By Faith Alone

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This is about a girl who lost her mother to cancer. It's a true story about one of my friends, and what's happened. She was SAVED BY FAITH ALONE

Submitted: July 25, 2011

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Submitted: July 25, 2011



I look around me

Seeing my 5 friends

All with tear streaked faces

All crying for one

She lost her Mom

Only the day before


She tells us about her

The last words spoken were:

"I love you"


It's just not fair

She's only 12

She'll never see her again


A life lost to cancer

The chemo didn't work

Nothing but faith could save her


Faith did save her

She's young, happy and heathy

She's dancing before God on the throne

Wearing a white dress

She's got long curly hair again

She's home

At the side of her eternal Father

She'll never face sadness or sorrow


The family she left behind is hit hard

Sorrow sweeps through them

Stupid decisions are made

Loved ones are hurt

Struck down by another loved one


It's been over a year

But the pain hasn't ended

Some changes are made

Traces of her are wiped away

A new mother takes her place

She joined them only 10 months after


But the real mother looks down from heaven

Watching her family

God watching too

They'll never be forgotten in heaven

Ande she'll never be forgotten back here


Someday they'll all join her

They'll dance before God

They'll be welcomed in with open arms and smiles

They'll be welcomed home


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