Grendel's Boast

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A poem based on Beowolf, and written in old english. Originally for an English creative assignment.

Submitted: September 21, 2012

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Submitted: September 21, 2012




Grendel's Boast

Master, ruler of hell-risen beasts,

I am Grendel, son of the devil-wed,

who is mother of many fatherless creatures.

I was delivered from the deepest depths of hell,

and come from the cursed Cain's clan. 5

I lay in wait, a God-cursed beast,

a banished monster, a shadow-stalker.

I have suffered extremes, biding my time,

and my patience was finally finely rewarded

as I set out to see how the Ring-Danes were settled,10

all drunken and asleep, dead to the world.

I leashed out and gave a new meaning to havoc,

elated and exalted, triumphant and inflamed,

snatched thirty men, and stealthily snuck back

with the butchered corpses, prosperous prizes.15

So I, the terror-spinner, corpse-reaper and curse-bringer

haunted the grandest halls after dark,

reaping the Danes for a full twelve winters,

days filled with joy, bounty and bliss.

Yet I have heard whispers of Geats 20

and their 'wonderful' warrior, meaning to be

a match for me. His name, I hear,

is Beowulf, and claims to have done much.

But for all his prideful, pointless boasts,

he truly is no match for me. 25

I, who scorns to use such blades

has defeated the Danes, one against all.

Let him come forth with his useless swords,

I am immune to every blade on earth.

I shall seek to destroy and glut on his flesh, 30

Beowulf shall perish beneath my power.

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