infertile woman

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a girl child is facing strings of difficulties in the society full of ruthless men. the setting of my story is in Zimbabwe a country struggling with financial constraints. with parents moving to South
Africa and other countries in search of greener pastures, girls remain alone in danger of being victims of sexual abuse at a tender age. after getting pregnant, men disappear into the thin air or forces them to go for abortion being ignorant of the pains they will go through. their education is disturbed and their dreams shattered. girls are the ones who suffer the dire consequences alone.

Submitted: March 31, 2013

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Submitted: March 31, 2013




I am sorry


“I am sorry for what happened” he said with tears on his face which looked so innocent. His white paper bag was lying helplessly on the floor. His flashy car parked at the gate. He looked great than ever. He was now a university graduate.” Do you think chocolates and pizza can make me forget what you did to me?” Grace asked. He scratched his heard and slowly opened his mouth “no.” Fine! Take your rubbish and leave” she ordered. He picked it and opened the door but returned “can I see my baby” “I terminated the pregnancy “grace uttered looking straight into his teary eyes.”  Why?” He thundered.  “You said I must go for abortion” grace remarked weeping uncontrollable. “I’m sorry” he said as he drew closer giving her a hug”. Give me a second chance” he pleaded sorrowful. Grace was tired of loneliness though she was hurt by Jim‘s devilish move, she granted him the second chance.  Days went on and on hoping to receive a call or text from Jim but nothing came.  She loved him dearly. She cared about him. She did everything in her power to please him. The love she had for him was deep like the ocean.  The last moment she saw him was still vivid in her mind. Jim came to her home smiling, they hugged and kissed but this entire showy scene was followed by tears of sorrow and betrayal.  I’m pregnant” she told him. She expected a smile. Grace was a form four student, supposed to sit for her finals in two months time.  Its over” he roared like a lion, leaving.  He was a church goer, so innocent.  She thought he was going to give him a shoulder to lean but he just walked away.  I’m not ready to be a father, go for abortion, read his text two weeks later. Was grace ready to be a mother? Was he going to feel the agony of abortion? How was she going to face her workaholic parents who stood the heat in the xenophobic infested streets of South Africa for the realization of her dreams? What about her society full of hypocrites?  God let me die was her everyday prayer as she lay on the hospital bed weaning with agony. Four months in hospital was not enough, a month later the doctor unfolded the worst news to her” you will not be able to conceive again” she cursed the day she met Jim. She cursed the day she opened her youthful legs for him allowing him to take away her golden pride.  However, all the hate she had developed towards him disappeared into the thin air as she heard him beg for second chance. He was the one responsible for what befell her. She thought he was going to understand and accept her as she was. Grace’s parents had already separated over the matter. Her sisters and brothers had turned against her. She was now a disgrace even to the community. You can move on, I can’t marry an infertile woman, I need a family” read his text a month later. Grace wept and wept but Jim had explained himself already, apparently. Who told him? Where? When? All these queries chased each other in her confused mind but only Jim had the answers and they were not going to help her. Waiting for the proverbial call heaven, groaning with agony on the from hospital bed, six months later, Jim accompanied by his pregnant girlfriend, paid her a visit. Seeing her in bitter agony, he stood at a distance and opened his mouth” I’m sorry for what happened” and left. Was sorry going to save grace from the ovarian cancer she was about to lose battle to? Was it going to restore her dignity and lost golden dreams? 

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