Gambling Your Love

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Deborah Bulk is the best gambler around everyone knows her as 22 years old when really she's barely 18,
With a crappy home life, a bizarre and sometimes mental twin sister, and her best friend being her motorcycle, she lives to play.
When Deborah meets Caden Lyles, she finds out the true meaning of gambling your love.

Submitted: March 17, 2010

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Submitted: March 17, 2010



Gambling Your Love
As a child, I've had it rough. I ignore my sister as she silently screams in the middle of the night for something that isn't her fault, I ignore my aunt and uncle because I know they'll just leave me too. The only thing I'm good for is getting in trouble, so why fight it?
Gambling was a fun way to relax, and I'm good at it. Of course ifI get caught who knows what the hell will happen. Not that I really care anymore, there's only one person I care about and she's already slowly going insane, but I'll bring her back to reality some way or another. My cousin just stares straight ahead, ignoring me completely out of fear, or most of the time because she's a self centered bitch who is more in love with her nails that her own flesh and blood................
............I was sitting at the table smoking a cigarette. My sunglasses perched on my nose as I waited for them to hurry up and decide. I had a royal straight so I was slowly binding my time until I could fold. I've already won three times in a row and it could start to get suspicious. I don't need anyone looking into my background or watching my every move.
"I raise 120." Alexander Morris said. He had blonde hair and blue eyes. He was man-whore that's for sure. He had two, yes two, wives and about three mistresses, and I was pretty sure that both wives were here.
Hmm maybe I should arrange a way for them to meet.
"I'll take that raise and raise another 120." Thomas said, he was the only good guy at this table as far as I was considered. With honey colored eyes and dark brown hair that fell into his eyes, he was the only one worth my skills even if I still beat him everytime.
I knocked my fist on the table, if your not a poker type of person it means you fold.
The round went for a bit until the river card was flipped over, the guys made no sudden moves as if they were groaning, but Inoticed a bead of sweat rolling down Alexander's face.
"250." he said, tossing it into the pot. He was bluffing, hoping people would fold thinking he had good cards. He was good, but no match for me because I saw through his act.
Sucks I already folded.
Thomas folded and then Charles slowly followed, of course the new guy didn't though. I studied the newbie, knowing that no one would notice because my lenses were so dark.
He had black hair and icey blue eyes. He had creamy skin and a serious expression when I could notice from the little twitch in his lips, or maybe the way Isaw his eyes flash through his sunglasses, but all I know was he was enjoying this.
They both flipped over their cards.
The new guy had a flush and Alexander had two queens.
"Shit." Alexander cursed when he realized he was all out of money. I smirked, but I looked away from him because smirking at him ment I had a thing for him even though I know I don't.
Alexander stood up and walked away. They called for break and everyone stood up, I walked over to one of Alexander's wives and tapped on her shoulder. I kept my sunglasses on because it covered half my face and helped keep my wig on.
"Your Alexander's wife right?" I asked and she nodded, smiling. She was a pretty blonde with blue eyes and fake boobs. I could only hope she wasn't with a guy with plastic balls, oops didI just think?
Wait hell yeah I did.
"But if your his wife, why is he sucking face with that girl over there?" I said, gesturing to whereI had noticedAlexander. She gasped and dropped her purse on the floor. She stomped her way over to them and I leaned carelessly on the railing asI watched them bicker.
The other girl, who was his other wife finally figure it out and the two girls stopped fighting and turned on Alexander. The look on his face was priceless thatI started to laugh as both girls slapped him across the face and stomped away from him.
I laughed again and heard a deep chuckle behind me.
"Why'd you go and do that?" the person asked and I turned around to see the new guy and my sassy comment went away. He was hotter this close than far away, and I just stared a bit beforeI realized he had asked me something.
"Because he's a manwhore and his wives deserved to know what he was doing." I said and he laughed.
"And?" he said, as if knowing there was another reason.
"And because I wanted to see his face and I think it was worth it." I smirked and he laughed...................
.............I climbed in through my window around 2am and my sister turned around from her computer desk. "Your going to get caught sooner or later, I had to tell Sindy that you we're already asleep when she came in here. Of course it took a while for her to leave and she told me to tell you something." she murmured at me.
"Well what did she want you to tell me?"I asked her.
"She wanted to let you know that she took your black leather jacket.I told her no, but you know how strong that bitch is." she sighed andI nodded. That bitch was strong for such a fake person. Literally with her fake boobs, face, and other things I always have to wonder if her boyfriend has fake balls.
"Wait," Isaid when it struck me. "She took my leather jacket?"
My sister nodded and I sighed, standing up. "I really just wanted to go to sleep, butI guess I'll just go steal it back from her and then go to sleep."
"Did you win?" she asked and I smirked.
"I had to win second because it was starting to get suspicious." I murmured, pulling the check from my blue jean pockets. "I spilled on my jeans." I sighed, I pulled them off and slid on my pj shorts and my white tank top.
"Yeah, leave it in the pile, i'll take care of it." she said, turning back to the computer and typing.
"I can take care of it you know." I sighed and she smiled.
"I can finish homework in an hour, I need something to do other than type."
"Whatever you say.....Listen, are you okay?" I asked, she had bags under her eyes.
"Yeah, why?" she asked. Better not mention it til it gets worse.
"Nothing." I sighed again...................
.............The alarm clock went off to soon for my liking and as I started walking towards the shower, I heard moaning and groaning from Sindy's room. I guess her mom and dad are gone because she knows better than to do that when their here.
I climbed into the shower and it only took about ten minutes to finish beforeI walked out. My short dark brown hair was curling slightly at the edges like always, my green eyes with brown rings around were looking wild.
I pulled on my black jeans and groaned when I realized that they had fingernail polish spilled on it. I pulled it off and studied the bright pink nail polish. "Sindy." I growled. That bitch always liked to steal my clothes because her clothes got to small after her plastic surgery and my sister's clothes are to small as well.
I pulled on my other black jeans and then grabbed my white tanktop, I scanned it carefully and sighed when Irealized I could wear it.
"I thought you were getting your leather jacket from Sindy?" my sister said, walking in the bathroom. Her long black hair going in waves down her back as she glanced in the mirror at her reflection.
"ShitI forgot. Oh and your eyes are blue today." Isaid when I realized what she was doing. She smirked as she walked out of the bathroom. She had a hard time checking out her eye color because she's so used to it.
I pulled on my sneaker Ibought yesterday and then I grabbed my bag before walking over to Sindy's room. I could still hear moaning and groaning, but really I just wanted to know if I had to burn my jacket.
I pulled my foot back and kicked the door open. It slammed again the wall and Sindy and some guy jumped apart. They were both naked and asI put my hand on my hips and moved my hair behind my ears they both started to blush a deep red color.
"Who the hell gave you the right to take my things?" I hissed at her and she looked scared. I went through her room looking for it, bending down and looking through the clothes on the floor.
I found it folded on her dresser andI picked it up. I also grabbed her bright pink nail polish. "You can't fold this jacket, it will mess up the leather. Oh and this is for getting nail polish on my jeans and wearing them because you fat ass can't fit in your own clothes." I opened up the nail polish and spilled it over her clothes before letting it drop to the floor
"Bitch! I'll so get you back for that!" she yelled at me and I smirked before walking out of the room..........
..........To say school was fun I would have to lie, because it so wasn't. As I got into my last class of the day I was thinking of when the next poker match would be.
"Deborah Bulk!" my teacher yelled andI looked up. I felt eyes on me, but only one pair stood out. Probably because I saw them last night. It was that newbie from poker.
"Yeah?" I asked, annoyed with the teacher.
"Did you hear whatI was saying?" she said, putting her hands on her hips like she was doing the I'm a little teapot.
"Yep." I said, popping the p.
"Then what did I say?"
" You said Deborah Bulk! and then you said Did you hear what I was saying." I said, rolling my eyes and the class laughed even though I think it wasn't that funny.
"Detention." she said, handing me a slip.I put it into my backpack and shrugged, it was really no big deal.
The class went on and the whole time I was glancing at the newbie the whole time. He seemed to be looking at me the same, but each time I caught him he turned away, unlike me. When he caught me, I held his gaze.
"Deborah." a girly voice said and I glanced up at Sindy. The teacher had fell asleep again.
"What?" I said. "Your voice is so high pitched it makes my head hurt." I said.
"Did you find out?" she asked and I looked at her with one eyebrow raised. She grabbed out her phone and flipped it open before showing it to me.
My mouth popped open and beforeI knew it her cell phone clattered to the floor andI pushed her against the wall.
"What the hell is the matter with you?" I hissed at her as the class was staring at us.
"Nothing." she said, smiling sweetly.
"Nothing?" I yelled at her."That isn't nothing."
"That's your fault! You shouldn't have sent my mom and dad the pictures!" she yelled back at me.
"That doesn't give you a right to talk shit about my sister and what happened to my parents!" I yelled back at her.
"Yeah." she laughed."Your slutty little bitch of a sister who has gone mentally insane and your parents who were murdered because they didn't pay back some money they owned. It's your fault you know, maybe if you got to her in time she wouldn't be going crazy and your parents might have been alive." she said.
I pulled away from her. Shock and angier filling through me. I could already hear it happening.
I pulled back my fist and hit her right in the nose, hearing the pop as her nose broke and she started to scream. I hit her again, except this time arms were put around my waist and jerked me away from her.
The teacher woke up just as the door behind me shut and the person holding me pulled me out............
..........."I told you to stop following me." I said to Caden. He was the person from poker and he was the person who stopped me from murdering Sindy.
"Your that girl aren't you?" he asked and I raised an eyebrow at him.
"The girl from poker."
My lips went into a thin line and I frowned. " I have no idea what your talking about." Isaid, turning away from him.
"I think you do." he said, spinning me back around. Our chests were pushed together and we were inches apart.
"I think I don't." I said, and he pulled me closer to him. The electric shock Ifelt was weird, but I enjoyed it.
"Yes you do. Carla Burns." he said,smirking at me. Oh not fair! He remembers my name from poker andI only learned his because the teacher had yelled at him.
"Fine you caught me." I said. "Now what do you want because if your goin to blackmail me I think Ican pull the same trick."
"I'm not going to blackmail you." he said, running a hand through his hair. "I just, your real name is Deborah Bulk?"
"Yeah and?"
"My dad was the one who...." he trailed off, biting his lip.
"Your dad was the one who....Wait a minute, your last name isLyles, right?" I asked, a name striking my memory. "Your dad was Steven Lyles...." I trialed off.
"Yeah. He was the one who found you and your sister a long time ago. I really know this is to much to ask, but my dad has been really messed up since then. He feels guilty because he couldn't do anything about what happened. Can you please, talk to him? Tell him it's alright. It would mean so much to me and my whole family if we could see him smile one more time!" he pleaded with me, saying it all in one breath.
"Fine." I sighed and he smirked before grabbing my hand and pulling me away. I saw my sister stare at me in confusion, but I just shrugged at her and she rolled her eyes before climbing into her car....................
................It felt good after I left his house. His dad was okay now, still a little sad, but okay. He had a little twinkle in his eyes now that he knew it wasn't his fault. They kept telling me it wasn't my fault either, or my sisters, but I still didn't know.
I was sitting around the poker table with the guys, waiting for it all to begin. This was my last time before I had to stop. Carla Burns has to leave because she's winning way to much.
Caden kept glancing at me. A twinkle in his eyes and a shiver ran up my spin everytime I looked at him.
What is wrong with me?
I've learned more about him, like what he wants to do when he's older, his favorite color, movies, and music. I knew a lot in the short three days I've known him.
I glanced down at my cards and hid my smirk. I had five hearts and I knew from the looks on everyones faces thatI was probably going to win. Except Caden, his face was masked perfectly andI really couldn't tell with him.
It was only between me and him now because everyone folded.
He tossed in three-fivity and I tossed it in as well and when the river card was flipped over I hid my smile. I had three pairs and a flush.
He flipped over his cards after betting and I did the same thing. We both spun them around for everyone to see and as I studied my cards I realized something. I had a seven, but upside down it looked like an L. I had a eight, except it was missing the loop on the inside. It looked like an O. I also had an Ace without a little line in the middle of the A. It looked more like a V. And then I had a three which upside down looked like an E.
It spelled LOVE.
I hid my shock. It was hard not to hide it, but I did............
..............I won the match that was for sure and after smiling, taking pictures and it get put on the wall with all my old me's who I had to stop before it got all weird. I said my goodbyes and I walked outside.
As I was walking someone grabbed me around the waist, pulling me into the shadows.
I spun around in who ever arms I was in and looked into Caden's icey blue eyes.
"Your leaving?" he asked, pulling me closer to him and I smirked, ignoring the tingling feeling I had.
"No, Carla Burns is. Just like Lily Star, Bella Burke, and Allie Fitzgerald." I said and his eyebrows raised in shock.
"Wait, your all those people?" he said and I realized then that I had seen his eyes before.
"Yes. And your Edward Jones, andJohnny Collins aren't you?" I smirked and he hid his smile before he caved and smirked back at me.
"At your service and it's really good to know that I only have one person that beats me everytime." he laughed. It was true, I always beat him and he always was second.
"Yeah." I smiled, he moved closer to me and the feeling increased.He moved his face closer to mine and a moment later his lips hit mine. The tingling feeling increased again. But this time I loved it even more asI put my arms around his neck and pulled him closer to me...................

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