Ashley Woods

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About a man and his dog! Twist at the ending! Hope you enjoy very amateur writing :o)

Submitted: April 16, 2013

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Submitted: April 16, 2013




Benny was a man of pride. He was proud of his career, he was proud of the car he drove, and most of all he was proud of Steinbrenner, his faithful dog. He found Steinbrenner under a bridge in Ithaca his freshman year at Cornell and he has had him ever since. He was just a little puppy when he found him. Golden retrievers have such a playful but gloomy countenance when they are puppies and this pup stranded under the bridge with no mother in sight looked very scared. Benny took him back to his dorm and cleaned him up a bit. He had every intention of finding him a home but decided to keep him when he couldn’t help but fall in love. He named him Steinbrenner. Benny was very big fan of the Yankees and that’s where he got the name. He was very proud of himself and Steinbrenner. Benny loved to run. He ran cross-country at Cornell and therefore little Steinbrenner would run every morning with Benny around campus for four years and he became quite an athletic K9.

After graduation Benny got a great job offer after an internship for UBS in the Big Apple. He’s twenty-five now and has a great apartment right next to a beautiful dog park on the East side of town. Steinbrenner and Benny would run circles around the park for about an hour every morning just like they were back in college. Benny always measured Steinbrenner up to all the other dogs that would be running around with their owners and he was prideful in his opinion that Steinbrenner was the fastest dog always at the park. And Steinbrenner was the fastest. All of those years of fitness and rightful care turned that little stranded orphan into a well-bred running machine. He was a gorgeous dog, which brings up his second talent. He was not only a great runner but also the best wingman Benny could ask for. Steinbrenner was partially blind and Benny was proud to tell you that his scent was doubled to make up for his impaired vision. His favorite scent was that of a woman. All the women he had come in contact with over all these years dating all the way back to his freshman year were thanks to that little puppy he rescued. Steinbrenner’s ole’ blue eyes have been making women reach down and rub his belly for as long as Benny can remember. And just for as long it has opened the world of opportunity to initiate conversations with hundreds of beautiful women. Oh he was so proud of Steinbrenner!

It was one of those days that Benny knew was going to be a beautiful day out right when he woke up. The sun seamed through his blinds on his window and when he looked outside he couldn’t find a single cloud in the sky.

“Ole blue eyes where are ya!”

 He called his golden retriever. Steinbrenner hopped on top of the bed and started licking him.

“Good morning buddy how you feeling”

Steinbrenner might have been getting older in doggy years but he sure didn’t show it. Oh what a beautiful specimen Ole Blue Eyes was!

Benny gave him a long deserving rub down. Benny was proud of his career but it was Saturday and he believed a man doesn’t work on Saturdays if the means are affordable. He believes in running with his faithful hound on a Saturday. It also just so happens that Benny broke up with his recent girlfriend two weeks ago. Veronica was a young model whom had been dating Benny for maybe a month or so and she had an offer to go to Paris to pursue her career. Well our man Benny wished her luck but Veronica pleaded for him to come with but Benny is not the man for long relationships with women. He prided himself has a man of quantitative terms. But if you were wondering how Benny managed to pull a girl like Veronica, look no further then our favorite ball of gold hair. She was walking her baby girl, a chocolate lab, when Steinbrenner won both the ladies over. Benny wasn’t too bad himself and it landed him a date that same night. What a duo, as good as Scottie and Michael! Benny was hoping he could relive that same luck this morning, if he could get a date for Saturday night that would be fantastic.

Benny threw on his favorite sweater and some corduroys and was out the door with Steinbrenner leading the pack. His eyes did not fool him, the sun was shining and it was that time of the year when the leaves turn yellow from green. A cool wind was arising and it was Benny’s favorite time of the year. They crossed the street and Benny sensed something in Ole Blue Eyes. He wanted a chocolate fudge stick from his favorite street vendor in the city. Luckily they are open on Saturday and are right in front of the dog park. Benny was proud of the little things in life and these things made him oh so happy.

“Ole boy I spoil you don’t I Stein”

Benny took a bite out of the fudge stick and reached it down so the Labrador could enjoy the snack. Benny sat down on a bench in the park and viewed the landscape. There is nothing like the autumn air when it hits your face on a Saturday morning.


 Benny set his eyes on the park and what he thought looked like paradise. Fruitful dogs scampering around with gorgeous females smiling and giggling, this was heaven for Ben.  The one obstacle faced in his entire career has a womanizer and when I say that word I mean it in the most gentleman of way, was running into previous sexual affairs. He already spotted two ladies whom he had seen previously and the fact his Benny doesn’t like much of that. Not that he is a cruel man of no feelings but he is a man of quantitative means!  He has gotten awfully good at identifying past girlfriends and is also just on par with avoiding them. Steinbrenner is also eye-to-eye with his big guys agenda and never walks him into a trap.  Brenner never goes to the same scent twice and every single woman on this planet has a unique fragrance. He was a wise dog and a gentleman if I ever saw one.  We are all crazy and women fall under the category of all but Benny trusted his faithful hounds sniffer more then his own. It was a compass with lust has its poles. Steinbrenner had lead Benny to the best of the best for years and no slowing down was in sight.

Benny finished off the fudge stick and threw away the stick. Steinbrenner hopped off the ground with the youth spirit of a puppy. He was heading for the long lawn in front of the great Oak tree at the end of the park. Steinbrenner’s nostrils reeled in a big mermaid on this line and he was going to reel it in for his Benny. Now you can always tell a women’s appearance and all around beauty from her smell. Brenner can barely see out of his right eye but his nose finds him the most elegant scents for his master.

“Where you taking me Ole boy!”

Benny gave him a playful slap on Steins bottom. Right then when Benny looked back up he thought he was electrocuted. He set his eyes on a young woman with jet-black hair and a sweeping body. Benny couldn’t dream of such a body that was carelessly dressed in yoga pants and a tank top. She looked free spirited and her thin eyebrows gave her a stunning countenance. Steinbrenner was equally in love with his master even though he could barely see the girl. This young ladies scent was unique of that of an angel and had seduced Ole Blue Eyes. She was with a black felid. Benny was confused; he had never seen anyone bring a cat to the park but in this lied an opportunity!

Steinbrenner ran over to the two ladies and got their attention. The black cat confronted him like she was guarding her princess. The cat arched her back and looked like a little lion preying in the high grass. Steinbrenner just kept on walking until he was face to face with the cat and fell right on top of her gently like a head on a pillow. Ole Blue Eyes had a big grin on his face while the cat tried to escape.

“Oh what a little devil!” The young woman said in a sweet southern voice.

Benny couldn’t help but smile but Steinbrenner wasn’t finished with his routine. When the girl reached down to pet him he got up off the little black rascal and kissed the girls nose with a sloppy kiss.  Benny walked over and couldn’t help but laugh.

“Ohh he has beautiful blue eyes!”

Steinbrenner was truly a natural. Benny introduced himself in a friendly manner and the two began a conversation while the four walked around the lawn in front of the big oak tree. Ashley Woods was her name and Benny was putting his moves on her. He was a man of opportunity and he didn’t wait to use his trick on her.

“So why the cat? I have to ask”

“Well I like to run and cats are terrific running mates they are faster than most dogs”

 Benny could believe she was a runner by her athletic legs but he couldn’t believe what she just said.

“Maybe some dogs around here are slower than cats but my boy Steinbrenner wouldn’t lose to a Cheetah!” Benny laughed at his own joke.

“You want to put your money where your mouth is?”

“Most certainly! On what terms?”

Benny couldn’t believe he was so lucky! He was so proud of his trick but this time he didn’t even have to be the one to start it! Ashley fell into her own trap and placed the wager that Benny would always use. She would soon be agreeing to go on a date after Stein would win the race!

“You choose” Ashley gave a stare to Benny that made his skin feel so warm and joyful. She was inviting him in.

“Well” Benny smiled. “If Steinbrenner beats your little Jinxy around the old Oak tree and back you must accommodate me to dinner tonight”

“and if Jinxy wins?” Ashley interrupted.

“then I shall give you my watch!” Benny presented his watch under his sleeve. It was very exquisite watch, which Benny was proud of but he was not scared of losing it. He would never put it up if there were a chance to lose and with Steinbrenner on the line, losing never happened!

Ashley pretended to look at the watch for the first time. She knew bad watches from expensive watches and this was the ladder.

“Sounds fun lets do it!”  She said excitingly.

Steinbrenner was already for the race and the black cat came up paw to paw in front of Ashley and Benny. Ashley undid her hair tie and put it around her cats nose.

“For good luck” she smiled.

“You’re going to need it! Say go” Benny was proud and anxious.


The animals were heading to the oak tree and Steinbrenner leaped out into first. He was really flying and the cat couldn’t keep up. He was almost to the oak tree and the cat was in the dust. Then Steinbrenner disappeared behind the oak tree and Benny saw the black cat throw its little head up in the air. She threw the hair tie up and it landed right in front of the oak tree on the other side. Steinbrenner stopped dead in his tracks as he was rounding the tree. He got caught in an aura of the fragrance. That quickly Benny knew it was all over. He tried called his faithful dog but he knew the undefeated proud streak was over. The black cat rounded the tree and passed the helpless puppy in love. The cat came scampering in to Benny’s feet. Ashley Woods gave our friend Benny a kiss on the cheek has Benny handed over the prize. He was shocked and he went over to Steinbrenner to lay down next to him as they watched the two women in black walk out of the park.

Ashley didn’t realize it until she got home but it was her 50th watch she had collected and it was time to go to the pawnshop to cash in. She was so proud of Jinxy and her business!



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