Real Little Red Riding Hood

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The true story about the little girl in the red cape!

Submitted: March 10, 2013

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Submitted: March 10, 2013



The True Story of Little Red Riding Hood


Everyone thinks they know the true story of Little Red Riding Hood, but let me tell you the truth.  You might have cause to distrust me, but please continue reading.  All I can say is that the truth is not always what it seems…

Once upon a time there was a beautiful little girl that was loved by everyone.  Everywhere she went she wore a flamboyant red dress and flowing cape; hence the nickname Little Red Riding Hood.  Her beauty fooled “nearly” everyone she met.  They wrongly believed that she was as innocent as her age portrayed her to be; however she held a deep, dark secret.

Little Red had a grandmother, a very rich grandmother.  Little Red spent every day after school helping to take care of her.  Oh, you should’ve heard the townspeople say what a loving and doting granddaughter Little Red was.  If only they had known the truth, that deep down in the recesses of her soul, Little Red was waiting for her grandmother to die.  Die, you say.  Why?  Let me tell you why.  Little Red loved money.  She loved all the things that money could buy.  She wanted her grandmother’s money, and she was not willing to wait one second longer for it.  Little Red’s grandmother had made a mistake: thinking her granddaughter was loving, kind and innocent she had made her full beneficiary of her estate upon her death.  This decision was paramount to signing her own death warrant.

Remember how I told you that nearly everyone believed in the façade of Little Red?  Well…there was one that didn’t quite buy it.  Mr. Wolf watched Little Red with an ever growing sense of concern and frustration.  He was sick of Little Red prancing around town like a perfect little princess while he had been blamed for everything from stealing sheep to blowing down houses.  Have you ever known a person that is just plain unlucky?  A person that is just in the wrong place at the wrong time?  Would you like to know the truth about Mr. Wolf?  The houses that he supposedly blew down, nothing but a tornado that swept through the area.  The sheep he was supposed to be terrorizing…heck, Mr. Wolf is a vegetarian!  He knew it was time to change peoples’ perceptions of him, and he knew how to do it.

You see the wolf loved to take calming walks in the woods.  This was his way of unwinding after a long, stressful day at work.  He never would have dreamed that one of these walks would change his life and the lives of the entire town forever.  On April 28, 2011 the wolf was taking his routine evening walk when he heard voices in the distance.  Not wanting to intrude on the solace of another couple enjoying the woods, he turned on his heel to go in the opposite direction.  BAM! His sensitive hearing picked up the barest whisper of a conversation.  “I want her dead.  I can’t wait a second longer.  That money will be mine!” The wolf’s hair stood on end as he realized what he had just heard.  Curiosity drove the wolf to sneak back down the path towards the voices.  What he saw sent shivers down his spine.  A flash of crimson like blood across a white tile floor stood out in sharp relief to the green of the forest.  He would know that color anywhere!  Only one person wore that color in the whole town, and her name was Little Red!

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