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What happens when these friends visit the cabin?

Submitted: March 19, 2016

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Submitted: March 19, 2016



"It's among us. I can feel it."

"What the fuck are you babbling about, Jessica?" Mark asked her.

"It's still here. It never left," Jessica said in the same creepy monotone voice that she uttered the first sentence with. She was, of course, talking about the strange creature that we found in the woods a few nights ago. Well, it was something, but a creature is what I would have to call it. At the time it seemed like a blotch of mold on a log until it started moving. It had then climbed up my friend Kirsten's arm until somehow Mark was able to remove it. We burned the mold where we found it.

"Shut up, stupid," Mark spat out. "It was just some mold or something. Whatever the case, it's gone now."

"It sucks that the police are such assholes about drugs," our driver, Harry said with a certain whine in his voice. "I hate having to drive to the cabin just to smoke a fucking joint. Eight years for a puff is ridiculous!"

"Yeah it sucks but the payout is so worth it," Mark said in reply to him, turning his attention away from Jessica's claims. He was smiling now.

"Where has Kirsten been for the last couple of days?" I asked. "She hasn't been around."

"Sick I'm guessing," Mark answered. "She did come into fucking contact with the mold."

"Well," I began. "We should still check up on her."

"Fuck," Mark said in frustration. You could tell he didn't want his night to be ruined. "We'll check on her afterward we're already too far out. The turn is already coming up."

He was right. In no less than a minute we were already turning off the road onto the makeshift dirt path that led into the woods and further on to the cabin. The trees covered all signs of moonlight from seeping in causing an eerie vibe that made my skin tingle. I had never been out to the cabin at night and I could already tell that after tonight I did not want to do it again.

I could not look out of the windshield, as the van's lights only illuminated ten feet directly in front of it. I put my head down between my knees to ignore the spooky setting of the night. Pretty soon we were parking. I looked up, and indeed we were at the cabin. The van's lights flashed off. The cabin looked like a silhouette to me from where I sat and almost mixed in with the pitch-blackness that was the woods behind it.

"Uh, does this place have lights?" I asked.

"It has candle-lamps and we have flashlights," Mark said, holding a flashlight up before passing them out.

"There is something evil around us," Jessica said in a hushed whisper.

"Why are we not doing something about what she's saying?" Harry asked.

"Dude she popped three pills before she got in," Mark said. I could tell he wished that Jessica had not come with us. We piled out of the van (Jessica did so timidly) and walked up to the old creaky steps of the cabin.

"Why is there light inside?" Harry asked, peeking through the windows. "Hurry up and open the door." Mark turned his flashlight on and did as Harry said. Seconds later, the door was wide open and the inside contents of the cabin were in full view. My stomach churned; Jessica let out a horrifying scream; Mark stood at the door in shock, unable to move; Harry was just as speechless, he soon vomited.

Inside there was Kirsten, kneeling on the floor eating the leg of someone unknown to me. She was covered in equal parts blood, dirt, mud and mold and her hair was wild and a mess. She only had a large shirt on that covered her like a dress that was equally covered in blood, dirt, mud, and mold. Her feet were cracked, muddy and moldy.

The cabin itself was a sight. Mold had begun growing around the interior and there were big splotches of blood splattered everywhere. There were also chunks of flesh (unknown to me whether they were human or not). Also, every candle-lamp in the cabin was lit, giving the cabin an even creepier aroma than the darkness outside.

Kirsten turned to us, attracted by the flashlights and Jessica's scream. She dropped the piece of leg and finished chewing what was in her mouth as she lunged at the door with tremendous speed. As she came closer to the lights I could see her skin was now gray and dusty, and that her teeth were as rotten and filthy as a grown man who had never brushed in his entire life.

She lunged at Mark and grasped his head. With little effort she popped it like a balloon, spraying us with blood. This time I vomited; as this happened I heard more screams from Jessica now accompanied by screams from Harry. Soon, Harry's screams were silenced.

I looked back up to see Kirsten smack Jessica away like a fly with Harry's body and her screams stopped too. Kirsten then dropped Harry's lifeless corpse and then turned to me. As his body dropped I could see no sign of harm on him.

I looked up at Kirsten as she finally neared me. She placed a hand on my throat and then proceeded to lift me off the ground. I tried to scream but could not. This close up I could see that Kirsten's face had begun rotting. She readied her hand in a punching position but her fist was not balled; instead, her nails were straight, steady like a knife. With tremendous speed she-



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