Death, Change, Secret

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This story is about a boy who just learns about his grandmas death, and takes out anger on friends. When they Hurt him for it his mom makes them move into this old house. WHen going in the basement the boy gets taken to a whole different place, showing him how his attitude has changed.In this journey he comes face to face with the ghost of his grandmother, and that this was her house.

Submitted: March 05, 2012

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Submitted: March 05, 2012



The Secret

Run, just run I think to myself. Run and never stop. I wish I could’ve kept going, I was fast, but they were faster. The impact was brutal!  There was a flash of light, and then everything went jet black.

I can’t remember what happened, but I know that they left me there after bashing me on the ground. I woke up and I was aching. As I moved, I heard bones crunching with every subtle movement. What kind of person breaks me, then leaves me to suffer?

After the agonizing trip to the hospital was over I was released. I couldn’t remember why they were chasing me. When I try to think my head hurts, it’s worse than being burned alive. After I was fully healed my mom decided to move to a less violent town, in Colorado. I tried to convince her that we didn’t need to move all the way across the country but she insisted that we did. She did admit to me though that we didn’t need to go that far for safety. She said there was another reason, due to death. I couldn’t figure it out. Although I was excited, to go skiing, experience snow, build snow forts, build snowmen, and create snow angels. As soon as we got the house my excitement left within three seconds.

 It looked older than Hogwarts. It had ash colored bricks with mint looking vines covering the house. While walking inside I felt the house, and it was crisp, oily and wet. I did not like it. I didn’t care if it was enormous, I just have a bad feeling about this house. Maybe that’s because I was so used to our home in Florida. Would I ever adapt to the sudden change of environment? Or would I feel like a lost child that doesn’t belong forever? Florida was always sunny, windy, and warm. It never snowed, barely hailed and rained. This was so different, too different. I can’t be the only one who doesn’t like it here, why would my mom just move here because she wants to? She gave up her job for this; I need to find out what’s going on.

The inside of the house wasn’t half as lively as the outside. It looked like someone died and abandoned it ten years ago. When I went down into the basement, things started changing. It was a well furnished den, good for parties and such. Everything was okay until I opened the freezer. It released an earsplitting noise as steam was flowed out. When I looked around everything had changed.

I couldn’t find my family. They were gone. I called all of their names, but there was no response. I was alone for a while until I started seeing people who were old residents of the house. Then things started appearing. Pictures of my family, my favorite blanket, toys that I played with every day, books my mom would read before bed, old school papers from fourth grade, things from my childhood that I hadn’t even brought here. Piece by piece it recreated my life back in Florida. Confused and frustrated I yelled, “Can somebody tell me what’s going on?”

“I can tell you,” admitted an old lady from behind.

“Who are you?” I asked.

“You don’t recognize me?” she questioned.

“I’m sorry, but no I don’t” I mumbled, in fear of her.

Then she didn’t act surprised. She actually pointed out, “I suppose you don’t, I haven’t seen you since you were a little tyke.”

Then suddenly the vision came to my head from when I was three years old. I had been in this house spending Christmas with my mom’s side of the family. The fresh smell of wrapping paper filled the room. You could hear the people laughing, as Christmas songs poured out of the stereo I had seen in the basement. This lady is better than anyone in the house, she supplied everything, and spoiled everyone. This old lady was my grandmother.

“Are you my grandmother?” I asked.

“Oh dear.. I’m so glad you remember me,” she cried. Then she added, “ I thought you would’ve been mad at me for making your family move away from your home in Florida.”

“I could never be mad at you, I am just sorry that you never got to see me as a teen”

I remember now. I remember the thought of her death on my mind. It had made me so upset, I didn’t know what to do. I guess I decided to take it out on the people in my class. The only thing that made it worse was that when I was a mean to them they got me back later. So that’s why those 9th graders from my class started chasing me. When I told them to back off, they ran faster and that’s the injury that caused us to move here into my grandma’s house. I understand what she was doing. She was showing me how I have changed. My attitude had gotten worse, and I never talked anymore. She was also afraid that I would never like it here so she was showing me all the things I loved and will love. She reminded me of the person I wanted to be.

This trip has made me understand what I have become. I had been a jerk back in Florida, I had lost touch with my true self. This whole time we were driving to this house, and when we arrived my mom never told me that this was where my life would start over, in the home of a deceased loved one. How could I not have known that this was where my family began? This is where we will live and have great memories.


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