Instrumental Lullaby

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This is a true story. My fiance passed away a coupel years ago. We had a speashile place. The piano room in the house we lived in together with our bestfriend. My fiance was inlove with music mostly the piano. when I was sick, upset, or just couldnt sleep because of thunderstorm. He would play for me. This is a story of how it was for me when he passed. To this day when ever I hear the piano I remember him.

Submitted: February 12, 2014

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Submitted: February 12, 2014



I feel the keys under my fingers. As the music sings from with in the piano. My yellow eyes close. My heart beat slows and I lose myself in the sound. My soul calms as I feel the emotions from the song. The sky outside matches the sad melody and rain drops fall in steady lines. A voice from with in my self sets free words. Then time stops and I find myself here in this world. I remember you here. I can see your tears. Our world that I now roam alone. Here I feel free. A vision of you clouds my mind, I remember your life. You sit at the piano and I am not far from you. Eyes closed I listen to your song. Laying upon a white chair you calm my fear. Nothing can take me from here. In my mind I remember nights when you would play to the storm. I remember days you would play to a fevered girl. Sick and sad she lay there while you sang her to sleep. A instrumental lullaby you would play to ease the pain away. Sadness is nowhere to be found in this dream as I feel you here in this realm of sleep. Then I wake and I am alone in this piano room. Standing slowly from the worn white chair. I move to the keys once more. This room here in this empty house I am with you. How much longer will this place we once called ours be here? Will it disappear? My hand slides softly across the piano as my eyes see where yours once were. The movement of your fingers clear. I sit and become you as I play your song. I look to the chair and we switch places. You invisibly lay in the chair with your brown eyes closed. An instrumental lullaby I play to you. As sleep carries you away. The song ends and I stare at the keys. A tear slides down my face as I stand. Slowly I walk to the door and slowly look back. My best friend takes my hand and pulls me from the darkness of the dream I have while awake. Lifting me into his arms he carries me away from our place up the stairs and into my room. Where I find myself alone in the moon light that shines through my window. I can still hear the song on the wind as I drift into sleep once again. The grief I feel will fade with time but for now I will listen as you play me a lullaby from heaven. For now I will remember the stormy nights and sunny days. For now I will play where you once did. For now I will sing for you as you sleep upon the white chair. For I am not me with out you. So until I find myself I will hold onto you and he, our best friend will hold onto me. My heart you have left but you still live through my eyes. My heart you have fallen into internal sleep so I will continue to sing.  

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