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Steeven was my bestfriend, but he abondoned me in a place I did not know. James was a stranger who found me and conforted me when I was helplessly lost. A year after that fateful night with my heart closed off to all around me. Steeven returned, but his confesion. His sorry shattered the stone that incased my heart and opened my eyes to the one who stood beside me even when I could not trust in him.

Her eyes glazed over with hatred as she stood with the door nob still in her frozen hand. Why did she stupidly open her front door without looking to see who it was first. To say she was shocked at first would be an understatement. Then as if a bucket of cold water had fallen onto her she remembered all of the things that had happened so long ago. It was only close to a year ago that she had told him that she was ending their friendship. That she did not want to hear from him in any way. Yet here he was standing in the rain on her porch like he had come here yesterday. To say she was angry at seeing his greenish brown eyes would be a lie. She was beyond that, she was pissed. Hadn't she said that she didn't want him in her life. The silence between them continued as she stood there, the air around them grew darker as she took in his appearance. His large arms, his well toned chest. His sad smile all of it just made her even more mad. As she finally came out of her frozen state the door slammed shut in his face and the words slipped out of her red lips. What do you want steeven! The words were filled with ice, the cold emotionless tone she used tore at his heart. Placing her back against the door she slid to sit with her knees to her chest. Suddenly feeling vulnerable and scared she tried desperately to keep the stone around her heart from breaking. I can't talk to you through the door eli. He answered as he placed his head against the door. Her heart jumped at the sound of his voice. It still hurts. She thought as she unconsciously pulled her knees closer. Yes you can, what ever you have to say can be said to the door first! She yelled at him and then heard a thud as his back hit the door as he slid down to sit. Now they were back to back. I am an idiot! He yelled loud enough for her to hear. I already knew that steeven! She said back as she placed her right cheek upon her knee. Let me finish, I am an idiot for forgetting that it was you who kept me together. I am an idiot of unconsciously hurting you. I am an idiot for not realizing sooner how much I need you. With each word that left his lips her heart beat grew stronger. With each word a crack would appear in the stone that surrounded her dead heart. I am so stupid to have let you walk away, I didn't realize what I had until it was gone. I didn't see the warmth in your eyes every time you looked at me until I saw the coldness that followed with my cold words.


Every word grew softer, lower and harder to hear. The sadness the... what was it in his tone that shattered the stone. Love? No how could it be that? How could he, after declaring them only to be friends to the women that had grabbed his arm and leaned into him. After completely forgetting she was there and eventually leaving her to fend for herself in a place she didn't know. After she had walked around for hours trying to find her way home. How could he, after she finally fell to her knees and began to cry tears of pain, of anger, of helplessness. After a man she did not know offered her a warmth and comforting smile. In genuine concern that man had lifted her from the ground and carried her into his house. He gently placed her upon his couch and gave her a cup of warm tea. Smiling at her he sat beside her and handed her a pocket knifed and said " just so you feel at ease here". After clamming down she spilled her heart out to this stranger. He listened and offered a ear to her. When she finished he became angry for her. Saying " Tell me where he is so I can rip his head off". Then making her laugh. Taking her home and giving her his number he told her that if she felt like having coffee to give him a call and its okay to bring the knifed.

I need you in my life eli. I need to see your smile and know everything is okay. He whispered as another thud sounded indicating he let his head fall back. What was she to say or do? Her thoughts wondered to eleven months ago. She called him and he came with her to get coffee. Then weeks later they went to lunch. Then days later to dinner. Then he became something to her that she could not understand in her own stupidity and vulnerability and pain. All caused by the man outside. He led her to him. A man that ended up being someone she met a long time ago when they were children.When they found out that they were childhood friends they laughed for hours and she finally handed him the pocket knifed back. Saying " I don't think I need this anymore James". He smiled so sweetly at her and took it back. Then after that they had spent everyday together after work she would cook. He would set her table, they would watch tom and Jerry. Just like they would when they were kids laughing like she never stopped. Now that the stone broke and her heart came alive again. The man sitting against her door was not the one she thought about. Not the one who she truly loved. The stranger who helped her in her time of complete helplessness was the one she wanted to see. She only now recognized the warmth in his eyes that steeven was referring to when she had thought she loved him. Then she spoke, words that she didn't even know she could say. Thank you. For reminding me that I need my heart to be happy. Steeven I forgive you, because you brought me to him. You gave me someone I now can not live with out. Standing she turned to the door and opened it. He turned with confused eyes and stood. What do you mean? He asked as he looked at her warm eyes. Your friendship is important to me and I want you to be happy in your life. The clock hit the eight o'clock mark and a silver sports car pulled into the drive way. He was about to answer with clenched hands. To say that he loved her, but stopped when he noticed she wasn't looking at him anymore. Following her warm gaze he looked upon a tall man exiting his car. His dark hair swayed and his blue eyes warmed when he looked at her. Eli you will not beleave what happened today at work! He yelled excitedly as he pulled a box out of his car. He stopped when he finally saw that she wasn't alone. His eyes narrowed at the blond haired man and instantly knew who he was. Is everything okay? James asked eli as he walked quickly to her side. Yes James every thing is fine. This is steeven, steeven this is James. Then everything came crashing down around steeven as her words became clearer. "Thank you. For reminding me that I need my heart to be happy. Steeven I forgive you, because you brought me to him. You gave me someone I now can not live with out. Your friendship is important to me and I want you to be happy in your life". His heart shattered as he finally realized that he came to late. She moved on and she would only be a friend to him. When he told her he was an idiot before, the word couldn't be more correct in this moment.

Hello steeven, nice of you to drop by. It's getting late eli we should head in. I have a surprise for you, something you have always wanted. James said as he hinted for steeven to leave now. Steeven with nothing left to say looked to eli and smiled. I'll call you later. He said as he turned and left. James and eli made there way inside and closed the door. What do you have in that box. I want to know show me! show me James! She said as she tried to take the box but failing. Okay so today at work this came in randomly from across the street. The lady said I could have it. He said as he lifted the half wolf half German Shepard puppy from the box and held him up. AHHHH! I cant beleave you actually found the same type of puppy I told you I wanted two days ago. She screamed as she ran up to him and took the little baby in her arms. His name is shippo I don't care what you say that his name end of story! she yelled as she snuggled the fluffy puppy to her. The sound of his laugh made her smile. Hes yours so his name is up to you I have not objections. He whispered as she saw the same warmth in his eyes she was remembering only moments before. Then she placed shippo down on the floor. Turning to James she walked up to him and placed her arms around his neck and pulled his lips to hers. She was so happy when she felt him kiss her back. Rap his arms around her waist and pull her closer. They finally broke for air and she breathlessly whispered words she thought she would never say again. I love you. His eyes widened and then the brightest smile appeared on his face. I love you to sweetheart. That night they played with shippo and fell asleep on the floor all three cuddled together as the TV played tom and Jerry. Who would have thought that a strangers kindness would lead her to her childhood friend and the man she fell deeply in love with. The man who even before he knew it was the same eli he knew so long ago, Carried her into his apartment and gave her a pocket knifed, tea, and comfort. Something even her best friend had refused. The fact that he loved her just as much was enough for her to feel like the world was just where it should be. Shippo with his new family would grow up loved and when the years past they married. Now the three of them. Eli, James and shippo sat upon their back porch watching their six year old son and four year old daughter run around with Shippos six month old baby. They were happy, nothing could change what they felt for each other and their family.

Submitted: March 18, 2014

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