Reuniting; Three years down the line

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This short story is about me going home for the first time in three years. It takes you through the diffrent emotions that i felt.

Submitted: October 24, 2011

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Submitted: October 24, 2011





It was early, at least by summer standards. I had counted the seconds down for months, so the term “too early” was virtually nonexistent. I had had it all visualized, how I would react when I first saw them; burst into tear, relief would flow within the walls of my veins, and finally, for once, for the first time in three year, be able to live the simplicities of life so many often took for granted. And yes, I was going to Europe, a place many only dream to visit, but to me it was much more than many could even begin to understand. It was my home and my family and so the journey began to give a whole new purpose and meaning to my favorite quote. “There are places where memories live forever, and there are people who make it all worthwhile, we may spend our whole lives apart forever, but it’s here we know we had it all”. I would do just that.

The plane was full, screaming children from every direction, and dozens of other passengers struggling to fit their oversized luggage in the tiny overhead cabin. It wasn’t then till I realized that this was actually happening, and that in thirty minutes I would be flying over the Mississippi River, heading toward Memphis, where we would persist to get on what seemed like a jumbo jet. The wait was agonizing; my nerves were charging like the electrons’ and protons in a chemical reaction, and this was it. This is what I wanted more than any other thing I had ever wanted. We were on our way, but circumstances choose to complicate things.

With our dirt cheap flight tickets in hand and tiny luggage strolling behind us, we checked on the status of our flight, only to find that it had been delayed for two hours. The airport was old, small, and had that unpleasing vintage feel to it, not exactly a place I wanted to spend the next five hours of my life, but convinced myself that it was worth it, after all, I would be sitting in the same room as my family in twenty-four hours. Something I hadn’t yet experienced during my teen years, but I wasn’t too ecstatic at the next ten hours of sitting in one position either. Even then I made sure to have my three books of Sudoku on me, my iPod, and some sleeping pills so that I would look somewhat less of a zombie when we landed in Amsterdam. Yet there were always the bright prevalent city lights, visible from 37,000 feet below in the very dead of the night which quenched me from boredom.  It was somewhere around midnight, I was tired, and the next time I would wake up I would be flying through a different time zone. I soon drifted off into a soothing sleep.

Waking up to a sudden shaking of the plane, my dad was there to assure me it was only turbulence, which put me a slight ease.  I glanced out the window to find the sun right in my face, and the sight was breathtaking, miles of white clouds in every direction, with the vast Atlantic Ocean restless underneath.  Yet I couldn’t go back to sleep, I refused to. I needed to see the views of the first miles of land underneath me. I wasn’t going to miss my chance, even if it meant I would be severally exhausted later on. I gave up after a while, clouds of white just didn’t appeal to me anymore.

Arriving in Amsterdam was a sense of relief; we had just been immobile for the last 10 hours, and completely drained of energy. We had our fingers and toes crossed that nothing else would go wrong with our flight, but stared in disbelief when our flight had been canceled.  It was already dawn in Amsterdam and the hopes of catching another flight were out of question. We would have to spend the night, catching our flight the next morning. At least it meant one good thing, well maybe two; hot showers and a bed to sleep on. The weather was ugly; it was foggy, rainy, cold, just the total opposite of the summers in Texas. However, we were too exhausted and brain dead too even fully stay awake. After taking nice long showers, and tasting every type of food they offered in the buffet, we dozed off for the night. 

The next morning was there before I could fully notice, as my internal clock was still set seven hours back. But I had no problem getting up and ready, this day would mean the world to me, but also to my family. We got to the airport and got bombarded with yet another two hour delay, but this time it didn’t matter. My brain was too preoccupied with how I would react when I first saw my family. I was excited, I was going to a place in this world where I could let go of all the negativity, not have to worry about who I am, and just be myself for the next three weeks, expressing my gratitude to those who were rarely a part of my reality. I couldn’t possibly ask for more.

The plane ride was short and sweet, and I again refused to close my eyes for even a split second, it was too much to risk. The views below me were amazing; I gazed in beauty as I saw the vast green forests and endless twisting lakes. My home spanned for miles below me, the land of the Czech Republic. Just then, a tear ran down my face, a tear of joy, a tear that I would never forget.

I tried to put myself back together, all eyes were on me as to why I was in tears, but that too didn’t matter. We got off the plane. The weather was ugly, but rain always seemed to put me in that calm soothing mood. We went to pick up our bags and pushed through the doors at which there were others awaiting the arrival of family and friends. I looked around, trying to see if I had recognized anyone.  Memories of my past went unrecognized in the present of that day. I felt a tap on the back of my shoulder, only to turn around to someone hugging me. Their body heat warmed the air around me, and before I could look there was another tear down my face. I finally looked into her face, and both of us burst into tears and laughter with some of my other family close behind. There was a sense of relief in me, I didn’t have to wish or imagine this day anymore, now I could finally live it.

A good fifteen minutes passed by, I reunited with the rest of my family, giving lots of hugs, kisses, and countless weeps of joy. I couldn’t process how I felt about that moment, there was a thousand emotions bouncing within me , but I knew I was happy, I was with the world’s most important people, I was at home, and this was what I daydreamed about for the past year. Everything was perfect; everything was finally falling into its right place.  The next three weeks would be catching up and reliving three years worth of lost time and precious memories. Despite the fact the journey to get there was completed, a whole new set of life long memories were about to begin. Every second of those three weeks would be a memory and I still remember every memory made of that three weeks. My purpose was fulfilled, and for the first time in a long time, the sensation of peace had taken over. 

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