Hometown Goat Chapter 3: Ladies and Gentlemen: Meet Grace Armstrong

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fan Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic
Think Beau and Luke, Daisy and Boss Hogg! Watch out. It's about to get ugly.

Submitted: January 28, 2014

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Submitted: January 28, 2014



Hometown GoatChapter 3:  Ladies and Gentlemen, meet Grace Armstrong


As we approached the access road that runs parallel to the rails, we see a vision we never would have wanted to see in our whole lives:  Our sister, Grace, half naked, muddy and drunk on her ass!  We have to drive a click or two to the next dirt ramp to get over to the river side of the tracks.  She didn’t see us coming but, neither did anyone else.  She was with about seven or eight of her clique members and they were all in shorts, t-shirts, barefoot and muddy from head to toes!  Grace was the worst of them all!

Grace Armstrong is one of the younger Armstrong clan.  She just turned fourteen years old last October 29th.  She’s our Halloween Baby!  She is a loud version of Billy.  She leads everyone she comes in contact with – like, Billy.  But, unlike, Billy, she does it with her manipulative good looks, sleek figure and if that doesn’t work, she will punch you square in the nose.  Lovely girl: Grace.  She was wearing here favorite daisy dukes, her bra and mud.  We recognized her boyfriend, Gordon and his younger sister, Lucy.  We didn’t have many black families in Burlington but, out of the ones we do, Gordon and Lucy Beech were alright with everyone in town. 

Gordon, finally, notices us.  We start to take the dirt ramp and we can see him grabbing Gracie by the arm and pointing in our direction.  As soon as Grace sees Billy’s Ranchero approaching, she raises her arms and lets out a WHOOP! WHOOP!She looks and realizes she’s holding a beer can and quickly shoves it over to Gordon’s hands!  Too late, lil sis.  We got ya!

“Grace.  What the hell?”  We finally pull over and Billy is pissed.  “It ain’t even night time and you’re plastered!  Where the hell are your clothes?”  Billy demands.

“They’re in the back seat of Gordon’s car, shit, Billy!”  She pouts.  She quickly turns and sees me and begins, “Awe, Harry.  Harry.  Poor Harry!”  She stammers towards me.  “Harry, I’m so sorry.”  As she goes to hug me, she abruptly stops and puts a finger into my chest demandingly.  “Who did it Harry?  Who killed Becky?  Oh, my goodness.  She’s drunk. 

“Gracie.  How much have you been drinking?  You’re too young to drink, sweetie.  If dad ever finds out – “I said.

“Fuck that!”  She spits, “He can just kiss my ass.”  She says as she attempts to turn around and point to her half-exposed ass and nearly falls flat on her face.  “Harry.”  She says with puppy-dog eyes, “Harry.  What happened?  We heard you killed her and everyone’s looking for you to kick your ass and take you to Cecil.”  Crocodile tears rain down her cheeks.

“Grace.  Where’d you get the beer?”  Billy demands.  “None of you assholes are old enough.  Gordon.  What did I tell you I’d do if I found out that you got Grace drunk?”

“I didn’t, Billy!  Honest!  I just got here about ten minutes before you did.  Lucy called me from Kwik Trip and told me that their car was stuck out here.”  He defended himself.  “I was pissed at Lucy for being drunk, too.”  He continued.

“Fuck You, Gordo!”  Lucy chimed in.  “Anyway, Grace wanted me to pick her up and look for you and Harry.  She said it was an emergency and I took Dad’s Manta from the garage.  Now, it’s stuck in the mud and when Dad sees it, he’s gonna shit!”  And, instantly, the whole gang laughed so hard that some of them fell to the sand below.  Drunken bastards! 

“Lucy.  Take this shirt to Grace.  Get the blanket behind the driver seat in my truck.”  Billy ordered.  “Gordy.  Come here.”

Gordon, who was being mauled by Gracie at this time, pushed himself away from her and walked over to Billy and me.  “What’s up, Billy?  Sorry about Becky, Harry.”  He said, with an air of condolence in his handshake.  “Thanks, man.”  I reply.

“Gordy.  Where did they get that beer?  Who got it for them?  “Billy asked.

“I dunno.  Lucy said that they came looking for you guys and Grace thought you’d be at the Triangle.  Lucy drove her and the some of those other guys over there first.  She said they saw a couple of guys that had music playing and they were sitting on the hood.”  He explained.

We looked over to the group of fourteen-year-olds baked out of their minds.  One boy was chasing his girlfriend around the Opel Manta and the others half-dancing and half-drinking and singing.  Lucy eventually got Grace to put on Billy’s shirt and she sat down on the blanket.

“Lucy!”  Billy shouted.  Lucy looked over and Billy motioned to her to talk with us.  She grabbed a fresh beer from the back of the car and opened it.  She began to take a huge swig when her big brother called out with a threat, “If you take another drink, Lucy, I’m shoving my fist in your face and leaving the car here!  You can have Dad come help you!”  It worked.  She stopped immediately!

She finally approached.  She had a look on her face like she was just not gonna be bossed around by anyone:  not Gordon, not big bad Billy and definitely not scrawny, geeky Harry.  “What?” She said.

“Lucy.  Who were those guys that were at the Triangle?”  Billy asked.

“I never seen them before in my life.”  She said, “Grace talked to the older one.  I thought she knew them.” 

“Tell me what happened, Lucy.  I don’t have time for ’20 Questions’!”  Billy snapped at her.

She shifted her weight to one leg, gave Billy a glance that shot poison daggers, crossed her arms in front of her and pursed her lips.  Gordon stood up straight.  Gave her a look that only a big brother could give his little brat of a sister and he put his hands on his hips.  Immediately, Lucy caved in and became the seven-year old little girl we all remembered.

She began her story:  “Grace called me screaming and telling me about Becky being killed.  She heard your Dad and Cecil going over to you all’s house and she opened the door to her room just barely to see what all the noise was all about.  She said that detective and Cecil said you (pointing to me) killed her.  She said she snuck out and went downstairs and she called me from the store.Gordon wasn’t in his room and Dad was at work.  Mom was doing the laundry and the keys to the Opel were hanging in the kitchen.  I grabbed them and ran out of the house.  I didn’t know I was gonna be gone this long.  I’m sure dad’s gonna be pissed when he finds out!”  She looked at her watch.

“Ok.  Then, what?  What about the guys and coming down here?”  Billy urged her.

“Well, when I picked Grace up at the store, she got in the car and told me that she wanted to find you guys.  You and Harry left before she knew it!  She heard your dad bitch about a broken window and he was pissed that you drove on his lawn and jumped the curb!”  She accused.

“Anyway, “she continued, “Grace said you guys always come to the Triangle to get high and think.  So, we went there first.  I mean, first AFTER we picked up Marcy and Chuck.”  She smiled.  “That’s when we spotted those guys sitting on the hood of their car.  Gracie told me to pull up beside them because she wanted to talk to them.  I thought she knew them.She asked them if they knew you (pointing to Billy) and they said no.  Then, Grace asked them what they were doing and did they have anymore beer.  The older one smiled at Gracie and looked her up and down.  He said something and the little one and he laughed.  Grace started to walk away and then he told her she could have all she wanted.  He told her there was some in the back seat and when she opened the back door, we could all see that they had about twelve cases back there.Grace told him she was gonna be having a party over here and if they wanted to come.  He said they would after awhile but, she could grab a couple cases for the party.  Chuck got out and grabbed about three or four cases.  When Grace got back in the car, she told them good bye and told them to remember to stop by.  That’s all, Billy. “She finished telling.

“What did they look like?”  I asked Lucy.

“I dunno:Mexican.  The older one had kinda long hair and the little one had real short hair like he just got out of juvie or something” She said.  “But, Mexican.  The older one had his hands all cut up, I guess.  When Grace got back in the car she said that the older one had his hands bandaged up around his palms but, his fingers had lots of cuts and bruises.”

“What kind of car were they driving?  Do you remember?”  Billy asked.

“I Don’t Know Cars, Shit, Billy!”  She claimed.

“Was it blue, green, yellow, clothe top, four doors, what?”  Billy summoned her memory. 

“I think it was, like, yellow-ish but, not like the McDonald’s sign yellow.  More like the yellow we have in the kitchen.”

“Beige.”  Gordon interrupts.

“Yeah, beige” she said, “With a black stripe down the middle – from the hood all the way to the trunk.  And it four doors because, I remember, Gracie had to open the back door to get the beer!”  She was proud of herself because she remembered that detail all by herself.“It kinda looked like Todd Schneider’s car!  Yeah!  But, it didn’t have that thing in the front.”  She continued.

“Thanks, Lucy.”  Billy pushed himself off the fender of the Ford.  Harry gets in the driver’s seat and drives the truck over to the front of the Manta.  Gordon.  Get in that thing and start her up.  Put it in Neutral.  I’ll let you know when to put it in drive.”  Billy was good at taking charge of every situation.

“Thanks, Billy.”  Gordon said.

Billy grabbed the chains out the back of the Ranchero and walked over towards the stuck car.  Grace shot up off the blanket and “whoop, whoop!” again.  “Billy!”  She screamed.  “Look, everyone!  My brother, Billy’s here!”

“Grace.  Get out of the way.  And stop drinking.  Stand over there.  We’ve gotta get! This shoebox out of the sand!”

After ten minutes of rocking the Opel, it finally broke free and, with the cheers of the drunken girls, we began to loosen the chains and get ourselves ready to go.

“Damn it!  Not again!”  I said to Billy pointing to the access road.  About half a mile down the road, on the track side, there were two ‘black n white’s’ coming our way.  Everyone turned to see and the drunken fourteen-year-olds began to panic.  Grace was running and screaming something about Dad and juvie detention and falling down.

“Hey!”  Billy barked and everyone immediately stopped and listened for his next words.  “We’ve got about seven minutes before they get here.  Everyone, grab those cases and put them in the back of my truck.  You guys clean yourselves up and pick up those empties.  Throw them in the trees where the others are.  Straighten up.  Be cool, and don’t panic.  I’ll talk.

As the cops were getting closer, I looked around at the motley crew trying to be sober.  “I don’t know, Billy.  We’re gonna need a miracle.  Those guys can’t stand.

And just as quickly as my words came out my mouth, we heard the sweet sound of the Santa Fe railroad angel coming to save us.  The draw arms of the roads began to flash and the ‘ding ding’ of the bells started to go off!  The engine was just close enough where we could see it was a coal run!  That means at least three engines and one hundred and twenty cars full of black gold!  Amen!

“Everyone get in their cars.  Gordon.  Take Grace home!”  Billy ordered.  “We can run on this side and beat the train to the next ramp!  Quickly!  Let’s go!”  And as soon as he spoke, we were all like Beau and Luke getting away from Boss Hogg and the General Lee was in the lead! 

“Whoo – Hoo!”  I heard myself scream!


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