Sun's Nightmare

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A cybernetically enhanced human in the future dreams of his past on Earth, while mentally fighting the evil being that resurrected him from death.

Submitted: May 01, 2018

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Submitted: May 01, 2018



I was back on the battlefield. Back home, relatively speaking. Though admittedly everything felt off; something felt incredibly weird. I looked around me and to my surprise saw that everyone around me had no faces. My allies, the enemies, everyone in my view. The alien warships of the old descended upon us but my horror was to the humans and aliens around me that seemed to move perfectly without having eyes to see or a mouth or nose to breath from.

In an instant, the battlefield had disappeared from around me and I was now in a realm of pitch black nothingness. My Earth military gear from before was gone. In fact, I had no clothes whatsoever. I tried to call out but no voice came from my mouth. It was as though I had no mouth at all. It was at this moment I realized I was not seeing nothing, but I had no eyes to see anything from. I screamed but again came nothing.

I wriggled in whatever restraints had appeared to me, not sure of how they had gotten there. With a crack and an immensely large amount of pain, something slimy pushed itself into my eye sockets and with a slight shock, my vision was granted. Though the pain had not really subsided. I could see again, though I wish I hadn't. I seemed to be in a room dedicated to torture, or science. Either way, it was horrifying to see the instruments that surrounded me.

I tried to move and saw that my restraints bound me to a wooden table covered with blood; blood that wasn't mine, mostly. A figure came from out of the shadows, hooded, though his amber eyes seemed to burn through the dark silhouette that ate his face. He stuck out a hand to me, monstrous though faintly humanoid, and I noticed under his cloak a Gauntlet sat on his other hand.

Quickly the scene changed again and I was on the land. The Land of Black Sand. The dark crystals crunched beneath my feet as a dark-gray, foggy mist clouded I and several other experiments of the Necromancer as they escorted me to my ship. How was it that I was able to remember them now?

Instead of walking onto my ship I walked past it. I looked back at the other aids of the Necromancer and saw that they had not noticed any change of formation, and kept going on with whatever script they were tied to. I continued my trek across the black sand. The land seemed to be so strange, so alien, and it reeked of death. I took another step and as my foot touched the sand the land beneath me seemed to crack and break away until I fell in.

Inside I was in a room with the Necromancer. We seemed to be in a ship in space as he lectured me on his views and goals of the new era, all while looking out into the vast blackness from the safety of a windshield that stood barrier between us and the nothing. He too seemed to run on a script that would play whether or not I participated.

"Secure Ofella," he said to me. His voice was rough and coarse, though had hints of a former beauty. "I will wipe out those that left me in this reality with their own creations. We will kill everything that breaths, and raise them as loyal soldiers for our army."

I was horrified by this revelation. "We can't!" I yelled at him. "You have to stop this!"

This must not have been what I had really said back at the time, because the Necromancer's script ignored me as he looked off into the distance, a shadow still covering everything except those amber eyes, though I could somehow tell he had a smile on his face. Above me, I could see a ray of light shining through the hole I fell from. I jumped up and climbed back through it until I was back in the land of sand. I took ten paces before I brought my mechanical fist down into the sand, once again creating a hole to fall through.

"Leave!" Jacinda, the mother of my child, yelled at me. I was in shock. I tried to but couldn't move a muscle in my body, not even the ones controlling the movements of my fingers. I wanted to cry but couldn't even do that right. Eventually, I found a voice to speak with.

"I'm sorry!" I cried out. "I love you!"

"How could you say that?" she said to me with a horrified look on her face.

Whatever script the memories of my dream were running were clearly causing her to neglect my current actions and words. Whatever I had said to her at the time was lost to me, but it had obviously hurt her deeply.

"Get out!" she said as she started to push at me.

Her hands pushed through me as if I were a ghost and kept pushing the invisible me I had replaced out of the door. I couldn't stand the sight anymore, so I jumped back up into the hole I had created. There was an anger burning in me. I did not know where it had come from. Was it from the situation that had just occurred? Was it of my own actions? Was it because of the Necromancer? Or because I did not know where to go or what to do?

I looked around, the clouds of fog becoming thicker with every passing minute. "

"Where are you?!" I screamed out, hoping the Necromancer would answer my call. Hoping someone would be alerted to my existence in this realm of weirdness in some sort of way.

Those amber eyes appeared again in the thick of the fog. It was eerie how it was the only visible portion of him until he eventually stepped close enough to leave the shroud of the fog.

"You called?" his demonic voice leaked out from the shadow under his hood.

"Is this real?" I asked him. He let out a croaky, raspy laugh.

"You enter the Dream Realm and ask me if this is real?" he snickered out.

"You know what I mean," I replied. "You have access to my mind. Are you really speaking to me now or is this a figment of my dreams? I know you briefly took over my mind not too long ago."

The Necromancer let out a chuckle of cockiness. "What do you think?"

"I think you need to stay out of my head."

I leaped at the Necromancer with full force, aided by my robotic enhancements. He raised his Gauntlet and blocked me with a minor force field, which bounced me off. I skidded through the sand before quickly getting back to my feet.

"Need ward spells to protect you, huh?" I chuckled out.

"The weakest one I had," he chuckled back.

I leaped back at him, waiting for another force field. As soon as it started to appear, I jumped over it and kicked down at the Necromancer. He blocked the kick physically with the Gauntlet itself before I landed somewhere behind him. He speedily reversed and pushed me back with a wind force from his Gauntlet.

"You dare challenge me?" he spat out. "I gave you life! I created you!"

I jumped back to my feet. He sent a wave through the sand that knocked me off my feet. Before I knew it I was on my back half-buried in black sand.

"It is I who controls you!" he exclaimed. Every word he had to shout had him sounding more and more like a madman. "The sun can rise!" He motioned the Gauntlet to make an open palm, which created another hole beneath me.

I had fallen into another scene, this one from a horror story. All of the Necromancer's failed experiments lay around me; dead, mutilated, and with nothing left in their empty eyes. The Necromancer appeared above the hole, casting a shadow in the day of light casting down upon the room.

"The sun can also fall..." the Necromancer breathed out in an almost silent whisper, his theatrics from before had vanished. "Tomb of the Sand."

He closed his open palm and sand from all around me began to close me in with the dead, rotten bodies of the past. Before I knew it I was struggling to move, and soon after that, struggling to breathe.

How could this be it? The end of me? How could one such as myself be raised back into the realm of the living and have fought so many battles in a lifetime to die in a dream? I wasn't going to if I had any decision on the matter. And let's face it, if this really were my dream, decisions were all I had if I could take control of it.

I felt myself able to breathe even while buried beneath all of the sand that closed me in. It was of my will that this was a possibility, and now I wanted more. With a tremendous speed, I climbed out of the grave until light splashed across my face. As I climbed out I crawled on my hands and knees until I finally hurled over, seemingly tired from my solution. I was breathing hard until it didn't make sense that I had to breath at all to survive in a palace of the mind. I eventually realized that most of my behavior in this dream was predicated on how I acted in the real world, and how I limited myself based on those physical and mental capabilities of that world I was used to.

I stood up. The Necromancer had been walking away, back into the cloud of the mist, but turned once I had crawled from my tomb to observe me. He raised his Gauntlet, and I raised mine.

Two seismic waves erupted from the palms of our Gauntlets, firing a force wave of pure energy that tore through the sands at each other. I blocked the Necromancer's attack with a force field and as he tried to do the same I denied his Gauntlet the power to do so. The wave hit him and he flew back until he skidded against the surface of the black lake that was revealed when he cut through the cloud of mist.

He stood up and formed a black ice spear with some of the water from the lake, before launching it at me. I dodged and ran towards the lake cautiously, waiting for another attack. As my feet touched the surface of the water I could feel a tension, one heavy enough to keep me from sinking into it. I walked onto the surface of the black lake to meet the Necromancer on new ground, so to speak. He raised his Gauntlet but I was faster.

As he formed another ice spear, I sent a regular wave to splash him to the side. While he was struggling not to fall I sent another wave to cement his descent. The Necromancer was recovering breath on his hands and knees, reminding myself of my situation just a few moments ago. As I approached, another black ice spear shot out from under the surface of the lake. I was able to move out of the way just in time as the ice spear tore my shirt but ultimately missed its target.

I jumped away from the Necromancer until I reached the black sand. Still, on his hands and knees, he tried to raise the Gauntlet, a crazy look erupting in his amber eyes, before realizing his Gauntlet was not there. I had removed it from existence and was now about to finish this whole ordeal. With fluid hand motions, I used the Gauntlet to part the black lake from underneath the Necromancer, allowing it to swallow him before it crashed back into one connected piece again. Once it was done I had fallen back. Why was I tired?

I awakened in my room somewhere in the Necromancer's castle. The dream was over...such a strange dream. Why was I having dreams of betraying the master? What were these memories and thoughts that poured into my brain? Who were they from? I shook the thoughts out of my head as I headed to the room's exit, remembering the mission given to me by the master.

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