Zombie Space

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3048 AD. The US. ATR. Ravager was on routine rotation around the Cavalar belt, absorbing the excess radiation of Cassus energy; the most abundant and reactive energy source in the system. A radiation spike of greater than 100,000 kilowatts of cassus energy struck the ship’s reactor on the starboard side. The ship’s log indicated a toxic radiation leak breaching more then 75 percent of the vessel. The ship is deemed hazardous with reported casualties. The US. Levan assigned to assist the crew of the US. Ravager was boarded and attacked by what appeared to be the remains of the mutated crew. Captain Adar and his men have been assigned to locate and transport any living survivors from the US Levan back to the Ravell and detonate the ship before its too late...

Submitted: March 01, 2010

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Submitted: March 01, 2010



Zombie Space

3048 AD. The US. ATR. Ravager was on routine rotation around the Cavalar belt, absorbing the excess radiation of Cassus energy; the most abundant and reactive energy source in the system. A radiation spike of greater than 100,000 kilowatts of cassus energy struck the ship’s reactor on the starboard side. The ship’s log indicated a toxic radiation leak breaching more then 75 percent of the vessel. The ship is deemed hazardous with reported casualties.

Our mission is: to observe the situation of the damaged ship, assist survivors and issue a damage report.

"This is Captain Ike of the US. JR. Ravell, what you are about to see here is not pretty. The US. Levan assigned to assist the crew of the US. Ravager was boarded and attacked by what appeared to be the remains of the mutated crew. The reported radiation leak had an adverse effect on the crew never before encountered. The effects are mental and bio-physical transformations. We are not sure yet how the mutations are able to grow so rapidly, but the infected crew has resorted to primal instincts and are attacking the uninfected…

… The US. Levan is considered a casualty. It is necessary to demolish the infected ship before the infection grows. However, 126 survivors are reported left on the Levan identified by radio signal. These survivors are the only witnesses left of this disaster and carry vital information concerning the spreading Cassus infection.

I have dispatched an elite bio-physical combat team to board the Levan and recover the survivors. If successful the team will abandon the ship with a maximum amount of survivors and detonate a vaporous bomb that will destroy every living molecule aboard the Levan and destroy the infection. Unfortunately should the mission go poorly and the bomb detonates prematurely…we will simply have to cut our loses… Either way we have to act quickly to prevent further infected survivors…

I am ordering Operation Rescue Levan a go. Ike out."

The emergency red light flashed red on every deck. The halls clamored with footsteps and heavy metal. Officers and Captains stood at attention to salute the precession passing by. Captain Adam Adar, leader of the once called Rogue Dogs had been to worlds and systems most Captains shuddered to think of. He was an expert sentinel and had trained his men to counter any given "worst case scenario". His team was the best choice for this operation; every one knew it, but some didn’t want to remember.

Doctor Nillian led the biomedical team assigned to join Captain Adar’s crew. They were responsible for designing the life support systems necessary to tolerate the Cassus radiation aboard the US. Levan. They are also responsible for treating and researching the infected survivors aboard the US. Levan, if possible.

The procession led by Captain Adar stopped at dock 66. Captain Adar gave the signal to his men to lock in their helmets. Air pressure hissed into the helmets as Captain Adar opened the air lock.

"We’re space jumping over to the Levan. Use minimal pressure so we don’t over shoot our target. Understood?" explained Captain Adar. His men nodded and jumped out of the air lock into open space.

Floating about for a minute the men could see the US. Levan off into the distance. It looked like a meteor made of scrap metal; it was hard to believe that it was once a starship. As they floated closer they began to see the shocking resemblances to their own ship. Captain Adar signaled for his men to assemble near a boarding dock.

The entrance to the dock was closed and blast shielded probably because the room was infected and automated safety protocols were set in place. There were several windows around the dock that appeared to be breakable; however they were almost completely covered in blood. Captain Adar peered in though an open spot then signaled his men to halt.

"This room is infected, stay where you are." Adar paused. "Pylon, sonic grenade." Adar’s second in command Pylon handed him a high powered sonic concussion grenade. Adar cut an incision in the glass of one of the windows with his laser scope, then activated the grenade and tossed it though the hole. There was a slight pop, creatures inside screeched as a sonic wave rolled by and shattered the windows. A red light flashed inside the ship as the blast shields began to activate. "Hurry! Inside!" shouted Adar as he and Pylon jumped though the window. The men quickly rushed inside where partial gravity guided them to the floor. The biomedical team barely made it before the last window blasted shut.

The room became dark as the final blast door slammed shut. Only the blaring red light demonstrated that they were anywhere at all. However normal gravity seemed to be recovered within the room. Captain Adar slowly rose to his feet; his gear seemed twice as heavy after the fall. Before his men could reassemble there was an eerie growl coming from the darkness of the room. Whatever it was it couldn’t be seen from the limited range the red light. They were with the infected, in the dark…

"Lights! On your feet men!" Adar called out as he turned on his spot light. A clamor of gears and clicks filled the room as the men scrambled to turn on their lights. The biomedical team didn’t have any lights and seemed helpless to simply bumble about running into Adar’s men. As the clamor of this chaos grew so did the growl in the shadows which seemed now to be getting closer. Lights flickered about to find what they all knew was coming…

 "Holy Hel-"Cody Mal’s machine gun fire littered the room, over top of his voice. Every one saw: the horrible face next to the light of the machine gun fire. It was hard to see and even harder to believe. There was a screech and a thud as it appeared one of them had been taken down. After a moments pause light flared back into the room without warning. Dazed for a second Adar began to look around the room clearly for the first time. It appeared that Doctor Nillian had found the main power breaker for the room, just before the infected attacked.

Mal was down, the infected writhing in pain several feet away. Captain Adar quickly shot it down.

"What are you doing?!" demanded Doctor Nillian. "That was a perfect specimen! We need a live host to study the infection!"

"You have a live host." Replied Adar. He picked up Mal, moaning in agony and revealed his infected wounds. "I don’t intent to lose any men. The infection is in its early stages. If it can be treated now is the time." Adar carried Mal over to Doctor Nillian and set him down. Doctor Nillian signaled his medical team over to observe Mal’s condition. Adar turned to his men, "It is clear that we are not welcome aboard this ship. The success of this mission demands that we stay in constant communication. If you become infected, you must report to me immediately to receive medical attention. If you fail to do so, it will be considered a willful act of negligence, you’re not only endangering yourself, but also your comrades and the success of this mission. I will not accept that there is no cure, the virus can be stopped the virus CAN be fought. Do not go anywhere alone, head out in teams of two and report back every 10 minutes. Move out." Adar’s men nodded and headed off in groups of two.

"Captain, the largest concentration of survivors are in the science labs on deck 47 where temporary defenses have been set up against the infected." said Pylon. "It is also possible that they have been working on a cure to the infection." Pylon decoded the blast shield to the main hallway. "This hallway leads to central decks 45 through 50."

Adar and Pylon headed through the main hallway that connected to most of the central decks. The walls were covered with blood and acid dripping from the doors. Circuits sparked and lights flickered, there seemed to be no evidence that anyone was left alive at all. Desperate moaning and growls started to echo through the rotten passageways. Gored remains of eaten victims arose to seep through the cracked windows and doors and devour the living. "Look alive, looks like we’re for dinner." Adar said realizing the infected had slowly been surrounding them.

Hideous decaying faces stared blankly at Adar and Pylon rotting away even as they creped closer and closer. They crawled through small holes and vents in the wall leaving their bottom half behind them if they had to. Adar and Pylon stood back to back aiming at the closest infected in sight. "Light ‘em up." Adar said.

 Blood splattered and corpses flew, the infected who had attempted to surround their prey were being hammered. They began to rush in for the kill. Adar bashed one in the head with his gun then stomped its skull in. Another came crawling on the ground Pylon stepped forward and kicked it in the face. It fell back against the wall and Pylon shot it in the head. Although Adar and Pylon had no trouble defending themselves, it seemed like they were fighting an endless horde. Every infected they killed seemed to awaken two more.

"Captain, might I suggest that we ourselves seek refuge on deck 47?" Pylon commented.

Adar smirked, "Good idea." They began to run down the hallway bashing and shoving the infected aside. As they came upon deck 47 the infected started to catch up with them. Seeing that the door was blast shielded, Adar realized there was only one way they were getting out of there. "Get that blast shield open, I’ll hold them off!" He exclaimed as he turned around to face the infection head on. Pylon looked back for a second then rushed over to the control panel. He could hear the captain fighting desperately to keep the infected back. It only took him a few seconds to get the blast doors open but the infected were now swarming behind them.

"Hurry Captain!" Pylon shouted as he fought to keep the infected outside the door. Adar kicked the infected in front of him and scattered some rapid fire as he dashed out the door. Pylon quickly closed the blast shield on the door. One of the infected got its head stuck in the door as it blasted shut and snapped it off its neck. It just lay there blood splattering and snapping its jaw at Adar. Adar lowered his gun right over the infected head and blew it away. He grabbed his arm which seemed a bit limp and noticed it was covered in blood. "Captain! Are you- ?"

"No." Adar interrupted, "One of them just bled on me. It didn’t pierce the skin… I’m fine…" Adar got out his communicator. "Squads report in."

"We’re fine Captain we’ve run into some infected but_" BOOM! Machine gun fire blasted all around Adar and Pylon forcing them to take cover. "Captain? Captain!?" Adar turned his communicator off. He was underneath a metal bunker on the opposite side of the machine gun fire. He looked at Pylon hiding underneath a bunker beside him.

"Who goes there?!" a voice from behind the bunkers asked. "If you’re among the living give us a sign." Adar shot his gun up in the air. There was a short silence, "Alright come on out." said the voice. Adar and Pylon got up to a surprising sight; survivors well armed and barricaded beneath armored bunkers ready to blow away any infected in sight. They seemed surprised to see anyone else alive.

"It’s a wonder they didn’t hit us Captain." Pylon said.

"Yeah, a real miracle." Adar said sarcastically.

Adar and Pylon walked over to a man who appeared to be in charge. He wore a stained doctor’s jacket with the emblem of a medical officer on his chest. It was ironic to see a doctor covered in blood with a machine gun in his hand. "You boys had a rough trip? Looks to me like you had a couple go-arounds with our unwelcome guests out there. Your not infected are you?" He asked.

Adar held his arm, "No, we’re fine… I’m Captain Adam Adar from the U.S. JR. Ravell. My team has been assigned to locate and transport any living survivors aboard the US. Levan back to the Ravell and detonate the_"

"Whoa! Hold up a second," The man interrupted, "We’re not going anywhere with those flesh eating monsters waiting for us just outside."

"That won’t be a problem, Pylon gas the hallway." Replied Adar. Pylon nodded and returned to the control panel. He rerouted the toxic gas leak into the vents in the hallway. They could hear the hiss of the gas and the screech of the infected outside the blast doors. "The infected will die within moments and the gases will evaporate shortly. Please tell the rest of the survivors to prepare to evacuate the ship. We will escape though docking bay 13." Adar instructed.

The man looked peculiarly at Adar, "You sure work fast, Mr. Adar, my name is Connor… But the truth of it is that you should have come sooner. Already some of my people have become infected and they’re loved ones have had to start killing them off… We’re starting to loose hope, without the cure our escape seems pointless…"

"You mean, you haven’t found the cure?" Adar asked.

Connor shook his head, "No… however there is a scientist on deck 51. He has been conducting experiments on the infected since the first specimens arrived to be examined. However soon after the ship started to be overtaken he closed his doors and warned everyone to keep out. He is a paranoid sociopath to say the least, but if anyone has the cure he does."

"Then it looks like I’ll have to pay him a visit…" Adar got out his communicator. "Squads report in."

"Captain, what happened? Are you alright?"

"Yes we’re fine. How is your progress?" Adar replied

"We’ve cleared most of the surrounding decks and are transporting about fifty or so survivors back to the boarding deck… Reeve got infected and Mal’s condition is getting worse. Doctor Nillian says they won’t last much longer…"

 "… I understand." Adar replied, "Pylon is bringing some survivors who have limited knowledge about the infection, they might be able to help. I am following up on a lead which may lead to the discovery of the cure. I’ll be back as soon as I can."

"Very good Captain, over and out." The signal ended.

Adar closed his communicator and turned to Pylon, "Take these people back to dock 13. Keep the infected ones sedated for as long as possible. I’ll be back hopefully with the cure, but if worst comes to worst…"

"I understand Captain, good luck." Pylon replied. Adar nodded and went through the hallway that leads to deck 51.

The hallway to deck 51 was unlike the one that led to decks 45-50. It was a lot cleaner for one thing. There were infected laying about rotting but they seemed to have taken a clean shot to the head. Probably from a computerized turret. It was then that Adar realized he had been under surveillance from the moment he stepped into the hallway.


Adar turned to face the camera, "This is Captain Adar from the US. JR. Ravell, I have been assigned to locate and transport any living survivors aboard the Levan back to the Ravell and_"


Adar grabbed his arm as if to shield the pain. "We need any information you have about a cure to the infection. People are dying and we’re running out of time!"


Adar realized that talking to this thing was pointless. He would have to take matters into his own hands. He activated a smokescreen which made him invisible to the computerized turrets. "I WILL NOT ALLOW YOU TO DESTROY THIS SHIP!" The turret fired blindly through the smoke screen then stopped for a moment. A grenade bounced out of the smoke and blew up the turrets and the door they were protecting.

"AHH!" someone inside yelled. Adar ran into the room to find a middle aged man at a damaged control panel. "You meddling jarhead! You crashed my system!"

Adar smirked, "Your coming with me Einstein!" The man sneered and ran to a smaller control panel that released his experiments. The experimented infected rushed out of their cages like starving dogs. "Are you mad?!" Adar shouted turning to fight the infected.

"Oh, no captain," the man grabbed an aesthetic shot and creped up behind Adar, "I think you’ll come around to see my point of view." He said as he raised the shot over Adar’s head. Seeing him out of the corner of his eye Adar kicked the man back without even turning around. Quickly finishing off the rest of the infected Adar turned around, grabbed the man and pressed him up against the wall.

"Alright now, whereis the cure?!" Adar demanded. The man pointed to a shelf against the wall that had several tubes containing a bright green substance. Adar walked to the shelf and grabbed one the tubes. "So, which one is it…_" The man had crept over almost silently and injected the aesthetic shot into Adar, he fell over unconscious…

On deck 13… "Apply more pressure, Mr. Connor." Doctor Nillian instructed. "This patients fading fast…"

"You realize that you can’t treat the infection with a closed wound." Connor advised.

"I know that Mr. Connor but he will die if we don’t stop the bleeding…" Nillian replied. Mal sat in a corner moaning and writhing occasionally. It was unnerving to see a soldier so exposed. "I wish he’s quit doing that. There’s enough gloom in this room as it is…" Doctor Nillian looked up at one of his assistants. "…Doctor go check on Mal, make sure he doesn’t…" the assistant nodded and walked over to Mal.

Mal’s face was hid in the shadows the infection had grown all over his body. The soft murmur of his moan began to sound clearer and clearer. "Help me… help me… Please help me… It hurts... I can’t take it…" The doctor looked closer at Mal his decrepit face seemed to draw the doctor in. "Please… kill me… Please…I can’t AAAARRGHH!" Mal screamed and began scraping the flesh off his bones. The doctor grabbed Mal in a desperate attempt to get him to stop. Mal stared at the doctor, his flesh rotting right off his face. He no longer looked at the doctor as a person, he looked at him like he was a side of beef and Mal was hungry.

The doctor stood frozen in fear, never before had he ever felt like somebody’s "prey" but as Mal stared at him he felt like a frightened rabbit in the face of a wolf. He could feel Mal tearing into him, ripping him apart and feasting on him even before it happened…

 Mal leapt on the doctor slamming him on the ground. The force at which he through the doctor and held him down was more then inhuman. Mal’s teeth seemed to have grown longer and sharper taking up most of his new face. His eyes grew smaller and more slanted but continued to piece into the doctor’s mind. Finally Mal ripped through the doctor’s jacket and started tearing into his flesh. The doctor screamed in excruciating pain, but no one could help him now.

Pylon and Nillian quickly rushed over to find a gruesome sight. Already Mal was ripping out and feasting on the doctor’s vital organs. The doctor couldn’t even find the strength to scream anymore. He just lay on the ground, eyes wide with terror, shaking and bleeding every where.

Pylon sighed; he knew what he had to do. He aimed his gun at Mal, his laser scope landed right on his forehead. Mal looked up to stare at Pylon and began to growl, as the doctor’s intestines dripped from his mouth. Pylon exhaled and pulled the trigger. Mal’s head exploded over the back of the wall, his body twitched for a moment and then laid back against the wall to rot.

The terrified doctor looked up at Pylon and began to gasp and shake. Pylon lowered his gun over the doctor’s head and put him out of his misery. There was a short silence. Then Pylon grabbed his head as if something had struck him.

"The captain is in trouble…" Pylon said.

"Vilim intuition, Pylon?" Nillian asked.

"Yes Doctor, I’m afraid I must leave you to handle this situation alone. I trust you can handle that?" Pylon smarted off.

"You underestimate the ingenuity of humans Mr. Pylon. We always find a way to manage." Nillian smarted back. Pylon nodded and ran back into the hallway that led to deck 51. "Cold blooded alien." Nillian muttered as he turned around to exhume the corpses.

… Adar awoke in a tube suspended by unknown fluids. He was unable to move and only a respirator connected to the outside allowed him to breathe. The insane scientist stepped forward and held a microphone to his mouth

"Well captain, it appears you are in need of saving." He said smiling. Adar struggled but only found himself more securely fashioned to the machine. "Through all the excitement I never got a chance to introduce myself. My name is Neil Cane. I am the leading scientist here on the Levan. I have cured countless dieases and saved many lives. However in order to do so I had to engage in... unique forms of surgery... earning me the possibly appropriate title of "butcher"... but my scientific resovle has never been in question! It is only people like you who question me! It is all for the good of science can't you understand?!" Cane smashed his fist against a table in anger and stood quietly for a moment. Adar began to understand this man who he had knew nothing about a little better, but still he recented him.

"And then... all this madness started..." Cain continued "...within less then an hour more then half of the ship was infected and mutating quickly. You cannot imagine the pain they went through Captain ... literally watching their friends and loved ones being driven to madness, tearing they're own flesh off and then turning around to attack you. I saw it all captain..." Adar looked over at the cameras Cain had set up that had fixed positions on almost every deck on the ship. Even then cannibals feasted on fresh meat they had just taken down. Women screamed and men abondoned their masculinity to cry out to a god that wouldn't help them.

"Now, its your turn captain... you will experience the madness first hand..." Cain said grabbing a large syringe filled with the Cassus infection. "I need a specimen with a strong will... someone who has a very disiplined mind. The others succumbed to madness too quickly... I need to see how long a strong man can hold out... before being broken..."  Cain smiled and brought the syringe closer to the tube. Adar began to struggle knowing that not only his life, but his mind, his soul, his very existence was in jeopardy of falling into madness at the hands of this madman!

"Never fear Captain, nothing will happen to you that hasn't already happened to many others in the name of science. You should be honored." Cain said with an evil smile. He injected the virus through the tube into Adar's body. Adar thrashed to break free but the virus was already taking hold of his body.

The room began to ooze away. Screams and growls began to ring through Adar's ears. He saw visions of people, cities, nations and whole worlds burning to ash. He saw the infection spread to the ends of the galaxy. Every living thing rotting away in agony. He watched his men eat each other, one by one falling into madness. Adar tried to fight the visions, but it only made them fall heavier upon him. He couldn't take it, he tried to close his eyes but his eyes were neither open nor shut he simply "saw" everything. He tried to scream but his voice was dead, he felt as if he didn't even have lungs to breathe.

"NO! THIS ISN'T REAL!!" Adar screamed in his mind. "THIS IS HELL! I CAN'T TAKE IT!!" Adar's own face came into view as if he was looking in a mirrior. He was the horror in his own eyes. The feelings of pain, anguish and defeat overwhelmed him. His face began to rot away, just like all the others Adar watched himself die right before his eyes.

Pylon finally reached deck 51 and found Adar locked in the tube with the mad scientist infecting the Cassus infection into him.

"Your doing good Captain. Your lasting much longer then the others..." Cain smiled. Pylon snuck up behind Cain and bashed him in the head. Cain flew across the room and slamming on the floor. Pylon shot the tube making sure he didn't hit Adar. Glass and fluids shot out everywhere and Adar fell out of the machine. "No! You will not interfere!" Cain shouted as he rushed at Adar.

Pylon turned and shot him in the stomach. Cain flew back writhing in pain. Pylon knelt to the captain, realizing he was quickly incapacitating. Then he turned back to Cain.

"Where's the cure?!" Pylon demanded. Cain pointed to the tubes containing the bright green substance and then smiled.

"Its already too late..." He laughed. Pylon grabbed the tube and applied it to the captain's wound. Adar shuddered as the green substance burned through his skin and began to eat away at the virus. The cure counter acted the virus, defeated it and restored the mutated parts of the body. Adar cringed at the pain then relaxed once he felt the cure begin to set in. His body rested and his heart rate began to slow down, the shock of this process was enough to kill a normal man.

"Captain...? Captain...!?" Pylon shook Adar trying to wake him up. Adar twitched and slowly began to come around. He opened his eyes and spoke softly.

"Pylon... report." Adar whispered.

"We've got all the survivors we could find captain, about 116. And we have recovered the cure." Pylon showed him the tube.

"Very good, help me up." Adar said struggling to his feet , with Pylon's help. "Set the main charges here to go off in 10 minutes. We're getting out of here."

"Yes sir." Pylon said.

Adar got out his communicator," Doctor Nillian, we've recovered the cure. Prepare all survivors to space jump back to the Levan in less then 10 minutes."

"Yes Captain, we'll be ready." Nillian replied. Adar turned off his communicator.

"All set Captain." Pylon said," Might I suggest that we hurry back to the Levan ourselves?"

Adar smiled, "Good idea."

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