Malala's game over

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It is Linked to Pakistan.

Malala's game over Malala's game over(Malala is a young social activist from Pakistan) a man shouting these lines entered into a public bus and hijacked attention of all the passengers. he had bundles of news papers in his hand by watching anyone can realize he was selling that news paper.but how malals game over?
in less than 5 minutes almost all the bus passengers bought that news paper. the worth of that paper was 5 rupees and unfortunately it was oldest paper of Karachi. there was a prominent headline on that paper which was mentioning Malalas book faces banned in Kpk (Khyber pakhtoon khoa) a province of Pakistan.
does this really means that Malalas game over? off course No. after reading this news item every one in the bus was looking sad the thrill on there faces was finsihed.infact many of the passengers didn't read rest of the news paper.
here the question arises why that seller was shouting like Malalas game over? because he was a smart man he was smart ! because he had knew over society well he had new that over society is keen of sensation, he had known that our society is addicted to breaking news, he had known that over country is best place for selling conspiracy theories.
that sales man left the bus and all the passengers forgot what happened few minutes before as we forget our history.i am still thinking why that man needed a conspiracy to sell his news paper which was only of 5 rupees? why he was lieng why he was creating sensation for no reason ?  the answer is because we all are addicted of it, we are addicted of sensational news.
not last but least if a newspaper seller needs sensation for selling it then how much sensation and yellow journalism a news channel requires to sell its Air time?
As far as Malala is concerned off course her game will never over. what she is doing? she is working for the betterment of Pakistan she is working to build soften image of Pakistan in whole world she is working to educate poor girls of pakistan the girls who will teach our upcoming generation!
I hope one day over thoughts would be change and we would start,loving,about over heroes in their lives as we usually do after there last try to feel proud of a father who says"I am one of the few fathers who is known by my daughter, And I am proud of it. - Ziauddin Yousfzai father of Malala Yousufzai.

M.Mohsin Shahbaz

Submitted: March 22, 2014

© Copyright 2021 m0hsin. All rights reserved.

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