead rather than being here listening to random aliens that are about to kill me, fortunately I was teached sword fighting,


Chapter 1

In the year 1830 in a farm at London, a married couple which were owners of the farm lived there, their names were Sir Edward and Madame Alice, they lived peacefully on their farm, one day while Edward was preparing a cup of coffee something strange happened

-Alice: Edward Come here now!!

-Edward: I’m coming! (Edward thought for himself) What could this be I hope nothing bad happened to my Alice...,

-Alice:(Edward arrived) Look at that! what could it be!

-Edward:I really can’t tell honey

What they were looking at indeed was an alien ship, never seen before and it was about to drop something in their crop field

-Edward: They are trying to take our crops! Take the guns and whatever you can use as armor, I will keep an eye on that strange vapor car

-Alice:(Alice goes to the basement searching for guns and ammo)Whatever I see could ne useful

-Alice:(Alice lights a candle) Edward help me with this!

-Edward:(Edward arrives) Carry the guns I will carry the armor

-We have to go now!!

Without knowing what was the alien ship the couple thought that it was a strange kind of vapor vehicle, they thought it was from another place in the world that the European society didn’t know about and that they were stealing their supplies for their people, they both go to the drop zone to protect the crops

-Edward:(both arrive near the drop zone) get ready Alice, this could get dangerous

Suddenly the crate fell down, after that the alien ship disappeared without leaving a piece of evidence that it was there. It is unknown what happened to the ship after that, Alice and Edward went near the crate, but when they opened it there was a simply a human baby, the baby looked like 1 month old and had a strange mark on his left arm, similar to a tribal mark,

-Alice :it looks like it is a boy Edward, can we adopt it I always wanted a baby

-Edward:(Edward starts to wonder if it is worth the risk or not) I think he is not a normal human baby, he can one day kill us if we raise him

-(baby starts to laugh)

-Alice: Aww look at him Edward he is so cute we should adopt it just think about it, you are  deserectile and we always wanted a baby, we sure can raise a lovely baby to be a lovely family, I think we should name him Alastair

-Edward: you know what Alice I think you are right we should adopt him there cant be anything bad that can happen to us, so yeah lets carry the guns, armor and Alastair to the house

-alright, I’m so happy we finally have a baby!!


Chapter 2

The couple lived happily in their farm with their new baby Alastair but no one seemed to know what the mark on the left arm of the baby was so they assumed it was a just a birth mark, Edward and Alice wanted the baby to study in the national school of London but after some days alastair already knew how to talk and multiply, something strange for humans, alastair also grew faster than humans, so the copuple decided to take alastair to a doctor.

-Edward: So doctor what is the state of Edward, is he healthy? He already knows how to multiply and measures 1,18 meters but only has 1 month of age

-Doctor: this is truly an unknown case, I could relate this with growth problems but his IQ is way to high and it would be abnormal for a baby to be like this, the only thing I could say about his case is that he is not a human.

-Alice: this can’t be doctor!! He looks like a human and acts like a human!! Tell him Alastair, tell him that you are a human, you are like us!!

-Alastair: I don’t know mom I don’t remember what my life used to be before I meet you both

-Edward: I think he may not be a human but if he acts like one for me he is

-Alice: This cant be… he looks like a human but he is not, what species could he be?

-doctor: this is an unknown species, I think he is from another planet


The family could not tell anyone that alastair came from an alien ship otherwise, the government would take him for scientific purposes

-Alice: I think we should just deal with alastair not being a human.

-Edward: (Alastair’s mark starts to shine) Doctor what I this!?!?!?

-Doctor: I don’t know this was supposed to be a birth mark isn’t it!!!

-Alastair: What is happening to me? Is something wrong?

-Alice: alastair is this something normal for you?

-Alastair: yes it is mom

-Alice: what usually happens when your mark shines?

-Alastair: nothing but it started to get really scratchy and sometimes it makes a green water

-Doctor: just to make sure that its not his blood we have to make a little cut somewhere in his body.

-Edward: Alright doctor everything for Alastair’s health

-Alice: it think the same

-Doctor: alright, this is not going to hurt, its just going to hurt a little bit(starts cutting Alastair’s  right hand

-alastair: (gasps because of the pain)

The blood droped by alastair has a red color just like a human, after this the couple goes home and then send alastair to a middle school twelve days after this event just to make alastair some new friends, in middle school alastair enjoyed the sword fighting classes that were available in the middle school, there he learned how to use a sword correctly

Chapter 3

Years have passed since the arrival of alastair to planet earth, the mark still glows but doesn’t exert the green liquid anymore, alastair know looks like a 24-year-old man and works for the farm with his parents, he has improved his sword fighting skills and created a sword fighting style based on reacting to your opponent’s movements to counter it but its yet to be named, one while celebrating his birthday something happened.

-Edward: Happy birthday alastair I hope you enjoy this day

-Alice: Look what I have bringed to you, your favorite cake, a chocolate cake!!

-alastair: thanks mother I really appreciate what you have brought to me ass a gift

-Alice: don’t worry son I do this for you and your hard work you have done

-Edward: how old are you son?

-alastair: I am 3 years old

- Edward: it sure has been a lot of time since the time you came to us

-Alice and alastair: indeed

-Alastair: so who else is coming to my birthday besides you both?

-Edward: uncle john and Alice’s mother

-Alastair: I have not heard of them until now

-Alice: they are trust worthy people, my mother is a really greatfull person who tries to help everyone that she can, I really admire her and want to be just like them

-Edward: uncle john is someone who thinks hard work is something that will pay off always, he treated me like his own because im adopted if you didn’t know, similar like you alastair but I was born from another human being

-Alastair: Really? I didn’t knew that until know father

-Edward: now you do


-Edward: What are you talking about john we ar-


-Alice: mom is that true?

-Margaret: yes it is, barricade everything!!

-Edward: Alastair go gather the guns, Alice go and make some cover, Margaret wood and tools and john help me barricade

-Everyone: yes sir!!

-Alastair: (goes down stairs) What could this be? I hope its not something bad, maybe they are one of my kind(picks the guns and armor) we are kind of out of bullets we have like 100 bullets for 3 guns but we can use our axes for cutting wood as weapons, the only big problem is that we have just one breastplate, we also have a gun for contacting the military, this is great!!(hears a sudden explosion sound up stairs), im coming!!

-john: (Alastair goes up stairs) god thank you are here!! Those monsters are already attacking us hand me that gun!!!

-alastair: (hands gun to john and Edward) im going up stairs!!

-Alastair: (fires gun for the military) we will have some help soon…

After firing the gun an explosion is present down stairs, alastair is ready to protect alice and Margaret but unfortunately the aliens kill them in an instant without any mercy,


(alastair attacks the aliens)

Alastair engages the aliens with his axe, he swings his axe just like a sword and manages to kill an alien effortlessly btu then an alien grabs alastair so antother alien can repeatedly punch him before breaking free just to swing his axe into an alien, then four more aliens shoot with a weird pistol, looking like a toy gun to paralyze him to then punch him until he blanks out.

Chapter 4

Alastair wakes up in an strange place not knowing it was an alien ship, he then realizes that he is locked in a cell with multiple people and some aliens

-Alastair: (he thinks for himself) what is this place, it has high technology and other humans, What this cant be, they have the same mark as me!! It means that im not the only one of this species but it seems that they speak different languages but nothing that I have heard before,

-Someone in the cell: hey what’s your name?

-Alastair:(Alastair thinks) hey he speaks English and he probably is from England just like me!!

-Someone in the cell: are you just going to stay there without saying a thing?

-Alastair: I’m sorry my name is Alastair and what is yours?

-Shaun: my name is shaun and you seem to be the only one to understand me and also speak my language, the rest of people come from hydra-1

-Alastair: what is hydra-1?

-Shaun: What you don’t know what griffon 1 is? It is the planet where we come from

-Alastair: I am not from hydra-1 shaun I am from planet earth.

-Shaun: I think that is the reason that you were not with the rest of us when the malir invaded

-Alastair: wait, what are we?

-shaun: you really don’t know anything don’t you? You are an triclop sent from hydra-2 to trade with the human kind, what happened to you

-Someone in the cell: (speaks gibberish)

-shaun: oh that’s right I remember your ship was from hydra-3 and you are from hydra-2 I remember

-Alastair: you are really confusing me right now with the hydras and triclops and everything you are talking about, I am confused with the fact that you all speak diferent languages yet still understand each other, I am confused that you and me are the only human like creatures but we all have the same mark,

-shaun: ok we are the triclops, a species with an unknown origin, we live in a planet named hydra with two factions each taking half of the planet, hydra-2 and hydra-3, we have 3 vital organs, our heart, our marum or the mark in our arms and our brain but there are diferent kinds of triclops, the mark is put in there so we know you are a triclop and it glows because it means that you are growing

-alastair: were are we going?

-shaun: we are going to the stadium of ragnarok so we can fight for the future of the universe or in other words what race would gobernate the universe

After this encounter with one of his kind, alastair could not believe what shaun was telling him, an alien guard arrives to the cell of them to then break them free, when the group went out they were at the stadium of ragnarok to determine the future of the universe thought alastair had to make a hard decision, to fight for the human race or to fight for the triclops

Chapter 5

After landing on the stadium alastair saw many kinds of species but no humans at all, alastair was worried about john and Edward as they were the only family they had but he also disovered his own kind, the triclops, when they arrived to the stadium the alien guards threw everybody at the floor knoking them out because the representants have to know that the guards are superior but this plan did not work out, alastair was sent to a room full of a big variety of weapons he could choose from

-Alien guard: ¡Alastair, Wake up its show time! (The Alien guard suddenly picks Alastair up from his bed 

and throws him to the floor,)

-Alastair: There is no need to be rude! (the unknown man proceeds to carry Alastair to a place)

-Alien guard: You have 5 minutes to choose your armor so stand up and get ready scumbag

-Alastair:(Alastair thinks to himself) what have I done to get here god, right now I prefer to be dead rather than being here listening to random aliens that are about to kill me, fortunately I was teached sword fighting, there are a lot of weapons that I don’t know, I shall test them out,

Then a human girl comes in the room to salute alastair she was well dressed and managed to escape the prison

-Girl: hello what is your name?

-Alastair: what’s yours?

-Elizabeth: my name is Elizabeth

-Alastair: what are you doing here shouldn’t you be in your armory cell thing?

-Elizabeth: actually yes I should but I escaped managing to come here as fast as I could, you will see I am a human, and I know that you are the other representant of the human race but you were talking with shaun about helping the triclops so I naturally came here to ask you f you could help the human race because to be honest I don’t know if I can handle everyone out there alone

-Alastair: I don’t know I really need to think about it I would really love to visit hydra but I have to protect my family, but they are already dead because those stupid alien idiots…

-Elizabeth: come on I need the time the guards are searching for me tell me quick!!

-Alien guard: you have one minute!!

-Alastair: I don’t know pick whatever weapon you see you could use and we should get out of here as fast as possible

Alastair and Elizabeth go out of the room to the stadium

-Alien guy: (whistles loudly)

-Elizabeth: Gasp…..

-Alastair: we should part ways or the guards will think that we were having sexual relations

-Elizabeth: you are right


After the meeting with Elizabeth alastair picked a sword and Elizabeth picked a spear they go to the stadium to battle in the stadium

-Alien announcer: It is time for the battle of ragnarok an event that will decide the fate of the universe, we have here over 20000 different species t¿and 3 million years in the battleground, who will win? No one really knows but what we know up to now is that this shall be a day to be remember,

-Alastair: I hope that nothing bad happens to no one, I don’t want to kill anyone in here but if I have to I will

-shaun: I hope alastair helps us to make the triclops great again

-elizabeth: alastair better be on my side for the human species, I think he is beautiful



The crowd is starting to roar to see who will win, this will decide what race will rule the universe, alastair starts with his katana waiting for someone to attack him which happens earlier that he thought someone would but he quickly counters it and kills the alien, he sees everyone fighting and tries to locate shaun and Elizabeth, he quickly runs to the center of the battlefield slaying anything that comes across, in the center he couldn’t locate neither Elizabeth or shaun so he keeps killing merciless aliens to search for them, an alien the attacks alastair from the back so the other two aliens can ram him into the ground, alastair quickly slays the three of them but when standing up he is assaulted by a giant alien, alastair evades the attack and teams up with other aliens to kill the beast, when  there were less than 10 warriors he started looking for shaun and elizbeth, he then encountered being about to be killed, he then freezed for a split second but for him it was an eternity. To help the ones with which you grew up with or to help your people, it is really a hard decision to make


-Shaun: YOU SON OF A-( shaun gets killed by an alien)

-Alastair: (kills the alien) all right we should kill the rest of the aliens to tehn rule the universe with the our own,

After this event the universe was set for the rest of time, the human kind would rule the universe, alastair married, Elizabeth and then ruled the universe althought they were running the risk of the triclops invading them but actually no, shaun was a socially-rejected triclop which killed for fun, alastair would most likely died I he teamed up with shaun the impostor, after this shaun died after 6 years due to his fast growing, one f his sons named zerk ruled the land then they lived happily ever after, the end

© Copyright 2018 M.Lopez. All rights reserved.

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