The Beast Within (The Songs of Death)

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Something that came to me in a dream.

Submitted: October 12, 2011

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Submitted: October 12, 2011




The searing heat burning at my face

Eyes frozen wide with fear

Screams of terror rising to my ears

The songs of death echo in the night

I look on helplessly as I am being held by the flames,

Looking as the walls that were meant to protect entombs

Them all within the fires of Hell.

The last glowing embers flicker away as daylight breaks.

Vainly I search for any signs of life, but all there is

Is the stench of charred souls burning the hairs in

My nose as I walk from corpse to corpse.

Horribly scarred and burned, I identify each and every

One, knowing what they left behind.

Frantically, I search for the ones I love;

Searching and hoping the spirits would protect them,

Until I found them, perfectly aligned in a row

Flesh boiling off their bones and faces broken.

I stand there, horrified by the sight of my friends’

Mutilation as if it were some sick and cruel joke to

Get the better of me; to see me suffer, to see my

Pain and anger eat me away.

But slowly I gain control; I gain control of the Beast

Within. I let out a scream of pain, anger and sorrow

And let loose the Beast unto the world.

One by one I hunt down all those who ruined my

Life, each and every one. From those who insulted me

Insignificantly to those who’ve never met me. Leaving

Behind only small clues of to what is reeking havoc to the

World at night. The Beast is in pain, the Beast is pissed

And the Beast wants revenge!

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