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As a regular teenager just turned adult, struggling through the new college environment, my view on life really changed. I just feel like skipping it all. I feel like its better to not get any experience than making so many efforts. My laziness speaks in this poem and I feel a part of all of us would be able to relate to it.

Submitted: August 24, 2014

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Submitted: August 24, 2014



AVOID. So in order to avoid this run Let me please whiten my hair in the sun? This unasked for struggle, Those project midway troubles, The sad time conversation fubbles. Why. I would prefer sitting, Sitting with a pair of earphones, Sitting with painful mere bones, Sitting with no experience of feared moans, Sitting with the love of dear zones. Just now in my own place under the sun, With no tasks at the point of a gun, Let me avoid this run, Let me easily whiten my hair in the sun.

Those broken heart tears, Outshining competitive peers, Finding solace in beers. Why. I would prefer flying. Flying along the sky line, Flying past speed control signs, Flying away from all the rhymes, Far away the conventional primes. In the area of the end. Miles from life's blends, Its forcefulness to preach its trends, Far away, I just want to reach the end. Let me show no greed to the destined fun, Let me just avoid this run, And easily whiten my hair in the sun?

Adjusting with new people, Noticing what's called feeble, Living between legal and illegal. Why.

Maanya Charu Kalra, '14

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